Jackson Hole interior design near me - Mariko K

Whether modernizing a traditional home or giving contemporary spaces a hint of rustic style, hiring the right professional is key. To help with the search, we’ve rounded up the top local Jackson Hole interior designers who can craft your dream home. Read on to learn more about each design firm and how they can fit your unique needs!

Jackson Hole Interior Design

Top interior designers near me - Mariko K
Living room by one of Decorilla‘s Jackson Hole interior designers, Mariko K.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, interior designers make this place a destination for the senses. Here, the interior spaces combine local traditions with modern innovation, evoking an unforgettable sense of place. Among many beautiful furnishings, local materials and decorations emphasize natural beauty while reflecting regional culture and identity. In turn, this mountain retreat maintains a distinctive character other places simply can’t match.

Tip: It’s vital to match Jackson Hole interior designers to your individual style. Fortunately, taking an interior design style quiz can pinpoint your style and help discover the perfect designer for you!

Best Jackson Hole Interior Designers

Cozy Jackson Hole interior design by Decorilla designer, Sharene M.

Jackson Hole is home to some of the top creative professionals in the nation. Its stunning environment offers much to those seeking a high-end interior design, from cozy living spaces to sprawling ski lodges and luxurious entertainment spots. Jackson Hole interior designers understand how important it is to create an environment that looks amazing while reflecting each client’s unique tastes. So let’s explore what such an abundant local scene has to offer.

Rush Jenkins

Top Jackson Hole interior designers - Rush Jenkins

Rush Jenkin’s unparalleled design skills stem from his deep connection to nature, cultivated at an early age. Growing up on a picturesque family farm in Idaho amidst the majestic Teton Mountain Range set the foundation for his later pursuits.

After earning a degree, Rush moved overseas to hone his skills further – studying art direction at the prestigious Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. His heart finally brought him back to the American West, where he and Klaus Baer found WRJ Design, a Jackson Hole interior design company.  

Rush Jenkins, Jackson Hole interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Skillful combinations of art and architecture that craft serene retreats.

Decorilla Jackson Hole Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near you

Decorilla Jackson Hole interior designers near you simplify the design process, making it accessible and enjoyable. This versatile platform provides access to some of the leading professionals right at your fingertips, whether you’re looking for a quick decor update or a full renovation. From traditional to modern –  no matter the project style – you can expect stunning results and flawless execution of your vision.

Mid-century modern Jackson Hole interior design by Darya N
Mid-century modern Jackson Hole interior design by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

With an expansive range of services from expert creative masters in the area, you can trust that even the most unusual ideas can be executed flawlessly. High-resolution 3D visualizations allow the clients to fully immerse themselves in their dream rooms before taking the plunge.

In addition, each package includes a custom shopping list featuring unbeatable discounts on gorgeous furniture and decor. Finally, a white glove concierge takes care of the ordering and shipping part, making the process more easier than ever.

Contemporary Jackson Hole interior design by Courtney B
Contemporary home by one of Decorilla‘s top Jackson Hole interior designers, Courtney B.

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla Jackson Hole interior designers are ready to take your dream project and make it a reality with breathtaking results. And if you want to start a project right away, you can!

Kate Binger

Top Jackson Hole interior designers - Kate Binger

Jackson Hole interior designer, Kate Binger is passionate about providing her clients with artfully crafted spaces reflective of their lifestyles. Kate’s unique design process creates personalized spaces that grow with a client. She melts their tastes and experiences with her creative vision and hands-on approach, fostering a meaningful connection.

Kate works alongside other professionals throughout every project phase until completion, allowing for successful results driven by companionship instead of chaos.

Jackson Hole interior design - Kate Binger

WHAT WE LOVE: Kate draws from various sources, including local artisans and craftspeople, to cultivate unique, eclectic spaces.

Melinda Shirk Dorion

Melinda Shirk Dorion, Jackson Hole interior designer

Melinda Shirk Dorion is a designer and half of the creative couple behind the Jackson Hole interior design firm, Elevated Living. Pamela and Melinda have been a visionary powerhouse since 2005, right after Melinda obtained her degree in design. Her specialties include facility management, space planning, and custom millwork.

Furthermore, Melinda went the extra mile by becoming LEED-AP certified for green building practices. In addition, as an active member of Wyoming’s US Green Building Council, she helps build better environments by using eco fabrics and improving indoor air quality standards.

Melinda Shirk Dorion, Jackson Hole interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: This talented designer’s passion for sustainability and eco-design. 

Elisa Chambers

One of the best interior designers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Elisa Chambers

Trust and transparency are essential to capturing the spirit behind every Elisa Chambers design. At Snake River Interiors, this Jackson Hole interior designer and therapist directs a creative process that goes beyond drafts on paper or screens. It grows from meaningful dialogue between the designer and client to bring any concept to life.

Elisa prides herself in being detail-oriented, ensuring no opportunity is missed or stone unturned when transforming a house into a perfect abode.

Interior by one of the best Jackson Hole interior designers - Elisa Chambers

WHAT WE LOVE: A playful approach where utility meets beauty to convey spaces as multi-dimensional as the clients themselves.

Kari Whitman

Jackson Hole Wyoming interior designers - Kari Whitman

Kari Whitman has been creating awe-inspiring spaces since before founding her own company in 1994. This Jackson Hole interior designer’s expertise gracefully spans between residential and commercial projects, from luxurious celebrity estate homes and chic boutique hotels to expansive developments.

Her global travels keep her design eye sharp, constantly seeking the newest trends in luxury interior decor. Kari is dedicated to providing her customers with tailored, high-end services, ensuring they reach their desired interior design outcomes.

Kari Whitman, Jackson Hole interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Kari’s signature style, “eclectic self-expressionism,” combines vintage touches with modern materials for both beauty and functionality.

Terry Trauner

Jackson Hole Wyoming interior designers - Terry Trauner

Terry Trauner is an established name among Jackson Hole, Wyoming, interior designers, with eighteen years of entrepreneurial experience. She takes pride in building her Trauner Fay Designs on the foundation of honesty, integrity, and superior customer service.

Terry engages in every aspect of the creative process, from connecting with clients concerning their visions and desires to liaising with vendors, suppliers, shippers, and banks behind the scenes. Her goal is ensuring all details are attended to flawlessly, delivering stellar results to every client.

Terry Trauner, Jackson Hole Wyoming interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Terry’s mission is to provide personalized attention in every aspect of each project, from creative design to practical logistics.  

Patricia Kennedy

Best Jackson Hole interior designers - Patricia Kennedy

With over two decades of global experience, Patricia Kennedy has traveled from the fashion capitals of Paris and Tokyo to her current home in Jackson Hole. Drawing inspiration from ancient Eastern philosophies such as Zen, Feng Shui, and Wabi-Sabi, she also gained extensive expertise working with iconic brands like Chanel, Dior, and Lacroix.

In addition, Patricia developed a unique design approach that merges sustainability principles with biophilic elements for a holistic living space. This passion is embodied by Rendezvous Design, her Jackson Hole interior design firm featured at the 2022 Western Design Designer Show House.

Jackson Hole interior design by Patricia Kennedy

WHAT WE LOVE: Creative blends of old and new, streamlined and eclectic, that convey a distinctive atmosphere in return. 

Lisa Jane Spray

Best Jackson Hole interior designers - Lisa Jane Spray

Lisa Jane Spray is an ambitious, well-rounded Jackson Hole interior designer. She studied at one of the leading interior design schools in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, Lisa knows that undergoing a home build or renovation can be an arduous task. For that reason, she employs her aptitude and enthusiasm to make the process enjoyable for the clients.

Firmly believing everyone should have the satisfaction of inhabiting their ideal space, she turns dreams into reality through creative design solutions. 

Interior designers near me - Lisa Jane

WHAT WE LOVE: Lisa’s approach to design is a place of creativity, abundant positivity, and an atmosphere where fun thrives.

Julie Cavanaugh

Best Jackson Hole interior designers - Julie Cavanaugh

Julie Cavanaugh‘s journey began in the dynamic environments of the Midwest and East Coast. It sparked a lifelong passion for decoration, architecture, and creation, sowing the seeds of her impressive interior design career.

Bringing a creative problem-solving approach to spatial relationships, Julie fearlessly blends color, texture & scale. As a result, she delivers interiors characterized by both form and function as well as eye-catching beauty. This signature style earned Julie her own term – “Livable Luxury.”

Julie Cavanaugh, Jackson Hole interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: A combination of full-service firm and showroom, turning ordinary rooms into breathtaking spaces.

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[Feature image: Decorilla designer, Mariko K.]