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Kansas is renowned for its barbecues, museums, jazz heritage, and fountains. It may be lesser-known, but the city is every bit as full of creativity and noteworthy attractions as other major metros. From galleries to public installations and events, the cultural landscape is remarkable. It’s no wonder private spaces are just as extraordinary. Read on to learn about the top Kansas City interior designers behind some of the most impressive homes in Missouri.

Sara Noble

Top Kansas City interior designers Sara Noble

As the head of Noble Designs, Sara Noble continues to carry her firm to the top of interior design Kansas City. She thrives when working on new builds and large remodels during every stage, from plumbing to adding finishing touches. Her design perspective lies in having fun as Sara makes the process as enjoyable as it is effective. She loves green and gold, fretwork, Greek Key patterns, bows, and polka dots. These fun additions feature throughout her work without being overwhelming.

Best Kansas City interior designers Sara Noble

WHAT WE LOVE: Simple and elegant classic designs with modern twists.

Sarah McMinn

Best Kansas City interior designers Sarah McMinn

Sarah McMinn believes that constantly trying new forms and combinations is a road to becoming a better designer. In her own home, for instance, she changed the interior style from Scandinavian to farmhouse and then to boho. While exploring design that has personality and creativity, Sarah often finds herself turning to bohemian flair and statement pieces sourced from creatives worldwide. Furthermore, this commitment to design has helped Sarah become one of the top interior designers in Kansas City, MO.

Kitchen by one of the Kansas City interior designers and Decorilla designer, Sarah McMinn

Besides boho, Sarah finds an everlasting inspiration in the Nordic and industrial style. She also believes in combining different elements to achieve a perfect match for each individual client. Her eclectic approach to projects sometimes features elements of unique styles like English Country or Victorian Steampunk. Above all, she tends to bring comfort and peace to a home that guests will love to visit.

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Living room by one of the top interior designers in Kansas City and Decorilla designer, Sarah McMinn

WHAT WE LOVE: No matter how eclectic or boho, Sarah’s designs are always calm and elegant. In addition, she offers flexible and affordable design packages perfect for any sized budget. Love Sarah’s work? Then get started with her today!

Katy Cassaw

Top Kansas City interior designers Katy Cassaw

Katy Cassaw obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute in Colorado. Now, as a co-owner with a strong background in commercial design, she brings expertise and experience to Nest Interiors. Moreover, as one of the top interior decorators in Kansas City, Katy knows a home should reflect the owner. She goes so far as to ensure her designs translate her clients’ spirits into vivid, energetic spaces. This attention to detail has driven Katy’s firm to consistently win Best of Houzz Interior Designers Kansas City awards.

Best Kansas City interior designers Katy Cassaw

WHAT WE LOVE: Katy’s unique ways with colors that turn every interior into an experience.

Arlene Ladegaard

Top interior decorator Kansas City Arlene Ladegaard

Arlene Ladegaard discovered her passion for interior design as a young teenager. Today, she is an award-winning Kansas City interior designer who creates classic, timeless, yet fully livable spaces. With more than 40 years of experience, Arlene developed a unique sense of comfort and taste that is now incorporated into every interior she designs.  Her classic yet contemporary style is a mix of influences, primarily from the US and Switzerland. It is no wonder Arlene and her team are top rated among Houzz interior designers Kansas City.

Best interior decorator Kansas City Arlene Ladegaard

WHAT WE LOVE: Refined European flair that allows her to create impressive, one-of-a-kind spaces.

Karen Mills

Best Kansas City interior designers Karen Mills

Karen Mills is best known for her long-running celebrity design show, Living Large. It’s no surprise as she studied both interior design and radio/TV/film at the University of Kansas. Karen also pens an award-winning blog for interior design in Kansas City and acts as a brand spokesperson. Her life force, though, thrives on a passion for helping people improve their lives through extraordinary design experiences and healing, stress-free environments.

Top interior decorators Kansas City Karen Mills

WHAT WE LOVE: Transitional spaces with eclectic yet upscale refinement.

Erica Kay

Top Kansas City interior designers Erica Kay

Erica Kay Thowe combines sophisticated style with solid business practices to be among the top Kansas City interior designers. She is personally involved in all aspects of the remodeling and design process, to ensure that each client receives proper attention. After each of Erica’s finalized projects is a detailed and timeless interior. Known for stunning interiors, Erica strives to create spaces that reflect owners’ dreams and visions. As a result, her simple approach produces warm elegance, distinctive and welcoming homes.

Find an interior designer Erica Kay

WHAT WE LOVE: Erica’s sharp attention to detail in both modern and traditional designs.

Lisa Schmitz

Best Kansas City interior designers Lisa Schmitz

With artist grandparents, Lisa Schmitz’s life has always been filled with creativity. Consequently, her love of art became the central inspiration for her career. Now, with over 30 years’ experience, she boasts of countless successfully completed commercial, hospitality, and residential projects. However, Lisa currently focuses on luxury residential interior design in Kansas City. Her exceptional sense for scaling, layering, and styling allows for creating striking yet livable interiors that earn multiple awards.

Top interior design Kansas City Lisa Schmitz

WHAT WE LOVE: Incredibly lively dynamics and striking color combinations that form Lisa’s recognizable design signature.

Mark Sudermann

Find an interior designer Mark Sudermann

Mark Sudermann‘s commitment to great design and client satisfaction consistently results in the creation of diverse interior environments. These lush spaces range from traditional European to classic contemporary styles. Since his graduation from Atlanta College of Art in 1997, Mark has worked on residential interiors, custom home builds, and home renovations. Furthermore, his design philosophy lies in creating bonds with clients to create highly personalized spaces based on their unique tastes and lifestyles.

Top interior design Kansas City Mark Sudermann

WHAT WE LOVE: Elegant antiques and fine artwork that top-up Mark’s style with an added layer of refinement.

Shannan Slavens

Find an interior designer Shannan Slavens

Shannan Slaven’s career started in 1990, with a goal to satisfy the growing need for a full-scope designing process that covers every aspect, from beginning to the last piece of decor. Over three decades, Shannan has worked with many respected builders and won multiple awards, making her one of the best interior designers in Kansas City, MO. While working with clients on their home dream, she takes the time to listen and understand, which helps her to approach the creative process in the right way.

Top interior design Kansas City Shannan Slavens

WHAT WE LOVE: Shannan’s balance in customizing each space to speak to her client’s needs.

Michelle Ford

Top interior decorator Kansas City Michelle Ford

Michelle Ford‘s interior design career began in Kansas City with an opportunity to do an unconventional project for a family member. As a result, a part-time design business developed. Then, Michelle obtained an official interior design degree. Whatever the project, Michelle’s primary focus is always aimed at the client’s vision, lifestyle, and functional needs. Moreover, as one of the top Kansas City interior designers near you, she carries multiple awards for highly personalized spaces.

Top interior design Kansas City Michelle Ford

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophistication and comfort as an integral part of Michelle’s contemporary designs.

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