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When grown children move out, it’s the perfect opportunity to create an exquisite small guest room. One recent Decorilla client wanted to do just that but didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, she turned to the finest online interior designers and the result is worth swooning over – read on for the transformation.

The Challenge: Small Guest Room Makeover

After her son’s graduation, the client wanted to turn his old bedroom into a sophisticated space for him, when he visits, and also for guests. For this reason, the interior designer had to consider and solve specific design challenges. The designer had to:

  • Plan a guest room makeover that also caters to a young adult’s needs
  • Incorporate a desk and chair into the small guest room
  • Create a wood accent wall without making the room feel dark
  • Ensure the room is light-filled, bright yet masculine

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The Inspiration: Inviting Transitional Guest Rooms

Transitional guest room makeover inspiration

As inspiration for her small guest room ideas, the client was drawn to transitional and inviting bedrooms that have a modern twist. Wall features, like Art Deco-inspired panels and wood cladding, adorn some of these rooms, giving them a boutique hotel look. What’s more, warming textural touches in the rugs, scatter cushions and throws make these interiors feel plush and luxurious. Transitional design certainly captured the client’s attention, she just needed to know how to create the perfect guest bedroom.

Small Transitional Guest Room Ideas & Design  

Inviting guest room with a copper feature wall and transitional furniture
Transitional small guest room – Decorilla 3D rendering

For her guest bedroom makeover, the client received three proposals – each outlining a color palette and suggesting a combination of modern and traditional furniture and décor. In the end, the client chose Courtney’s small guest room design. Her concept fulfilled every aspect of the client’s brief, with only one requested tweak, “to make it a wee bit more masculine”. Fortunately, the design already featured strong décor features, like the dresser and cladding, which the designer could build on.

Small guest room makeover moodboard
Decorilla transitional guest room makeover moodboard

Courtney B. chose a neutral color palette for the small guest room mood board. Predominantly light colors on the walls and furniture would ensure the room feels spacious while the contrasting black pendant light and cabinets add balance. Adding darker décor also creates a masculine look the client wanted. Metallic wall décor gives the bedroom a hint of luxury fit for an impressive guest bedroom.

Transitional Small Guest Room Makeover Result

Guest room makeover into a classy transitional bedroom
Inviting guest room by Decorilla

The guest room makeover is certainly a show-stopper. Although the room is on the smaller side, the designer didn’t shy away from making an impact with big design ideas within the bedroom makeover budget. The feature acacia wall cladding, for instance, adds visual intrigue while the lighter walls let the richness of the wood show even more. It also provides a warm backdrop for striking décor and furniture, like the four silver leaf frames and black nightstands.

Small guest room ideas for a transitional makeover
Transitional guest room makeover – Decorilla 3D rendering

The wood paneling not only creates a beautiful feature, but it also grounds other wood elements and makes lighter items stand out more. Through this angle of the designer’s realistic 3D rendering, the sleek double-layered window dressing is visible. A black curtain rail, navy roman blinds, and industrial-style desk add a rough masculine modern touch to the soft drapes. Moreover, the curtain hardware complements the steel frames in the design. The designer chose to keep the metals uniform, dark steel, and bronze and the result is luxurious.

Alternative Small Guest Room Ideas

Guest room makeover into a classy transitional bedroom with a classic desk
Alternative small guest room ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

The designer also provided another series of realistic 3D renderings similar to the initial set but containing a few minor décor tweaks. These changes affect the window dressing, desk, and chandelier. The alternative light is sleek with a contemporary silhouette, the window dressing minimal, and the chocolate brown desk is substantial. All these make the room feel more formal and polished. Where the previous options had softening features, namely, soft curtains, reflective brass, and a slender profile, the alternative ensures a more masculine bedroom.

Inviting guest room with a copper feature wall and a transitional desk
Alternative small guest room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Nevertheless, both options give the client an inviting guest room complete with everything a visitor would need. Through symmetry and modern furniture, the design is edgy while also sophisticated due to traditional pieces. With just the table lamps on, the room will have a warm glow as the light reflects in the glossy frames hanging above the bed.

Transitional Furniture & Décor for an Inviting Guest Room  

Small guest room ideas for a transitional makeover with a large desk
Guest bedroom makeover reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering
Before the guest room makeover
The small bedroom before the makeover

Transitional interior design is a blend of modern and traditional furniture, décor, and design elements. As traditional furniture tends to be ornate and bulkier than contemporary pieces, the designer had to be mindful not to over-decorate the limited space. For this project, the designer focused on creating a cohesive and warm color scheme, elegance, and practicality.

Small guest room online shipping list
Small guest room shopping list with trade discounts by Decorilla

The color scheme is neutral, as transitional tends to be, with soft blue accents in the scatter pillows and contemporary wood feature wall. By creating an interesting focal point on the wall, the room needs little adornment – only ceramics and a glass vase sit atop the dresser. Modern furniture, like the Mosquito-legged bench and sculptural dresser, are unique and aesthetically pleasing. It’s one way to save on space: using furniture that doubles as décor. Another way is to opt for pieces that are off of the floor and have a slim profile.

Design Your Own Transitional Bedroom

You can find small guest room ideas with a transitional style without a hitch, but the trouble comes in deciding on the décor ideas. The main thing is to select pieces that work well together as they enhance the bedroom. Use our top picks below as a guide when looking to update your home.

Small guest room ideas - top product picks for decorating
  1. Wall Art
  2. Sham Pillow
  3. Clear Vases
  4. Round Chandelier
  5. Persian Rug
  6. Walnut Dresser

In the end, the client could finally transform her son’s bedroom into an inviting guest room, one that he’ll also be happy to come home to on visits. This outcome was possible thanks to innovative online interior design technology, frequent client-designer communication, and clear guidance from the interior designer. The client could implement every aspect of the design for the guest room successfully.

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[images: 1, Decorilla project renderings]