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Why wait until you’ve settled in to decorate? One recent client couple set their sights on their dream apartment early on and wanted to jump right into the design process – before moving in! Being prepared certainly simplifies homemaking. Read on and see what the clients could look forward to – a swoon-worthy organic modern bedroom!   

The Challenge: Organic Modern Master Bedroom

Clients help their interior designers by pinpointing their style likes and dislikes. That said, all projects come with their own quirks and challenges. It’s part of the process. And as the designer finds solutions, they create a unique space true to the client. For this project, the designer needed to:

  • Keep the room light-filled during the day, while ensuring the room is fully dark at night for restful sleep
  • Incorporate subtle Asian elements, like neutral materials found in India and the Philippians
  • Include and highlight the couple’s birth star artwork
  • Design a stunning organic modern style bedroom that is beautiful and with individuality
  • Adhere to wellness design principles for this bedroom design

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Organic Modern Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration 

Organic modern bedroom inspiration

Neutral palettes and tranquillity imbue the clients’ favorite interiors. These spaces are rich in texture and unexpected, striking elements. Yet, everything feels organic and meant to be in these modern bedroom ideas.

Gun-metal gray meets clay textures and curvy modern furniture in most images. Some also feature contemporary 4-poster beds, japandi design, and boho touches. In a nutshell, these spaces ooze personality while being undeniably calming.

Moodboard & Neutral Bedroom Design 

Organic modern bedroom furniture - Anna Y
Decorilla organic modern bedroom design

Before stepping into their dream interior, the clients needed to do a few things first. And at the top of the list was starting the interior design process. Fortunately, it only took a quick questionnaire and design consultation to get the ball rolling. Decorilla then used the clients’ info to select the two best designers for the project. All the clients needed to do now was pick their favorite initial concept.

Organic modern bedroom ideas mood board - Anna Y
Decorilla mood board with neutral modern furniture and decor

Both interior designers’ proposals were compelling, depicting the clients ’ ideal bedroom. But the clients ultimately resonated with Anna’s soothing moodboard most. In her concept, Anna Y. suggests organic modern bedroom furniture and a gentle neutral palette. Plenty of texture and natural elements would provide depth and interest in the space. 

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Clean, Organic Modern Style Bedroom Results 

Organic modern master bedroom ideas - Anna Y
Cozy, scandi modern organic style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final organic modern bedroom is a japandi masterpiece. Here, comfy Scandinavian meets low-profiles and natural accents of Japanese design. The room has a modest color scheme, yet the interior feels character-rich and harmonious. Gentle grays, warm woody browns, and off-white color the interior.

Besides the stunning architectural structure, texture and scale bring personality. First, the washed wall finish and wood floor add visual texture to the room’s base. But the most dominant tactile elements are the huge fluffy rug, super lush bedding, throw, and black-out curtains. The curtain length combined with the lower profile furniture creates an impressive picture.

Organic modern bedroom furniture - Anna Y
Warm organic modern master bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Symmetry also makes the interior oh-so attractive. At the heart of the design is a great bed – it’s the undeniable focus of the room. Any additional organic modern bedroom décor and furniture frame the center even more. On the periphery, vintage-style nightstands and mirrors flank two abstracts hanging above the bed.

As the interior is mostly gray, pops of ochre and sandy hues add warmth and depth. The bench at the foot of the bed also acts as an anchor, connecting the room’s warmer tones. And finally, the room is brilliantly light-filled. A pair of contemporary pendants enhance the effect. They hover in front of a duo of mirrors to double the light.     

Wellness Design Details 

Organic modern bedroom - Anna Y
Master bedroom with wellness design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Wellness is a vital aspect of the design. As such, the space centers around calm and tranquillity. Its uncluttered design also highlights what is important to the homeowners. They wanted to focus on mindfulness and each other. The couple’s birth star frames sit opposite the bed above a modern sideboard. The dark set contrasts the light room, becoming a focal point as a result. Overall, the décor in the room is minimal. For this reason, any accents stand out and draw the eye.

The room extension serves as the couple’s meditation space. Here furniture and décor are minimal to ensure a peaceful air, perfect for quietening the mind. A pair of soft, white upholstered chairs provide comfy seats. And a large black clay vase adorns the space. Branches sprout from the vase, adding height and balance to the organic interior.  

Online Shopping List

Organic modern bedroom online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

The complete design package included an online shopping list with trade exclusive discounts too. It proves very useful when clients need to procure items from the design, allowing for one-stop shopping with all of the ordering and delivery arrangements taken care of. Moreover, the final package also comes with a helpful implementation guide to finish the look at home. All in all, the Decorilla process removes uncertainty and makes creating a dreamy interior easy.

Soothing & Natural Bedroom Top Picks

You can create an equally tranquil and trendy interior at home. In fact, you only need a few ideas and key items to get started. If you liked the look of the calming master suite above, use our favorites from the project for your design.

Organic modern bedroom furniture top picks
  1. Steel Pendants
  2. Apricot Rug
  3. Upholstered Bed
  4. Brass Mirror 
  5. Matte Vase
  6. Wood Bench

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