Interior design packages by Decorilla

Ever found yourself dreaming of a magazine-worthy home makeover but felt overwhelmed by where to start or how much it might cost? You’re not alone—but here’s the good news. Interior design packages are the game-changer in home makeovers, offering a straightforward path to transforming your space without the guesswork of hourly fees.

What Are Interior Design Packages?

Tailored, unique interior design packages by Decorilla
Contemporary living room design by Decorilla

Interior design packages are comprehensive services offered at a fixed rate, covering everything from initial consultations and concept development to final styling touches. Unlike traditional design services that bill by the hour, these packages provide a full suite of services under one price tag. This approach greatly simplifies the process, making professional interior design accessible and predictable in terms of cost.

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Not Cookie Cutter Solutions

Living room interior design packages by Decorilla
Living room interior design by Decorilla

Interior design packages are pre-arranged, but that doesn’t mean you will get a cookie-cutter design! Bundled together at a fixed price, the services range from basic consultations to complete design and execution. However, the design itself is entirely unique. Each package is tailored to meet different needs, styles, design ideas, and budget levels, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Are Interior Design Packages for You?

Retro-inspired kitchen by Decorilla

Absolutely, if you want to enhance your living or working spaces but would rather dodge the complexities of design choices and project management. Choosing a fixed-price package gives you the advantage of a transparent and predictable design process, where the scope of work, deliverables, and total cost are defined upfront. 

Living room e-design packages by Decorilla
Living room design by Decorilla

This approach gives you peace of mind regarding uncertainty and potential cost overruns while providing budget control and quality. It offers convenience and value as opposed to organizing every detail independently, which can be time-consuming and often more expensive. 

Benefits of Interior Design Packages

Professional e-design packages by Decorilla
Transitional glam bedroom design by Decorilla

Interior design packages represent not only a cost-effective solution but also a commitment to delivering a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment tailored to your preferences.

Streamlined Process 

One-of-a-kind interior design packages for clients by Decorilla
Eclectic lounge by Decorilla

One of the biggest perks of interior design packages is the efficiency of a streamlined process. With a clear roadmap from start to finish, there’s no second-guessing what step comes next, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable design journey.


Eclectic living room interior design packages by Decorilla
Eclectic living room interior design by Decorilla

Interior design package pricing is upfront and transparent, making it easier to fund and avoid unexpected costs. This transparency allows better budget management and often results in significant savings compared to traditional billing methods.

Discerning interior design packages by Decorilla
Discerning interior design solutions by Decorilla

In addition, some providers, such as Decorilla, include extra benefits. Exclusive trade discounts on everything included in the interior design service package, for instance, make the pricing even more valuable.

Professional Expertise at Your Service 

Distinctive interior design packages tailored to clients by Decorilla
Distinctive interior design packages tailored to clients by Decorilla

Interior design packages grant access to professional designers’ expertise and resources, ensuring your space looks great but is also functional and cohesive. This expert touch can elevate your home far beyond common DIY efforts.

Customized to Your Tastes

Statement bathroom interior design packages by Decorilla
Statement bathroom interior design by Decorilla

Despite the fixed pricing, customization is at the heart of these packages. Designers work closely with you to tailor designs to your tastes, needs, and lifestyles, creating personalized spaces that reflect their inhabitants. In that way, interior design packages for clients are no different from conventional interior design. 

Time-Saving Solutions

Living room interior design service packages by Decorilla
Living room interior design by Decorilla

By entrusting your project to a professional, you save countless hours researching, shopping, and coordinating tradespeople. The designer handles the heavy lifting, from concept to completion, turning your vision into reality quickly and efficiently.

Interior Design Packages Examples

Cohesive whole house e-design packages by Decorilla
Cohesive whole-house design by Decorilla

Decorilla is a popular interior design service offering various package options for different client needs. The e-design packages range from primary consultations to comprehensive design solutions, each with unique features and benefits.

To mention a few:

  • You get to choose between two expert design solutions instead of one.
  • You can work with the designer to customize and perfect the design within the same interior design package pricing: no additional cost per hour.
  • You get a tailored shopping list with exclusive trade discounts that often top up the price of e-design packages.
  • You can enjoy the complimentary white-glove concierge delivering everything to your door.

Interior Design Pricing: Packages & Tiers

Dining room e-design packages by Decorilla
Dining room interior design by Decorilla

Decorilla offers a fresh, stress-free approach, ensuring clients receive a room they love without the traditional hassle. The interior design package pricing model is transparent and client-friendly, offering several service tiers to meet various needs and budgets. 


Home office interior design packages by Decorilla
Home office interior design by Decorilla

You can choose between three distinct tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each provides concepts from two designers, with the level of experience and industry recognition increasing from Bronze to Gold. This tiered approach determines the grade of expertise you prefer for your project, ensuring a package that fits the requirements. 


Luxury patio interior design packages by Decorilla
Luxury patio interior design by Decorilla

The packages cover everything from residential to business/office design, ranging from a single-room interior to comprehensive, coherent solutions for houses and patios. They also include extensive professional advice and follow-up assistance, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Clients benefit from skilled phone and email support throughout the process, reinforcing Decorilla’s commitment to a seamless and enjoyable design experience.

Stylishly eclectic formal e-design packages by Decorilla
Stylishly eclectic formal e-design by Decorilla

However, some projects may require more specialized attention or extended support. For these cases, there is also Platinum Interior Design Service. This flexibility is handy if you decide that you want complex, in-depth design work, providing a tailored approach that goes beyond standard offerings.

FAQs About Interior Design Packages

contemporary bedroom design by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom design by Decorilla

Q: How do I choose the right package for my project? 

A: Consider the scope of your project, your budget, and how much assistance you need. A consultation can also help determine which interior design pricing package or tier fits you best.

Q: Can I customize elements within a package? 

A: Absolutely. While the services included are fixed, the design itself is fully customizable to match your preferences and requirements.

Q: Does interior design packages’ pricing make them worth it for small projects?  

A: Yes, even for small projects or single rooms, these packages can provide significant value, ensuring your space is maximized in both function and style.

Q: How do I get started with an interior design package? 

A: Begin by researching reputable companies offering these services. Look at package options, their portfolio of work, and customer reviews to find a match for your design vision and budget.

Ready to elevate your home with professional interior design packages? 

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