Coastal bedroom ideas by Decorilla

Are you dreaming of a coastal-style bedroom, contemporary but with a dash of classic? Look no further! We’ve taken an ordinary space and transformed it into a cozy, modern retreat that feels luxurious as much as effortless. The streamlined online interior design process made it easy for the homeowner to get the exact timeless flair she desired. Take a closer look at this perfection of modern coastal bedroom décor and find the inspiration to create your own serene oasis.  

The Challenge: Modern Coastal Bedroom

The client embarked on this project dreaming of the beauty and tranquility of a secluded beach. With its soft and soothing vibes, the coastal aesthetic was indeed an ideal choice to translate into a relaxing and comfortable bedroom design. Naturally, she approached Decorilla looking for a designer experienced with the style. The ideal match was expected to:

  • Capture the true essence of seaside living with coastal interior design ideas
  • Create a serene atmosphere by combining the right color palette, textures, and materials
  • Conceive a functional layout that showcases the beauty of the coastal bedroom décor while providing a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat

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Coastal Bedroom Décor Inspiration

Coastal bedroom inspiration

As Decorilla experts scrolled through the inspirational image gallery of modern coastal bedrooms, one thing became clear. The calming influence of the sea was imbued in every corner of the designs. Each layout oozed a specific type of coastal-style bedroom decor, from soft blue and green hues to woven textures and natural wood furnishings. Moreover, the light and airy vibe that permeated the photos made the viewers feel like they were standing on a breezy seaside cliff, taking in the salty ocean air.  

Coastal Bedroom Ideas & Moodboard

Coastal master bedroom ideas and design by Decorilla
Coastal master bedroom ideas and design by Decorilla

The online bedroom design process kicked off with ample inspiration and insight from the client’s design questionnaire. After thoroughly reviewing the client’s answers, the Decorilla team proposed two professional designers with a penchant for beachy aesthetics. They soon delivered their moodboards, each bringing something distinctive to the table. Making their choice between the two was no easy feat for the client. However, Christina N.’s coastal master bedroom ideas eventually won, seamlessly matching the homeowner’s visions.

Coastal master bedroom ideas and moodboard by Decorilla
Coastal master bedroom ideas and moodboard by Decorilla

Christina’s coastal-style bedroom ideas and moodboard provided an exciting glimpse into the potential of the final layout. She had clearly put a lot of thought into the elements needed to create a peaceful yet stylish sanctuary that perfectly encapsulated the seaside ambiance. Every detail contributed to the overall aesthetic, from the soothing color palette to the carefully-selected accessories. 

Coastal Bedroom Design Results

Decorilla's coastal bedroom décor & design
Decorilla‘s coastal bedroom décor & design

Bringing the coastal feel into the client’s room requires skillful selection of the right furniture and decor pieces. Christina’s design incorporates soothing blues, serene greys, and sandy beiges, conveying a genuine beach-inspired color palette. Paying close attention to details produced a coastal-style bedroom arrangement that appeals equally dreamy and captivating. As a result, every aspect of the project immerses the resident in tranquility. 

Modern coastal bedroom by Decorilla
Modern coastal bedroom by Decorilla

In addition to appropriate decor and color palette, another aspect exuding careful consideration is the room’s layout. The canopy bed complete with an elegant chandelier above feels luxuriously inviting, reminiscent of a high-end hotel suite. At the same time, the room’s spaciousness allowed for stepping away from convention. Therefore, by opting for a sofa instead of a classic bench at the foot of the bed, the designer created an independent seating area ideal for daytime rest. 

Coastal master bedroom ideas by Decorilla
Coastal master bedroom ideas by Decorilla

Balanced scenery plays an equally crucial role in the setup optimized for relaxation and comfort. Woven details and coastal artwork, for instance, add visual interest and personality. Light and airy fabrics similarly elevate the ocean-inspired spirit, while natural fibers promote an organic look. Meanwhile, quilts, throws, and pillows in smooth prints enhance the right atmosphere with an additional touch of beachside charm.  

Coastal Style Bedroom Shopping List

Coastal bedroom décor shopping list by Decorilla
Coastal bedroom décor shopping list by Decorilla

Whether crafting an entirely new space or breathing fresh life into existing surroundings, Decorilla’s streamlined process creates dream rooms for a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design. Besides the seasoned professionals creating perfect interior spaces made especially for you, there is also a shopping list filled with exclusive trade discounts. And to make it even more convenient, a complimentary white-glove shopping concierge takes care of every step, from ordering through delivery.

Top Picks for Coastal Master Bedroom Ideas

Check out a few of our favorite features inspired by the beauty of the coastline. These selections could help you create your own modern coastal-style bedroom reflecting the serene, calming atmosphere of the seaside.

Coastal style bedroom top picks by Decorilla
  1. Floor Vase Duo
  2. Nightstand
  3. Canopy Bed
  4. Table Lamp
  5. Wall Art
  6. Area Rug
  7. Drawer Dresser

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