Backyard with small pool house interior designIt’s always fun to see the transformation of a small space! And if it’s adjacent to the swimming pool, the enjoyment multiplies. Today, we explore the exciting design process of a small pool house with a bathroom. What started as an uninspired space soon bloomed into something wonderful – read on to see the reveal! 

The Challenge: Small Pool House With Bathroom

After the client tragically lost their home in the 2019 wildfires, they wanted to restore it back to its former glory with a stunning new design. And so, they constructed a new, eco-friendly, fireproof property showcasing breathtaking views. Their backyard included a small pool house with a view overlooking picturesque vineyards nearby. It had a beautiful setting but needed the perfect interior design too. And so, the designer needed to:

  • Come up with a functional layout making the most of the small pool house floor space
  • Assemble a stylish living space that could also serve as a guest bedroom when needed
  • Incorporate a convertible game table but maintain the cohesive interior design style
  • Provide sufficient seating for hosting small gatherings
  • Build the design around the “Baja California” theme related to the Agave farm environment  

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Backyard Small Pool House Ideas & Inspiration

Pool house inspiration gallery

Small pool houses are an ideal way to elevate a backyard and provide an additional area for relaxing. With that in mind, the client was looking for a beachy-style interior design – something between a cozy studio and a cabana-style retreat.

Their inspirational gallery also indicated their desire for something unique that blends with the stunning outdoor elements. The images depicted inherently cozy setups, contemporary and comfortable, with a dash of rustic and global influences. 

Small Pool House Designs & Moodboard

Small pool house designs
Backyard small pool house design by Decorilla

While filling out the design questionnaire, the clients further defined their vision. Their backyard pool house ideas arose from the overall concept of the property: an Agave farm with small artisanal production. That also meant the entire place would host gatherings, including farm-to-table events, tequila tastings, and farm stays.

Consequently, the Decorilla team proposed two suitable designers, both well-suited for working with the desired style. After reviewing the moodboards and ideas, the client decided to proceed with Noraina Aina.

Moodboard for a small pool house interior
Decorilla moodboard for a small pool house with a bathroom

Noraina’s ideas evolved from a bright, fresh, organic studio with clearly defined zones. It was exactly what the client asked for – a breezy neutral base with strategic pops of color.

Her goal was to create a space where the family and guests could rest, rejuvenate and come together while enjoying the warmth and sunshine at the same time. As a result, the moodboard clearly depicted the future room’s character as welcoming, relaxing, and stylish.

Small Pool House Interior Design Results

Backyard small pool house ideas with a bathroom
Small pool house interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The combination of white walls and abundant wood delivers one of the best bases for versatile decor solutions. In this case, it created a calm canvas for sophisticated ethnic accentuation.

As per the client’s desire, the pool house decor theme is “Baja California,” highlighted through layered patterns and low-key pops of color. The built-in bench under the window functionally promotes the same rustic vibe, while securing plenty of extra seating for gatherings. 

small pool house ideas
Small pool house interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Lightweight rattan armchairs are a practical and stylish choice that brings the ethnic theme further, enhancing the overall functionality without adding visual weight. Meanwhile, the white structure surrounding the sleeper couch provides a lot of discreet storage. In addition, it sets it apart to convey a meaningful sleepover area without disturbing the cohesive balance of the house.

Small pool house designs
Small pool house interior with a kitchenette – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen layout also acts as the seating area’s natural counterpart, establishing a clear optical communication that pulls all independent zones together. Moreover, wood panels and cabinet fronts complement the light scheme throughout the design. 

Pool House Bathroom

Pool house bathroom design by Decorilla
Pool house bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The subtle theme is kept cohesive throughout the property, continuing inside a pool house bathroom. Here, it got its moment through the vibrant blue accent wall and elegant burnished brass lighting sconces. Ratan details of the vanity and an attractive eclectic rug also support it. Even though the rest of the bathroom is white and streamlined, the tile pattern medley still conveys a lot of visual dynamics.

Online Shopping List

Shopping list for a small pool house with a bathroom
Convenient shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla offers a remarkably unique interior design experience. The extensive team of experienced professionals guarantees successful results tailored to your vision and lifestyle. Meanwhile, a client controls each step of the project execution, while 3D visualizations provide insight into the finished product beforehand. But that’s not all – the custom shopping list grants you access to substantial discounts on furniture and décor, shipped and delivered by a white glove concierge service. 

Top Picks for a Small Pool House Interior

Summer is coming, and many of you will want to spend time by the pool. If you’re lucky enough to have your own retreat, make sure it’s a place to relax and enjoy. Here are a few picks from the project to get you started! 

Backyard small pool house ideas top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Wicker Armchair
  3. Lift-top Coffee Table
  4. Floating Shelves
  5. Pendant Light
  6. Wall Art
  7. Potted Succulent

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[images: Decorilla project images]