Ah the country…the fresh air, silhouetting hills, green trees, chirping birds. Relaxation just happens here! This environment certainly appeals to people wanting to unplug and get away. The key element? Nature. There is definitely a calm that takes over when surrounded by it. So, it’s no surprise that reflecting the aesthetics from the country side in interiors as well, is common.

Can’t getaway to the countryside? Not a problem.

Enter the rustic style! This type of design is where simplicity meets nature that results in calming beauty. When in a rustic/country style home, there is a natural sense of warmth and connection. Organic textures and shapes which keep you grounded are some of the main components of this style.

Below are 7 ways to introduce the comfort of rustic style into your home.

1. WOOD  


Wood maybe one of the most important elements in a rustic style home. It is prevalent in almost every aspect of the design, from the floor, to countertops, to accessories; wood is always the highlight of a rustic designed home. It is a direct connection to the outside world; automatically giving the space the character it needs.



Go big or go home with a lighting fixture that embodies the rustic style. Simple yet elaborate, these fixtures create a focal point for any room. Made with iron or weathered metal, these show-stopping chandeliers bring an old world charm to any space! 


natura textilesrustic-interior-design1

Stone and brick bring an undeniable textural aspect to a rustic designed home. It resembles everything about nature’s true textures. Stones such as travertine and slate that have the most textures, do look incredible in these spaces. Leaving the brick true to its natural color, fits in perfectly with this design style.



When capturing the true essence of rustic design, the use of warm colors is important. You can incorporate the sense of warmth through many aspects in a space. For this style, it is mostly developed through the use of wood, paint and fabric. With hues in the families of reds, oranges, and yellows, you don’t have to stick with just brown!



This architectural element has become the very essence of rustic design. When left rough and unpolished, it automatically adds the perfect amount of character to a space. It ties the space together, bringing the rustic style all the way to the ceiling. It encompasses a space, giving it the natural warmth that is the very spirit of rustic design.


Keeping with the true theme of the past, refurbishing accessories adds charm and simplicity to this style. Turning old shutters into artwork and old baskets into lighting, pays homage to the idea of using what you have like they would in the earlier times. It creates that sense of serenity and peace that stems from the rustic style.



Move over clean and pristine spaces, there is no room for you in rustic design! When something is weathered, it takes away any newness that that object or material had. Without the shine, it adds the right amount of character to any space to create the ideal rustic feeling.

Now, not every rustic space needs to look like a mountain log cabin. Infusing your home with some of the mentioned elements will add the right touch of the natural and organic. This can also be easily combined with other styles too! For tips on how to work a modern flair into design, see our 7 Modern Design Must-Haves here.

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Written by blog contributor, Linnea Thomas

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