A living room full of interior design presents and luxurious modern furniture and holiday ornaments by West Elm

Did you know – holiday shopping for interior design lovers can be easy? We admit looking for perfect gifts for the creative type is trying at times, but a little help makes the process next to painless. All you need is this curated list of the top interior design presents. Read on for stress-free seasonal shopping for the design lovers on your list!

Tips for Buying Interior Design Presents

Cozy interior design presents
Cozy living and dining with interior design presents by Decorilla designer, Fares N.

Before plunging into great interior design gift ideas, consider the person you want to gift. Their style, home needs, and available space will guide you toward getting them a present they’ll really appreciate. Think of the person or people you want to get interior design gifts for, and go through the tips below.

  • Pinpoint Their Home Style

The simplest way to get an idea of someone’s style is to look at their home and fashion choices. You can get an idea of the colors they like and whether they prefer minimal or maximal trends. Another way is to ask them but if it’s too direct, rather ask for their thoughts on decor for your home. People tend to be focused on their likes and will recommend what they deem beautiful.

  • Be Mindful of Their Interior Needs or Wants

When friends or family mention things they’d like to change or need in their home, take note. For those you’re not so close to, opt for items no one can ever have enough of, like decorative candles or serveware.

Gifts for interior design lovers in the form of luxury ornaments for a glam living room
Glam living room with interior design ornaments by Decorilla designer Marthe L.
  • Establish Their Free Space

Walls, countertops, and floors all count. However, remember not to overwhelm your loved one’s home with something bulky if floor space is limited. For loved ones who are moving house, it’s best to keep to mini pieces or a gift certificate.

  • Unsure? Opt for Minimal

Your presents don’t have to be large. In fact, you can stick to delicate interior design ornaments or an e-design gift card. Interior design services come in many forms, from consultation or on-hand services to room-by-room design.

1. Artwork as Interior Design Gifts

Wall art as interior design gifts

Art brings value into a home on two levels: firstly, it gives arty love to empty walls, and secondly, it can increase value over time as an investment. Besides, hanging art is one of the best gifts for interior design lovers short on floor space. Boutique art and stationery vendors, like Minted, connect customers to individual artists’ work. Artists submit their products, and customers can browse the online store and buy any creative piece that grabs their attention.


That Minted caters to every style, which makes finding interior design gifts easy. They stock anything from realistic to abstract art, delicate line sketches,  and photography, as a range of interior design ornaments.

2. Interior Design Gift Certificate

Online interior design gift certificate results by Decorilla designer Berkeley H.
Online interior design gift certificate results by Decorilla designer Berkeley H.

Gifts for interior design lovers can’t get any better than a luxury design service. With a Decorilla interior design gift certificate, the lucky receiver has a chance to make their home ambitions come to life. To get started, you need to select the room/s for the voucher and the interior designer’s experience level.

Still wondering which interior design present is right for your loved one? Click here to Schedule a Free Consultation to have one of our experts customize a gift card for you today! 

Online interior design moodboard by Decorilla interior designer Berkeley H
Online interior design moodboard by Decorilla interior designer, Berkeley H.
Decorilla shopping list included in interior design gift cards
Decorilla shopping list included in interior design gift cards

After that, your loved one will get interior design moodboards in their chosen style from two experienced online interior designers. Their chosen designer will continue working with them and provide realistic 3D renderings of their new room/s, a detailed floor plan, a shopping list with direct links to the products plus exclusive furniture discounts, and a helpful implementation guide.

Interior design gift card final results by Decorilla interior designer Berkeley H.
Interior design gift card final results by Decorilla interior designer, Berkeley H.


An interior design gift certificate gives loved ones the most freedom of all the interior design presents. Your loved one can dictate what their design must look like, eliminating the risk of picking something that doesn’t fit their home. Plus, they will be walking away with a whole new look for their interior.

Decorilla interior design gift certificate

3. Greenery & Interior Design Ornaments

potted plants with message tabs as interior design gifts

Great on their own and even better paired with e-gifts, plants are hassle-free interior design presents. You can grab mood-boosting greenery when you’re in a rush or out of ideas and still be sure it’ll put a smile on someone’s face. The Sill makes gift shopping even simpler with an online nursery. You can choose live or faux plants, pots, accessories, and plant care products – everything you need in one place.

Keep in mind that plants also have symbolism attached to them. The snake plant, for instance, is associated with cleanliness and tenacity, a spider plant with mindfulness, and an air plant with freedom and creativity.


Interior design gifts from The Sill can help purify the air. That’s pretty impressive. Living plants not only look great in a beautiful pot, but they also produce oxygen, improve your mood, and lower fatigue. Those that work exceptionally well in interiors are succulents, orchids, ferns, and snake plants.

4. Blanket Ladder Perfection

rustic wood and sleek metal blanket ladders interior design gift ideas

Give loved ones’ blankets,  throws, or even the stunning quilt that’s been spending its days in the closet a home. The rungs on a blanket ladder stow lovely throws when they’re not in use while keeping them near when needed. Rustic ladders are not only a convenient storage solution but they also double as delightful interior design ornaments that add a rustic yet creative touch to a room.


Interior design presents don’t have to be just pretty. The blanket ladders, for instance, can make a room feel taller than it is, due to the combination of their tall legs and short rungs.

5. Sculptural Carafes & Decanters

Master glassware decanters as gifts for interior design lovers

A sculptural carafe or decanter could be just the thing for that friend with the home bar. Craftsman pitchers, like those from Crate and Barrel, make great gifts for interior design lovers and wine lovers alike. Master glassblowers and makers craft sophisticated mixed-material bottles that stand out from the rest to become truly showstopper pieces.


The sleek glassware shows that interior design gifts can be both elegant and functional. The combination of masterly formed glass, metal, wood, and leather is sure to have one lucky person weak at the knees.

6. Board Game Fun for the Family

Wooden monopoly as an interior design present

Games may not come to mind when you’re thinking of the top gifts for interior design lovers. But one look at this luxury board game by Pottery Barn will change that. This monopoly set is encased in a wood cabinet that features drawers and a faux-leather playing surface. Its sleek but sturdy design makes this set durable and an eye-swoon rather than an eyesore.


Interior design gift ideas are limitless, as this luxury board game proves. It reminds us that anything that can go into an interior can be stunning and add visual value to a home.

7. Interior Design Gift Ideas for Dinnertime

serving ware as interior design gifts

Few things feel chicer than handsome serveware. Without a doubt, appetizers, cheeses, and salads look even more delectable in pretty platters and bowls. The wonderful thing about this artful display is you don’t have to be a seasoned host to enjoy them. Using them to serve tapas to the family is just as pleasing. For this reason, serving ware make lovely gifts for all interior design lovers. And when not in use, these arty pieces can adorn open shelves in the kitchen.


We adore Crate and Barrel’s serveware collections, especially the slate serving plates and marble set – including a serving board with a glass dome, salt and pepper holders, and cheese tool utensils. Grouping sets together certainly makes finding interior design presents so much easier.

8. One of a Kind Throws  

interior design ornaments like throws make great presents for the holidays

Gifting a throw is giving coziness and the opportunity to mix things up at next to no effort. A vintage throw or blanket can refresh an interior, especially when it has a beautiful texture, sparkle, or color. To find unique pieces, browse through catalogs from small businesses, like Sister Golden. Their inventory is full of inimitable throws, flower art, tapestries, and rugs.


The mother and daughter duo collect not only middle eastern textiles but also curate interior design ornaments, like holiday décor, jewelry and create nonpareil flower art. If you’re looking for a one-stop for all your interior design gifts, Sister Golden is a good start.

9. Light the Season with Statement Lamps

Statement table lamps for interior design presents

Like moths, we’re drawn to pretty things that sparkle or glow. More so, when the light comes from an attractive candle. But for this holiday season, you can go one step further than a typical candle with a statement lamp. Because a lamp must suit the receiver’s home and style, it’s better for someone you know well, for instance, a close friend or family member.


Wayfair’s table lamps range from traditional to zany; there is a gift for every taste. We are particularly fond of the giraffe lamp, with its head peeking out from the top of the lampshade. This eclectic piece is undoubtedly a conversation starter and can even make the perfect addition to a man cave. If all else fails, it’ll be great in the kid’s room.

10. Perfectionists’ Home Organizers

organizational gifts for interior design lovers

Gifts for interior design lovers can be practical and functional above being a pretty present. Where better to start than the entryway? With a mail and key organizer, one person on your shopping list can designate a place for their keys and add wall decor in their foyer. Pottery Barn has a range of organizers sure to whip mail and key-organization into shape.


Key and mail organizers come with blackboard surfaces perfect for making daily to-do lists. What’s more, key hooks can double as coat hooks.

Give the Gift of Beautiful Interior Design

Still searching for the ultimate interior design present? Then Schedule a Free Consultation to have a design expert customize an interior design gift card package just for you!

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