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Before & After: Trendy Masculine Apartment Decor

Contemporary masculine apartment decor dk decor

Contrary to popular belief, masculine apartment decor is not all about cold interiors defined by rigid lines and minimalism. In fact, by playing with textures, materials, and colors, a skillful designer will effortlessly convey stylish and comfortable vibes in any modern male apartment design. And since a recent client sought a similar look for his… Read more »

Before & After: High-End Black and Gold Kitchen

Black and gold kitchen - Amazing spaces

A high-end kitchen can have many looks, but for some black and gold deliver high on the feelings of luxury and opulence. And when one homeowner started the gut renovation of their dated home, they wanted just that feel to their kitchen. That’s why they turned to Decorilla. And thanks to the team’s expertise, the… Read more »

Before & After: Colorful Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid century modern interior - home designing

Simple yet sophisticated, functional yet fun – mid-century modern design is multifaceted. Its enduring legacy goes beyond clean lines and colorful palettes. Today, many embrace mid-century interiors because of the happy, uncomplicated vibe. One family wanted their project with Decorilla to accomplish just that for their new home. Read on to discover how this dream… Read more »

Before & After: Moody Online Library Interior Design


How to create a cozy library that is spacious enough to double as a TV room? Present-day homes often have rooms with a dual function, but it can be hard to ensure a layout that works for both of those functions. One recent client found it challenging to create such a space on her own,… Read more »

Before & After: Elegant Luxury Master Bedroom Design

Elegant luxury master bedroom - HGTV

An elegant master bedroom can easily serve as a sanctuary away from the rest of the home. But creating that refined and curated look without a design eye can be trickier than expected. Fortunately, one couple eager to design their dream bedroom found the help they needed with Decorilla. Good thing they did because the… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Contemporary Style Living and Dining

Transitional contemporary style

With a transitional contemporary style, it’s possible to create beautiful, timeless compositions that blend modern and traditional elements. And a recent Decorilla client wanted just this look for her open living space. Read on for a behind the scenes look into this contemporary transitional interior design makeover!

Before & After: Transitional Dining Room Perfect for Hosting

Transitional dining room ideas

Transitional interiors are far more than a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. Classic and fresh, this style is perfect for dinner party-worthy dining rooms. One recent client turned to Decorilla for exactly this reason. She wanted a transitional style dining room to replace her dated space. Read on to learn how Decorilla transformed a… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Style Living and Dining Room

Contemporary style living room

A new apartment can often provide a great blank canvas for creating a stunning contemporary interior. And that’s exactly why a recent client reached out for help. She was after a cohesive contemporary style for her NYC apartment with an open floor plan. And with the help of a skilled designer, she was able to… Read more »

Before & After: Tudor House Interior Makeover

Tudor living room interior design makeover

It’s easy to fall in love with a Tudor-style home, but such a character-rich space is tricky to modernize. Still, the challenge did not deter one couple. They wanted their Tudor house interior to reflect good taste. Fortunately, they turned to online interior design services to make it happen. Read on to see how this… Read more »

Before & After: Inviting Neutral Color Palette Interior Design

A transitional interior embraces the best of modern and traditional designs. And a new apartment owner wanted this chic combo, especially highlighting a neutral color palette in her interior design. That’s why she sought the help of professional online interior design assistance. Decorilla held the key to unlocking the timeless transitional interior of her dreams…. Read more »