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With summer on the horizon, we like to make sure that you can take full advantage of sunny days in your backyard. And a poolside is not exception to having beautiful furniture and décor. Whether your pool is on the smaller side or calls for swimming laps, our poolside decorating ideas can help turn your outdoor area into a tranquil oasis! 

Swimming Pool Decor Ideas

Tranquil poolside decorating ideas by Amelia R
Tropical poolside decorating by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

Let nature guide your outdoor design decisions. You’ll find inspiration for color, shape, and light in your environment when collecting outdoor pool decor ideas. It’ll form a good base to work from as well as ensure the design and decor are in harmony with the setting. 

1. Warming Fire Feature

Poolside decorating ideas in a neutral color scheme
Poolside decor with fireplace seating area by Decorilla designer, Ana C.

A fire feature not only heats up the cool night air and extends the day, but it also encourages a sociable mood. It’s as suitable for entertaining guests as it is for an evening of solitude. Nowadays, these can be highly decorative and come in many shapes and sizes. You can also choose a type that suits your needs best, from gas-powered to electric to traditional wood burning. The most popular fire features include fire pits, tables, bowls, columns, and chimeneas.   

WHAT WE LOVE: How the warm glow of fire provides soft lighting. When the fire feature is close to the pool, it will also reflect in the water, adding even more of an inviting glow.

Want to get your poolside décor summer ready, but not sure where to start? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more about your design options today!

2. Teeny-Tiny Tiles

Mosaic and tiles create colorful pool patio decor

Although a decidedly stylized choice, mosaic adds timeless charm to any outdoor space. But mosaicking is not your only choice. In fact, there is a sea of choice when it comes to pool tiles. You can tile the entire space or opt for a neat little border to round the swimming area off nicely.  

WHAT WE LOVE: How the teal mosaic mirrors the sky in this desert pool decor. Mosaic and other tiling options are versatile, which means you can personalize and create as much of a feature as you want.

3. Exterior with Interior Swag

Open concept pool, patio and kitchen with white poolside decorating ideas Drew F
Combined kitchen and patio with pool decor by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

By blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces, you encourage a laidback atmosphere like that of a relaxing seaside retreat. Let your interior flow into your pool area by adding a luxurious sitting area  and outdoor essentials – complete with coffee table, soft furnishings, rug, décor, and lighting. Just ensure whatever you place outside is weather-proof or stow items inside after the day is done. If you have a bigger budget, you can also replace the dividing wall with sliding glass doors or add a well-kitted kitchenette to your patio.

WHAT WE LOVE: The spaciousness of an indoor-outdoor exterior brings. For more of an oomph-effect, pair open concept design with mid-century modern pool decor and symmetry.

Poolside Furniture Decorating

Poolside furniture and decor for ample seating outdoors
Poolside furniture for a cozy outdoor living area by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Although it won’t take much encouragement to lounge by the pool, you can make your outdoor area extra inviting with poolside furniture. With your favorite poolside decorating ideas you can showcase your style and set the mood for the design. It’s more than practical, it’s essential for a good summer vibe. 

4. Built-In Loungers

Luxurious pool decor by Amelia R
Luxury pool house decor by Decorilla interior designer, Amelia R.

Take advantage of structural design to add a minimalist seating arrangement. Not only does it appeal to the contemporary eye, but it also happens to be less maintenance and clutter. Soften the look of hard materials with soft textiles and plush pillows.

WHAT WE LOVE: The illusion of seating inches away from the water creates an idyllic and dreamy atmosphere, which is perfect when complemented by a muted and neutral color scheme.

5. Tropical Woven Furniture

Wicker poolside furniture double as soothing decorating ideas

The variety in wicker, rattan, and cane furniture design leaves plenty of room for choice. Keep an open mind with your poolside decor – include a statement peacock chair, a hanging sofa or keep it minimal with some well-placed ottomans.

WHAT WE LOVE: These pieces are often well suited to both muted and bold color schemes, and they fit right in with leafy greens too – perfect as pool patio decor!

6. Poolside Dining

Dining room set up for poolside furniture
Outdoor dining room as poolside furniture by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Poolside dining is a practical luxury. Not only is it a pleasure to dine under the sun with a swaying breeze, but you can rest assured guests won’t be tracking water into your home. Just be sure to opt for waterproof cushioning.

WHAT WE LOVE: The ability to host the entire party outside while keeping your family and friends entertained and fed. 

Poolside Decorating Tips & Tricks

Built-in poolside furniture and minimal pool decor by Amelia R
Poolside decorating by Decorilla interior designer, Amelia R.

Updating your outdoor area might require a big-scale renovation, but minor tweaks can transform the look and mood completely. Whichever the case, a few poolside decorating ideas can make all the difference, especially when paired with an outdoor oasis design. Here are three easy tricks to get started.  

7. Poolside Decor Mirroring the Pool

Transitional pool décor under a pergola Picharat
Pergola and patio with poolside decorating ideas by Decorilla designer, Picharat A.

As with any design, poolside decorating starts with assessing the features available to you. And, in having a pool, you already have an excellent and soothing water feature. Now, all you need to do is highlight its pretty traits. Mirror the tranquil rippling of water in curved furniture or emphasize its color with a nature-inspired color scheme – think whites, teal, or dark sea green. Keep in mind that the pool floor is part of your design. You can go dark, light, or even boho! Whatever you choose, be sure to use the color to your advantage as it will also change how you perceive the water’s hue.

DESIGN TIP: Need help with your poolside décor? Consider using technology to your advantage with these top 5 patio design apps

8. Layer Textures and Soft Furnishings

Scatter pillows next to a swimming pool as pool decor

Nothing says lounge like an array of scatter cushions. Adding a selection of textured throws and pillows to your poolside patio is an easy way to introduce color. Plus, they can easily be adjusted according to your tastes.

DESIGN TIP: Pick colors that echo the inside of your home or, better yet, reuse and recycle!

9. Light Up a Summer Glow

Lighting as poolside decorating

With days getting longer and nights getting warmer, nothing says summer more than staying out after dusk. Keep the night young by adding festoon lights or a large focal light to your pool decor. For something with a little less legwork, dot a few floor lanterns of various sizes around for ambiance. Be mindful of safety and pick solar-powered lights whenever you have the option.

DESIGN TIP: Always opt for warm white-colored globes for a cozy, sociable ambiance, and choose LED or solar-powered products to save on your electricity bill. 

Creative Pool Privacy Solutions

How do you build privacy around a pool
Pool patio design by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

We can hardly call our backyard an oasis without some measure of privacy and solitude. Consider these notes while researching your pool decor ideas to optimize your peace of mind.

10. Hedges

Lush poolside decor with hedges for privacy
Lush poolside decor with hedges for privacy by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Fortunately, you don’t need a 5-foot hedge to create a sense of privacy around your pool area and decorating ideas. Short alternatives are also instrumental in blocking off seating and social areas. 

11. Pool Pergola

Beautiful swimming pool pergola with dining and lounge poolside furniture
Contemporary pergola with poolside furniture by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

For both shade and privacy, a pergola will also protect your pool house decor from the elements. Keep the structure simple for optimal breeze access.

12. Screens and Dividers 

luxury pool with poolside furniture and screens - houzz

Free-standing decorative screens are excellent, non-committal options that add instant privacy and elevates pool area décor as well. With an array of options to choose from, you can style your oasis just the way you like it. Just as chic, but more permanent, are glass and wood panels – they can instantly uplift an exterior. 

Plants for Around the Pool

Lush plants for around the pool
Lush plants for around the pool by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

For your finishing touches, add some life with pool deck decorations. But first, do your research to find exactly which plants will thrive in your climate, and what maintenance they require before planting.

13. Hanging Poolside Plants

Hanging poolside plants as decorating ideas

Maximizing your outdoor area with greenery happens to be among our favorite small pool area decorating ideas. Immerse yourself in nature with a hanging plant curtain.

Do choose a variety of cascading succulents that don’t require deep soil or frequent watering.

Don’t choose greens that shed a lot, like deciduous plants.

14. Colorful Fruit Trees

Fruit plants for around the pool as pool decorating ideas

Potted fruit trees not only add color and a sense of paradise, but they also provide healthy poolside decorating snacks!

Do pot your fruit trees in spring when they are dormant and be sure to use a good quality fertilizer.

Don’t move the pots around too much after planting.

15. Shading Bamboo 

Plants around the pool - bamboo as pool decorating ideas

Even when planted in containers, bamboo can grow up to 20 feet – enough to cast a gentle shade around your pool.

Do source a bamboo variant that will do well in your climate.

Don’t plant without sufficient drainage.

Floating Pool Decorations

Floral floating pool decorations

For functions or family fun, floating pool decorations introduce crafts and an air of magic to your backyard. Go beyond the traditional and try your hand at DIY this summer.

16. Floating Floral Poolside Decorating

Floating poolside decorating with flowers

Spruce up your soiree with a floating flower wreath or bouquet. It’s simple enough to make yourself and truly adds to a sense of occasion. And if you’re not feeling crafty, you can place a few flowers on a floating board instead. 

17. Candle Floating Pool Decorations 

floating pool décor - DIY milk just candles

For an extra twinkle in the evening, add tealight candles to floating pool decorations

18. Message in the Water

Lettering as floating pool decor

Hosting a special event this summer? Then, consider using your pool as signage for a creative way to announce the event or congratulate the honoree.

Put Your Poolside Decorating Ideas to Action 

Neutral poolside furniture for ample lounging and seating
Neutral poolside furniture for ample lounging and seating by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

With a bunch of effortless poolside decorating ideas, you can build your summer oasis in no time! Still not sure where to start? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance today! 

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