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Typically, people want to settle somewhere that offers a great lifestyle. Enter Spokane – a beautiful city ideal for individuals from all walks of life. It has plenty of natural beauty, amenities, and breathtaking abodes. Read on to learn more about the top Spokane interior designers and decorators that help turn houses into homes.

About Interior Design in Spokane

Interior designers near me - Selma A
Contemporary living room by one of Decorilla’s top Spokane interior designers

Architecture in and around Lilac City is as distinct as can be. In fact, Washington state’s third biggest metro features a wide variety of eclectic building designs. While touring Spokane, some styles most prevalent include commercial and Chicago hybrids. Renaissance Revivals and Neoclassical structures are also a common sight. And when it comes to interior design in Spokane, it’s equally unique to the exteriors.

Interior design Spokane - Tamna E
Decorilla combined transitional living-dining room interior design in Spokane

The best interior decorators in Spokane, WA, can create a perfect combined living-dining room, nursery, or any other space with ease. They gather inspiration from the regional beauty, building exteriors, and clients’ desires. With this, they turn out comfy yet stylish forever-homes time and time again.

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The Best Spokane Interior Designers

Top interior designers in Spokane WA - Erin R
Modern farmhouse kitchen by one of Decorilla’s interior decorators in Spokane, WA

Locals searching for ‘kitchen designers near me’ or any other interior design solutions are beyond fortunate. That’s because they have access to some of the very best home improvement specialists around. These individuals, firms, and studios see to it that their clients get to enjoy spaces that are equal parts functional and attractive. Explore the most desirable interior designers in Spokane, WA, below.

Wendy Nolan

Interior designers in Spokane W - Wendy Nolan

509 Design is a thriving company due to its talented interior design principal, Wendy Nolan. As a self-described lifelong learner, she’s always up to date on the latest industry trends. It certainly makes her one of the best interior decorators in Spokane, WA.

Houzz interior designers Spokane - Wendy Nolan

WHAT WE LOVE: How Wendy uses her background as a military wife to her advantage. Her travels and interactions with different cultures and styles distinctly influence her work.

Decorilla Spokane Interior Designers

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

As one of the most affordable interior design firms in Spokane, Washington, Decorilla sets itself apart in more ways than one. First off, clients aren’t limited to searching for ‘interior designers near me’. Now they have the option to work with talent from all over the country, as the physical distance is no longer a factor. Second, Decorilla projects are stress-free, budget-friendly, and bound to exceed expectations.

Interior designers near me - Erin R
Modern dining room by one of Decorilla’s interior designers in Spokane, WA

The process is fun as well, while constant communication throughout ensures excellent results. It all starts with a complimentary virtual consultation where clients can discuss their needs. Afterward, Decorilla pairs them with two experienced decorators, well-suited for the job. The project then moves forward once the client identifies their favorite designer. Collaborating with Decorilla gives clients access to:

Interior designers in Spokane WA - Tiara M
Open-plan family room and kitchen by one of Decorilla’s interior designers near me

WHAT WE LOVE: There’s a Decorilla package to suit every budget. Apart from gold, silver, and bronze tier ones, available at an affordable flat rate, there are custom options for an hourly rate too. You can even start a project today!

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Emily Mejia

Best Spokane interior designers - Emily Meija

Emily Mejia founded her firm, Emily Anne Interior Design, back in 2014 and she’s been making waves ever since. As one of the best interior decorators in Spokane, WA, her studio undoubtedly stands out for being unique and approachable. Her attentiveness means every project gets completed with the utmost care.

Interior designers near me - Emily Meija

WHAT WE LOVE: How Emily loves every moment of what she does. She strives to finish each project with the same enthusiasm and care she started it with.

Bridgit Wilson

Interior designers in Spokane - Bridgit Wilson

Many who need interior design in Spokane turn to Bridgit Wilson. As the owner and principal designer of Nook Interiors, she always delivers thoughtful, bespoke spaces. She listens closely and asks plenty of questions to pinpoint her clients’ wants and needs.

Spokane interior design - Bridgit Wilson

WHAT WE LOVE: Bridgit’s knack for including surprise elements in her designs. They leave clients wondering how she knew they’d love it.

Tammie Ladd

Houzz interior designers Spokane WA - Tammie Ladd

The mind behind Tammie Ladd Design is well-known for her interior design in Spokane and the whole of the Inland Northwest. Tammie Ladd has a passion for creating enduring spaces that get better over time. Her inspiration comes from architecture as well as a home’s surroundings.

Top interior decorators in Spokane WA - Tammie Ladd

WHAT WE LOVE: Tammie’s use of organic elements adds texture and warmth to interiors.

Terri Nichols

Interior designers in Spokane WA - Terri Nichols

Spokane natives who’ve ever researched ‘interior designers near me’ will know of Tdesigns’ skilled Terri Nichols. She’s made it her mission to deliver stunning spaces to locals using her experience, insights, and talent for balancing function and style. Her past projects include both simple updates and complex renovations.

Best Spokane interior designers - Terri Nichols

WHAT WE LOVE: The joy Terri has while working alongside her clients and contractors to make interior dreams come true.

Jasmine Galle

Interior designers near me - Jasmine Galle

The exceptional Jasmine Galle is the creative director, interior designer, and founder of Social Soul Studio. She gives her clients happy, healthy spaces where they and their loved ones can prosper. Not to mention, her services are accessible, affordable, and lead to exceptional results.

Interior designers Spokane WA - Jasmine Galle

WHAT WE LOVE: Jasmine’s commitment to excellent service. She’s recognized as one of the top Houzz interior designers in Spokane because of her constancy.

Erin Haskell Gourde

Interior design Spokane - Erin Haskell Gourde

Erin Haskell Gourde naturally grew into a creative career. Today, she’s the principal designer and founder of Design for the PPL. What’s more, Erin is among the best interior decorators in Spokane, WA. Her design knowledge has brought her far, as has her love of spaces and the people that inhabit them.

Top Spokane interior designers - Erin Haskell Gourde

WHAT WE LOVE: How Erin understands her clients so fully that she can turn their spaces into the places they want and need.

Katie Getman

Interior designers in Spokane WA - Katie Getman

Katie Getman is undoubtedly one of the best interior decorators in Spokane, WA. That’s because she always strives for her designs to help clients live life to the full. Since starting Katie Getman Design, she’s been fully committed to creating practical yet fun spaces. Furthermore, Katie wants the interiors to reflect the personality and story of those who call it home.

Interior designers near me - Katie Getman

WHAT WE LOVE: How Katie manages to put together a completely fresh and unique look again and again – no matter how many clients there were before.

Sarah McGovern

Top Spokane interior designers - Sarah McGovern

Owner and lead designer of Milieu, Sarah McGovern, has a Master’s Degree in Interior Design and two decades of industry experience. To top it all off, she’s also among the award-winning Houzz interior designers in Spokane too. Her deep understanding of humans and their environment certainly help her create safe, durable, and beautiful spaces.

Houzz interior designers Spokane - Sarah McGovern

WHAT WE LOVE: Sarah is a champion of social and environmental responsibility in interior design.

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