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Nebraska might be a flyover state, but Omaha interior design is nothing that should be bypassed. With a vibrant downtown and expanding arts scene this city is a great place to be a creative. And local designers are pushing the limits of creative freedom. Lucky enough to have a few of these stars among our team, Decorilla also loves discovering fresh talents and engaging with established experts. So check out who is who among the top Omaha interior designers and decorators you’ll be sure to love!

Lorrie Williams

Fluff interior design Omaha Lorrie Williams

As one of the most sought-after Omaha interior designers, Lorrie Williams understands the importance of “home.” She finds inspiration in helping her clients maximize the quality of their living spaces as the most significant places in their lives. With her team at Fluff Interior Design Omaha, she composes livable interiors ready to embrace the inhabitant’s lifestyles and characters. 

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Omaha interior designers Lorrie Williams

WHAT WE LOVE: Natural materials and neutral palettes blended to convey a genuine home-y vibe.

Decorilla Omaha Interior Designers    

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Experience and a striking portfolio hit the top of the criteria list when looking to hire an interior designer. For that reason, Decorilla offers an extensive selection of vetted interior designers to choose from. Better yet, each project begins with custom design concepts from two designers, so clients have the ability to select their favorite. This unique approach also comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design with affordable flat-rate packages.

Decorilla interior design Omaha by Patrick

Transitional living room by Decorilla interior design Omaha

In addition, clients are able to easily visualize their new space with the included 3D photorealistic renderings. The design solution also comes with a series of expert tips and implementation guide to make putting the design together a breeze. A personalized shopping list with exclusive discounts is also included. Lastly, a complimentary shopping concierge takes care of all the details from ordering, to tracking, and delivery.

Top interior design Omaha by Decorilla designer Wanda P

Open living design by Decorilla Omaha interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Unmatched convenience and expertly designed interiors that are the most affordable Omaha design service among the list.

Julie Hockney

JH interior design Omaha Julie Hockney

After perfecting her creative skills at the University of Kansas, design school in Nashville, Tennessee, and Metropolitan Community College, Julie Hockney established JH Interior Design Omaha in 2007. Titled “our fearless leader” by her team, Julie boasts a portfolio with over 800 various projects countrywide. Her scope of work also includes creating unique and gorgeous floral designs as a natural extension of interior design.

Top interior decorators Omaha NE

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean and sophisticated, yet vibrant space compositions.

Kris Patton

Interior designers Omaha NE Kris Patton

At a young age, Kris started showing interest in colors and textures, which only kept growing along with her. Consequently, after graduating from UNL in 1998, she took on various challenges and built experience in all design layers from the ground up. Chris is today an NCIDQ certified expert and also a winner of the ASID national design award. Furthermore, she enjoys interpreting different tastes and needs in order to translate them into customized, functional designs.

Interior design firm Omaha

WHAT WE LOVE: A functional balance of colors, shapes, as well as visual dynamics.

Courtney Otte

Top interior decorator Omaha Courtney Otte

Courtney Otte is one of the most popular Omaha interior designers and also the owner of The Modern Hive Interior Design Studio. With over a decade of professional experience, she certainly understands the impact a well-designed space makes on the residents’ quality of life. Consequently, she focuses on providing authentic, customized projects curated according to each client’s individual needs.

Houzz interior designers Omaha

WHAT WE LOVE: Technologically advanced, but stylish designs with a strong character.

Lester Katz

Omaha interior designers Lester Katz

Seeking new artistic challenges after achieving success as a reputable hair colorist, Lester Katz pursued a BFA in interior design. Following the graduation from Watkins College of Art and Design, he polished his creative proficiency in various residential and commercial projects. Today, he is a renowned name among Houzz interior designers in Omaha, with a LEED certificate and abundant professional experience.

Houzz interior designers Omaha

WHAT WE LOVE: Highly artistic, vibrant, and energetic compositions.

Marilyn S. Hansen

Omaha interior designers Marilyn S Hansen

One of the top Omaha interior designers and an NCIDQ certificate holder, Marilyn S. Hansen shares over 40 years of professional expertise with her clients. Her portfolio features a range of successfully faced challenges, including overseeing the renovation of the Governor’s Mansion in Nebraska. Moreover, her design interest lies primarily in hospitality and home renovation projects.

Find an interior designer Marilyn S Hansen

WHAT WE LOVE: Chic and elegant, down-to-earth designs.

Pam Stanek

Omaha interior designers Pam Stanek

Strong leadership skills are one of the assets that set Pam Stanek apart from the competition in among Houzz interior decorators in Omaha, NE. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she put her creative and organizational talents to use as the co-owner of an interior design company. Stanek is also focused on developing personalized spaces with strong characters for a broad clientele, sharing with them over 30 years of experience.

Hire an interior designer Pam Stanek

WHAT WE LOVE: Elaborate detailing that defines her highly sophisticated compositions.

Lisa McCoid

Interior design Omaha Lisa McCold

Lisa McCoid is one of the few Omaha interior designers near you with both an interior design certification and an architecture license. Her extensive experience allows her to manage projects through all phases from beginning to end. As a result, she saves clients both time and money, as well as sparing them stress that comes with home improvement investments. Lisa highlights the same goal for all aspects of her business: absolute satisfaction of her clients.

Find an interior designer Lisa McCold

WHAT WE LOVE: Striking designs with supreme color proficiency.

Jessica McKay

Interior design Omaha Jessica McKay

Frequent visits to the ancient Mexican ruins left a mark on Jessica’s creative approach, leading her towards art studies. Along with a deep appreciation for fine art achieved during education, Jessica also recognized her talent for visual storytelling. As a result, she pursued a career as an Omaha interior designer, inspired by the character and history of the properties in need of remodeling.

Hire an interior designer Jessica McKay

WHAT WE LOVE: Passion and artful perspective embodied in unique design solutions.

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