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Before & After: Modern Glam Living Room and Dining Room

Modern glam living room - Houzz

Redesigning your living area can be an exciting project, allowing you to bring more sophistication and elegance into your home. A modern glam living room, for instance, brightens up any space with contemporary appeal while elevating it with stylish touches. An elaborate composition will certainly deliver a luxurious finish. So, if you’re considering giving your… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Home Transformation

Transitional home transformation - One Kindesign

The first step to a home makeover is picking an interior style to set the tone for the transformation. One client knew what they wanted but needed help designing their interior. So, they turned to Decorilla – read on to discover the striking transitional home transformation!

Before & After: Eclectic Design Style Family Home 


Redesigning your home is an exciting task – especially when you have a particular style in mind. A recent client saw the need for a redesign after expanding their family home. With an eclectic design style in mind, she reached out to Decorilla for help. Read on to learn how their space transformed into a… Read more »

Before & After: Rustic Transitional Style Home

Rustic transitional style - Keith Wing Custom Builders

Combining two design styles can be tricky to master, but if done right, the result can be stunning. A recent Decorilla client loved both rustic and transitional designs. With the help of her talented designer, she now has a fabulous result! Read on the see the rustic transitional style transformation!

Before & After: Glamorous Living and Dining Room Design

Glamorous living room design - Wendi Gee

Do you need some design inspiration for your living and dining room? We have three words for you: fresh, glam, and inviting! This story shows the dramatic results of a home makeover, turning dull and empty to elegant and edgy. From flat to fabulous, read on to find out everything about this glamorous living room… Read more »

Before & After: Bohemian Interior Design with Japandi Accents

Bohemian interior design with japandi style decor - Anthology Creatives

Bohemian interior design has a free-spirited aesthetic. Defined by its flowing layers, it’s easily fused with other designs, like Japandi. When combined, these styles bring tranquility and comfort. One particular client was looking to start afresh and turned to Decorilla for help in creating just this type of harmonious blend. Read on to see the… Read more »

Top 12 Romantic Room Ideas for a Love-Filled Home This Valentine’s

Romantic room decoration ideas - AD

Let’s be honest: holiday décor can so often make a house seem tacky. However, there are tasteful ways to celebrate special dates through home décor. With Valentine’s Day drawing near, you can add an air of romance to an interior without the space becoming too sugary sweet. Join us as we take a closer look… Read more »

Before & After: Inviting Condo Interior Design   

Condo interior design - AD

When decorating a condo, it’s important to consider its shape, size, and style. In doing so, the interior can become anything you want it to be – whether minimal, luxurious, or bold in design. One client needed help with such an update, so she turned to Decorilla. Read on to see the swoon-worthy condo interior… Read more »

Before & After: Welcoming Modern Condo Design 

Modern condo decorating ideas - AD

It is always exciting (and daunting!) to move into a new space. On the one hand, exciting, as you start afresh. While on the other it can be overwhelming because you need to make the space your own. A recent client purchased a new build apartment with sweeping views of Manhattan. So, he turned to… Read more »

Before & After: Classy Living and Dining Room 

Classy living room interior design ideas - My Domaine

Classy interior design can be a great tool to create a chic and elegant combined space. The style is even better in skillful hands and that’s why a recent client turned to Decorilla. They wanted to merge two adjoining rooms into one cohesive look. Read on to view the classy home interiors!