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Rochester, NY, is home to a thriving creative scene reflective of the city’s architecture and cultural heritage. Being home to a number of historic buildings and a diverse population, Rochester provides an ever-inspiring, creative environment to work in.  With a keen eye on this prominent destination on the design map, today we present to you the best Rochester, NY interior designers and decorators. Read on to find the best local interior design help!

About Rochester, NY Interior Design

Elegant living room by Decorilla Rochester interior designrs near you
Elegant living room by Decorilla Rochester interior designers near you

Rochester, NY, is home to a thriving interior design scene. Many historic structures have been converted into offices, retail or residential spaces. Other projects include the rehabilitation of large workshops, such as aged breweries. These spaces provide the foundation for the local interior designers to express their creativity. 

The city is also home to a few design schools, including Rochester Institute of Technology and Monroe Community College, both of which offer programs in interior design. In addition to a thriving creative community, numerous design firms are located around the city. The best Rochester, NY interior designers specialize in a variety of styles, including traditional, contemporary, and more.

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Best Rochester, NY Interior Designers

NY loft render by Decorilla top Rochester NY interior designers
Transitional bedroom by Decorilla top Rochester NY interior designers

Rochester’s vibrant creative scene means plenty of opportunities for stunning interiors. And with so many talented interior designers near you, it’s easy to find someone who can create your dream space for your home or business.

Rachel Clark

Rochester, NY interior design Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark has been inventing stunning interior spaces for over 15 years. As one of the top Rochester, NY interior designers, she manages her own business, turning passion into a successful career. Rachel’s design inspiration comes from all the things that bring joy and comfort to her clients. The rest of the process consists of the magic necessary to assemble them and create a home. 

Rochester interior design Rachel Clark

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern traditionalist spaces with a classic, timeless look juxtaposed with modern accents.

Decorilla Rochester Interior Designers

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Decorilla offers cutting-edge interior design services for any style or budget. With a team of some of the best Rochester interior decorators and designers you’re guaranteed to get a design you love. In addition, a streamlined interior design process and a selection of complementary benefits mean you can easily update your home or business while saving time and money. 

Best Rochester NY interior designers from Decorilla
Transitional living room by the best Rochester NY interior designers from Decorilla

After starting with a fun and easy interior design style quiz, you are then able to choose between working with Rochester interior designers near you or exploring other options across the country. What’s even better, you don’t have to stop at the first choice. Decorilla design packages begin with custom concepts from two designers, allowing you to continue the project with your favorite. Moreover, each client benefits from exclusive trade discounts featured in a personalized shopping list, constant designer communication, and a helpful implementation guide. 

bright white kitchen by Decorilla's top Rochester NY interior designers
Modern white kitchen by Decorilla‘s top Rochester NY interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Affordable Rochester, NY interior designers that consistently deliver stunning interiors. 

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Cheryl Barker

Rochester, NY interior design Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker describes herself as a down-to-earth visionary that matches her skills and ideas to clients’ objectives and needs. She boasts extensive work experience with over two decades in designing, renovating, and overseeing building projects. With a natural artistic flair and a diverse educational background, Cheryl creates harmonious living spaces appealing to bodies and souls.

Interior decorators Rochester NY Cheryl Baker

WHAT WE LOVE: Skillful balancing of colors, textures, and materials that produces harmonious living spaces as a result.

Karen Hill

Rochester, NY interior design Karen Hill

According to Karen Hill, most of the wondrous ideas lie all around us, hidden in plain view. Inspiration can come in all forms and colors, derived from nature, people, small details, as well as good stories. Being one of the best Rochester, NY, interior designers, Karen implements a wide range of knowledge in her business. From textile composition, furniture construction, to computer design drawings, she employs her expertise to guide clients through the project, achieving their dream spaces as a result. 

Interior decorators Rochester NY Karen Hill

WHAT WE LOVE: Interiors developed with realistic goals but also with impeccable attention to detail.

Robin Muto 

Rochester interior designers Robin Muto

Being a part of the Rochester, NY, interior design scene provided Robi Muto with an opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients. Inspired by their diverse interests and lifestyles, she creates interiors that will reflect them. Consequently, each of her compositions is unique, expressing the owner’s story through beauty, comfort, and efficiency. Robin believes that our environments are a blend of memories, life events, experiences, and characters. Consequently, her projects thrive on the desire to uplift and inspire.

Robin Muto Rochester, NY interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless, livable elegance with a storytelling flair.

Julie Rucker

Rochester interior designers Julie Rucker

Rochester interior design company, run by Julie Rucker, is a small boutique business rooted in tradition. With more than twenty years of experience, Julie employs her ability to listen, educate, and collaborate, coming up with elaborate design solutions in return. Ever since 2004, such a set of assets has made her loyal clients often return for more. Julie believes in continuing education practices in order to stay ahead of the market trends, producing functional, elaborate spaces as a result. 

Julie Rucker Rochester, NY interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless spaces infused with creative energy and, above all, their owners’ unique design aesthetic.

Janis Reed

Rochester interior designers Janis Reed

Janis Reed has been the creative dynamo among Rochester interior designers for over two decades. Her portfolio includes a myriad of exclusive projects, from new developments to home renovations. With a talent for sharply pinpointing her clients’ personal styles, she composes their homes as places to express themselves. The guiding idea is that each home should be a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, and also a space to deliver the best of yourself to family and friends.

Rochester, NY interior design Janis Reed

WHAT WE LOVE: A design approach that blends traditional forms with current trends in order to deliver a fresh twist.  

Shari Felton 

Rochester interior design Shari Felton

Shari Felton is one of the accomplished Rochester, NY interior designers with over three decades of experience. In fact, her love for creating compelling interiors dates back to the 4th grade. In other words, it all started when she noticed the shortage of tasteful and functional housing for her Barbies. Today, both Shari and her business thrive on her innovative ideas and solutions in commercial and residential design fields. Applying a sharp sense of color, proportion, and balance, she creates beautiful and functional spaces adored by her clients. 

Top Rochester NY interior designers Shari Felton

WHAT WE LOVE: Vivid interiors bursting with life.

Betsy Marrinan

Rochester interior design Betsy Marrinan

Betsy Marrinan‘s Rochester interior design business was founded on her beliefs. It’s all about the idea that interior design can be accessible and affordable for all, tailored to any budget. By carefully listening to and translating her client’s desires, she creates homes that reflect both their lifestyles and characters. Betsy’s psychotherapy background and proficiency in the construction process allow for the practical application of various skills in order to convey remarkable results. 

Rochester NY interior designers Betsy Marrinan

WHAT WE LOVE: Betsy’s signature style, blending classic elements with current design trends.

Danielle Barnes 

Rochester interior design Danielle Barnes

With over a decade of experience, Danielle Barnes is a household name among interior decorators in Rochester, NY. She believes in a well-conceived vision, rooted above all in timelessness and longevity. Danielle’s thoughtful approach identifies each client’s individual style, goals, and personality. Meanwhile, her unique perspective and pragmatic eye for functionality convey beautiful but fully livable spaces. 

Rochester NY interior designers Danielle Barnes

WHAT WE LOVE: Bright, airy spaces with also a dash of modern vibes. 

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