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24 Sizzling Kitchen Trends 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss

2022's kitchen trends - Dwell

From the back rooms to the front-and-center in a home, kitchen design has come a long way. Now these spaces fuel beauty, ergonomics, and life itself! It’s no wonder such a vital part of interiors is constantly seeing upgrades and revamps. And kitchen trends of 2022 promise to be even sleeker, greener, and more convenient…. Read more »

25 Best Bathroom Trends 2022 You’ll Want to Copy

luxe bathroom as 2022 bathroom trends

Bathrooms are in the spotlight and we’re loving it! Gone are the days of being strictly utilitarian, the future sees this space leaving its humble origins in the dust. These interiors offer so much more than appeasing basic necessities, quickly becoming at-home retreats resembling personal spas. Check out the top bathroom trends 2022 has in… Read more »

Top 10 St Louis Interior Designers Near Me

Modern living room decor by one of the top St Louis interior designers

Commonly referred to as the “gateway to the West” St Louis, Missouri is also a gateway to excellent interior design, with its frontier-town roots and eclectic vibes. While Decorilla is proud to have some of the top St Louis interior designers on board, we also like to scout for what’s happening among the other creatives… Read more »

Best Bohemian Decor for Every Room of the House

Lush bohemian style decor in a converted loft

Bohemian decor delights the senses with an array of colors, patterns, and textures. It’s a laid-back style that evokes casual comfort with an eclectic mix of global-inspired elements. Often full of lush plants and overflowing with personality, boho style decor can be used to create your signature look. Read on to give your home a… Read more »

Top 10 Minneapolis Interior Designers Near Me

Interior design Minneapolis

Minneapolis interior designers have the metropolitan oasis of the Twin Cities to host their dream home creations. In a city known for art and music, the local interior design scene is just as prominent. Filled with skilled veteran designers as well as up and coming stars, the talent here knows no bounds. And while Decorilla… Read more »

7 Best Online Interior Design Services

online interior design services in 2019

  A full-blown trend to stay, online interior design services are transforming the way we access interior design help. It’s the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere. These and so many wonderful experiences with our virtual interior design team have encouraged… Read more »

Interior Design Trends 2022: 18 Top Looks from Experts

neutral living room interior design trends 2022

Interior design trends 2022 are proving to be Instagram-worthy looks you’ll certainly want to replicate in your home. This coming year, design is getting comfortable with current vogues that’ll go the distance, a few oldies making a comeback, and timeless classics holding strong. Given this variety, you’ll be not only be able to create a… Read more »

Top 10 Orange County Interior Designers Near Me

Interior design Orange County

Orange County interior designers are set among the perfect environment to pursue their career. Featuring some of the nation’s most luxurious homes, this section of Southern California, from Irvine to Newport beach and in between, is a designer’s dream come true. And while Decorilla is fortunate enough to work with a few local interior designers,… Read more »

12 Best Creative Storage Ideas for an Organized Home

contemporary storage solutions under the stairs and floor to ceiling cabinets

A home’s interior design appeal is only as good as the quality of its organization. Yet, not every home is given ample places to put things away. So coming up with much-needed storage space requires some creative storage solutions. When the available floor space is at a premium, and there are no basements, attics, and… Read more »

Before & After: Glam Interior Design for a New Build Home

glam interior design living room

Nothing beats the sophisticated luxury of glam interior design. Layers of tufted velvet, cascading crystals, sparkling reflections, metal glitz, and faux fur, all invite you to indulge and forget the world for a while. And it was exactly this look and feel that recent Decorilla clients were after for their newly built home. Read on… Read more »