Contemporary styling of a kitchen island by Decorilla

Ever wondered how to transform your kitchen from blah to wow? Kitchen styling is the secret ingredient you need. Read on for expert tips on how to style your kitchen to make your culinary corner uniquely yours.

What is Kitchen Styling?

Creative kitchen styling ideas by Decorilla
Timeless kitchen styling by Decorilla

At its core, kitchen styling is the art of personalizing and beautifying your home’s private Master Chef stage. It goes beyond mere functionality, weaving together colors, textures, and accessories to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Think of it as setting the backdrop for every culinary adventure and gathering in your home – resulting in a beautiful kitchen design.

Pro Tip: Style your kitchen with decor that fits your interior design style. Not sure what that is? Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

Kitchen Styling Ideas & Tips

Functional kitchen island styling ideas by Decorilla
Functional kitchen island by Decorilla

Kitchen styling transforms the heart of your home into a space that’s as beautiful as it is practical. So check out our designer’s top tips for ultimate kitchen inspiration.

1. Kitchen Palette: The Flavor of Colors and Textures

Fresh kitchen styling tips by Decorilla
Colorful kitchen design by Decorilla

Mixing and matching colors and textures can bring warmth and depth to your kitchen remodel and styling scheme. Soft pastel walls with bold, colorful accents in rugs or dishware add character while blending wood, metal, and glass creates an engaging atmosphere. Consider also using textured backsplashes or colorful appliances to infuse vibrancy and personality. 

Pro Tip: Choose finishes and materials that not only complement each other but also withstand the test of kitchen wear and tear.

2. Personal Touches: Your Kitchen, Your Story

Vibrant kitchen counter styling by Decorilla
Vibrant kitchen counter styling by Decorilla

Your kitchen should speak to you and about you, reflecting your lifestyle and history. Whether through family heirlooms, a quirky collection of mugs, or a board displaying the family’s weekly menu, these personal touches invite warmth into the space. Incorporate elements like a chalkboard for notes and quotes or display a rotating gallery of children’s artwork to keep the room lively and personal. 

Pro Tip: Use open shelving to showcase your favorite dishes or glassware, making everyday items part of the decor.

3. Functional Decor: The Beauty in Utility

How to style a kitchen guide by Decorilla
A timeless kitchen with hanging shelves by Decorilla

Opt for tools that match your kitchen’s style for a seamless blend of form and function. A striking knife set, for example, elegant storage jars or artisanal cutting boards, can all act as decor elements when not serving their purposes. In addition, appliances like a designer toaster or a sculptural coffee maker will enhance the overall aesthetic without compromising utility.

Pro Tip: Hang pots and pans from a ceiling rack to free up cabinet space, simultaneously giving the layout a professional touch.

4. Lighting: The Heartbeat of Ambiance

Streamlined kitchen lighting and styling design by Decorilla
Streamlined kitchen lighting design by Decorilla

Good lighting is non-negotiable in the kitchen. Consider fixtures that reflect the kitchen’s theme—modern, industrial, or classic—and place some of them strategically to showcase decorative elements. Layer your lighting to accommodate different activities and times of day, ensuring all areas are well-lit.

Pro Tip: Install separate control switches to adjust the lighting scheme as desired.

Counter the Dull: Kitchen Counter Styling

Classic kitchen island styling ideas by Decorilla
Classic kitchen island by Decorilla

The kitchen counter is your canvas, offering endless possibilities to blend utility with aesthetics. However, curate your decor carefully to avoid losing precious workspace. 

5. Clutter-Free Chic: The Art of Minimalism

Sleek kitchen styling by Decorilla
Sleek kitchen design by Decorilla

A clean counter is a stylish counter, so keep it spacious and open, adorned with just a few impactful tools. Meanwhile, use vertical storage solutions, such as wall-mounted shelves or magnetic knife strips, to keep essentials handy but off the countertop.  

Pro Tip: Keep counters clutter-free by incorporating an appliance garage – keeping frequently used items within reach, but out of sight.

6. Strategic Accessories: Less is More

Chic kitchen counter styling by Decorilla
Chic kitchen counters by Decorilla

Choose a handful of striking decorative items—a designer fruit bowl, an ornate soap dispenser, or a chic spice rack—to make a statement without crowding your workspace. This approach keeps the areas organized and allows each piece to stand out as part of the overall decor. Weigh each accessory’s visual balance and practicality, ensuring they serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Pro Tip: Consider rotating your decor seasonally to refresh the look of your kitchen without a full redesign.

7. Herb Gardens: A Dash of Life

Rustic countertop styling by Decorilla
Rustic countertop with potted spice herbs by Decorilla

An indoor herb garden not only infuses freshness into your dishes but also adds a vibrant splash of color to your kitchen. Place your herb garden near a window to ensure it gets enough sunlight, or employ grow lights if natural light is limited. Alternatively, use hanging planters to save counter space and introduce one more decorative element. 

Pro Tip: Aromatic herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary can enhance the kitchen’s aroma even when not used in cooking.

Stylishly Spacious: Kitchen Island Styling

Timeless how to style a kitchen advice by Decorilla
Timeless kitchen by Decorilla

Your kitchen island is more than just a workhorse; it’s a junction of activity and style. Here are a few designer-tested ideas for decorating your kitchen island.

8. Seating That Speaks: More Than Just a Place to Sit

Elegant kitchen counter styling scheme by Decorilla
Elegant kitchen scheme by Decorilla

Bar stools should be more than just seating; they should complement your kitchen’s aesthetic and invite conversation and camaraderie. Choose stools that match or contrast your kitchen’s design elements to enhance the overall vibe. Ensure they are comfortable and adjustable to accommodate all guests, simultaneously reinforcing the kitchen’s role as a social hub. 

Pro Tip: Opt for bar stools with backs and footrests to increase comfort during longer gatherings, and consider materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

9. Centerpieces That Work for You: Dual-Purpose Decor

Dynamic kitchen styling and design by Decorilla
Dynamic kitchen design by Decorilla

Centerpieces don’t have to just sit pretty. Go for elements that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes, enhancing the beauty of your space while providing something useful at arm’s reach. For instance, a bowl of seasonal fruits, a vase of fresh flowers, or an array of your favorite cookbooks can add both life and functionality to your island. 

Pro Tip: Change your centerpiece for different occasions to keep your kitchen feeling fresh or aligned with the time of year.

10. Brighten It Up: Illuminate and Accentuate

Modern kitchen island styling ideas by Decorilla
Modern kitchen island by Decorilla

A standout light fixture above your island can be a stylish focal point, tying the room together. Select a fixture that complements the architectural style of your kitchen while providing adequate lighting for all your cooking and socializing needs. Consider also combining dim switches and a series of smaller, coordinated lights for a subtle yet refined look.

Pro Tip: Explore unique designs or bold colors in lighting fixtures to make a statement.

Elevated Essentials: Kitchen Shelf Styling

Cozy kitchen shelf styling by Decorilla
Cozy kitchen shelf styling by Decorilla

Efficient use of space is critical in kitchen design. That’s why you should see shelves as prime real estate for showcasing your style while keeping essentials within reach.

11. Curated Collections: Thoughtfully Arranged

Bold kitchen styling by Decorilla
Bold kitchen by Decorilla

Group items strategically, mixing practical pieces with a few decorative objects. This curated approach to organizing your kitchen items will maximize space, at the same time turning everyday objects into part of the decor. It’s an easy yet stylish way to strike a balance between form and function. 

Pro Tip: Arrange items by color or theme to create visually appealing vignettes that also make finding things easier.

12. Artistic Displays: Lively Touches

Artistic kitchen styling by Decorilla
Artistic kitchen styling by Decorilla

Intersperse your kitchenware with small art pieces to inject personality and vibrancy into your shelving, breaking up the monotony. Curate a mix of mediums, such as ceramics, framed prints, or sculptural elements, to boost visual interest and reflect your sense of aesthetics. Place them also at varying heights to create depth and prevent the space from feeling flat.   

Pro Tip: For a fool-proof approach, pick art that reflects culinary themes or abstract designs that complement the kitchen’s color palette.

13. The Hidden Power of Negative Space: Embrace the Void

Modern streamlined kitchen styling scheme by Decorilla
Modern streamlined kitchen scheme by Decorilla

Resist the urge to fill every inch. Strategic empty space can make your kitchen feel more open and airy, giving each item some room to breathe. In addition, this minimalist approach can help highlight your favorite pieces and create a sense of calm and order.

Pro Tip: Use shelving of varying depths to play with perception, making the layering contribute to the overall narrative.

Kitchen Styling FAQs

Elegant kitchen shelf styling by Decorilla
Elegant kitchen shelf styling by Decorilla

Q: How do I style my kitchen?

A: Create a cohesive look by choosing a main color palette and theme. Then, add stylish hardware, decorative lighting, and organized displays.

Q: What is a kitchen stylist?

A: A kitchen stylist is an interior design professional who specializes in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of kitchen spaces, focusing on details like layout, finishes, and decor.

Q: How can I make my kitchen look professional?

A: Invest in high-quality appliances, maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace, and use uniform storage solutions for a streamlined appearance.

Q: How do I style my kitchen accessories?

A: Group similar items together, using trays or decorative containers to organize smaller objects.

Feeling inspired to style your kitchen but unsure where to start? 

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