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Just a few minutes of browsing living rooms on Pinterest and Instagram will have anyone green with interior envy. Yet, to create such a beautiful space in your own home is easier than you think – especially with one or two tricks of the trade. Today we’re giving you secrets that top interior designers swear by. Discover these 20 interior design tips below and take your home to the next level!

Interior Design Tips on Practicality

interior design tips for color scheme decorilla
Contemporary living room design by Decorilla online interior designer Katerina P.

1) Follow a Color Scheme

First, above all else, is choosing a color scheme for your home. Pick no more than five colors. A balanced interior typically consists of three hues: dominant, secondary, and accent. You can base these on which tones make you feel good, or even those you like to wear. With planning, even pink home decor can be stunning! When you design your room, allot 60 percent to the primary color, 30 percent to the secondary color, and 10 percent to the accent color. But feel free to change this ratio as you see fit. If you’re unsure about where to start, try a well-known scheme like monochromatic, analogous, or complementary.

2) Measure Before Buying

In truth, your interior not only depends on prettiness but also on practicality. So, make sure that whatever you want to buy will physically fit the space you have in mind.

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Transitional living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Wanda P.

3) Plan Art Placement

Map out your artwork before you hit a nail into the wall. First, arrange the art pieces on the floor until you find a layout that you’re happy with. Second, create templates for each piece and stick those with masking type to the wall. Now you can mark and install nails and put up your art collection.

4) Hang Art Correctly

Make sure your artwork is at the correct height, especially with solo pieces or a series in a straight line. Ideally, the middle of the main artwork should be eye-level (approximately 57” from the floor). Remember to measure from the artwork’s back fitting cord and not the top of its frame.

decorilla interior design tips scandinavian living room
Eclectic living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Sonia C.

5) Perfect Rug Placement

A no-fuss interior design tip to apply in any room, from the bedroom to lounge, is simply putting your rug in the correct position. In a large room, for instance, place the rug underneath the front legs of the sofa. And accompanying furniture should touch or hover on the rug as well. If in doubt, remember that big rugs are always better.

6) Play with Layout

If there is one interior design tip to live by in 2022, it’s that changing your layout can make all the difference. Try a few layouts. Move everything around until you’re satisfied. Attempt even the crazy ones. This will help you to see what could work in your space. But start the furniture shuffle with the biggest pieces, like a sofa, first!

Modern Interior Design Tips on Lighting

living room interior design tips

7) Layer Light

Light can make your home pop! So, get it right by adding three levels of lighting: tasks, ambient, and accent. This is one of the modern interior design tips perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Not only is layered light functional, but it also adds depth and atmosphere.

8) Think Light Bulb Tone

When it comes to lighting, the final point to consider is a light bulb’s color temperature. You’ll have to choose between soft white, cool white, and daylight. Cooler hues have a higher Kelvin reading and are ideal for offices but can make a reading nook feel stark. On the other hand, warmer lighting has a lower Kelvin reading and can make a room feel cozy. Which works best for you depends on the function of your room.

mid century modern kitchen design decorilla
Mid-century modern kitchen design by Decorilla online interior designer, Scott T.

9) Add a Pendant Light

Making a statement on a budget couldn’t be easier. Updating light fixtures is one of the tried and tested clever interior design tips designers swear by. Often pendants are used as accent lighting and are very impressive. By simply adding a beautiful statement light you boost the visual value of your home tenfold.

10) Use Mirrored Light

Double natural light from a window by placing a large mirror on the opposite wall. You can also maximize artificial light by adding depth with reflective surfaces. A polished metal side table below a table lamp is perfect!

Interior Design Tips on Scale for 2022

bedroom 3d rendering decorilla
Contemporary bedroom interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Rajna S.

11) Upsize Your Curtains

Curtains can make a room feel big and grand. In fact, just by installing your window dressing closer to the ceiling and using a broader curtain rod, the room will feel taller and more luxurious than it is.

12) Try the Magic Throw Pillow Equation

Sometimes it may feel like no matter how you arrange your throw pillows, they just don’t work. But as one of the interior design tips we swear by, the throw pillow equation works every time.

First, place two large (20-inch) pillows in each corner of your sofa. Then add two medium-sized (16-inch) scatters and end with a small lumbar pillow to balance the design. For a harmonious look, choose one bold pattern (large pillows), a solid color (medium pillows), and a subtle coordinating pattern (small pillow).

eclectic living room design tips
Eclectic living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Nicolle E.

13) Mix ‘n Match Scale

Supersizing makes an instant statement. And one that demands attention. Lamps, mirrors, and chandeliers are versatile and won’t take up too much space if you want to play with scale.

14) Fake Height

Use decorating secrets to gain visual height in your home. Vertical lines from tall, slim furniture or wallpaper can make a ceiling look higher than it is. Of course, this is yet another of the interior design tips of 2022 that can make a home feel luxuriously expansive.

Clever Interior Design Tips 2022

modern bedroom design ideas
Modern bedroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Vale G.

15) Add Inspirational Pattern

Patterns makes the design world go round! Every season brings new textile designs even prettier than the ones before. These bold, bright motifs can instantly update and uplift a tired interior. Besides, a cute pattern brings lightness into a room.

16) Paint Can Fix (Almost) Anything

You can transform almost anything with a bit of paint. In fact, a new color is one of the core remodeling ideas that can give a home a quick refresh. But ensure that you have the correct paint and hue for the job. Some furniture pieces will need a base coat before you can add the finish you want. And to make sure you have the best color for a wall, test the color you want in three different shades first.

17) Look Up! Ceilings Matter

We often forget that we have another surface, ready for customization – the ceiling! Make a splash with a bold navy blue, or even a large-format paisley pattern. But make sure to balance the room by complementing the daring ceiling design with toned-down pieces on the ground.

Inexpensive Interior Design Tips for the Living Room & Bedroom

interior design tips for decor

18) Mix Up Décor

Before overhauling your entire home, start with a budget-friendly decor update. For instance, update your throw pillows, artwork arrangement, lampshades, and smaller décor pieces. When done right, small changes can make all the difference. Plus, it’s one of the budget-friendly interior design tips!

19) Find the Beauty in Eyesores

Did you know that you could stop the fight with eyesores by celebrating them? Drawing attention to an oddity is also an inexpensive way to create an interesting focal point. Some parts of a home, especially a rental, can’t be changed. But it’s never too late to transform something unsightly into a stunning feature with a decorator trick.

Instead of trying to figure out what to do with unwanted pipes or HCVA air ducts, spruce them up with a splash of paint. The same goes for odd nooks or architectural details. These you can turn into a beautiful space to show off your favorite artwork or trendy wallpaper. Most importantly, work with what you have. Once you follow more clever interior design tips like this, creating a home you truly love will come easily!

20) Just Add Plants

Greenery not only purifies the air, but it also livens up a room. Plus, it’s inexpensive. Which means that you can chop and change your plants to suit the season.

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