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Detroit is a city renowned for creativity, as much as entrepreneurship. The local scene has a lot to offer, besides being a birthplace of mass production in the United States. There’s College for Creative Studies, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and an annual Month of Design, all making their mark on the vivid local design scene. Decorilla is lucky enough to work with a few of the local interior design stars and also loves to keep an eye out for other talent across the city, from Midtown to West Village and beyond. Read on for the 10 top Detroit interior designers you need to know about.

Rachel A. Nelson

Top Detroit interior designers Rachel A Nelson

It was grandparents who determined Rachel Nelson‘s designer destiny from a very young age. They recognized her aptitude towards the artsy side, and encouraged its development. Soon after, she learned to paint and dance and, more importantly, to be self-conscious. Rachel earned her BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Art History from Kendall College of Art & Design. Today her and her firm are a top rated Houzz interior designer in Detroit, winning 2x Best of Houzz.

Top interior design firms Detroit Rachel A Nelson

WHAT WE LOVE: Rachel’s way to accentuate, and her eye for colors.

Rachel Hinz

Top Detroit interior designers Rachel Hinz

As a little girl, Rachel Hinz entertained herself by putting her visions and perspectives of interior spaces on a paper. Subsequently, before the time for college she was already sure that interior design was the ultimate path for her career. After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, Rachel established her own design business, focused on residential and commercial fields.

Modern Rustic family room by top Detroit interior decorator Rachel H.
Modern rustic family room by Decorilla and top Detroit interior decorator, Rachel H.

As one of the top Detroit interior designers, Rachel takes pride in her ability to find a solution to any problem. She certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when looking to hire an interior designer. She also enjoys the transitional approach as an opportunity to mix different styles together into a timeless cohesion. With a keen eye for design and attention to detail, Rachel transforms spaces, making them alluring as much as functional.

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Elegant living room by top Detroit interior designer Rachel H
Elegant living room by Decorilla and top Detroit interior designer, Rachel H.
WHAT WE LOVE: Harmony and balance in Rachel’s designs, in addition to her accessibility and affordability. Love Rachel’s work? Get started with her today!

Armina Kasprowicz

Top interior design Detroit Armina Kasprowicz

Armina Kasprowicz incorporates design and architectural inspiration from her travels into beautiful, livable spaces that fit clients’ lifestyles. Inspired as a teenager by colorful, gorgeous photos from interior design magazines, she decided to pursue a career in the fields of graphic and interior design. Armina established her own Detroit design firm in 2008, with a focus primarily on large-scale residential projects. Now you can find her as a top-rated Houzz interior designer Detroit.

Top interior design firms Detroit Armina Kasprowicz

WHAT WE LOVE: Armina’s sensibility and friendliness in design, that makes the house feel like home.

Patrick Thompson

Top Detroit interior designers Patrick Thompson

With artist father and art historian mother, Patrick Thompson’s creative path was written in his blood. While pursuing a degree in historic preservations, he engaged in carpentry, working closely with homeowners and architects. After graduating, he continued with carpentry, finally deciding to move to Chicago, return to school and pursue his true passion. He received a fine arts degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design and has been creating unique ambiances ever since.

Top interior design firms Detroit Patrick Thompson

WHAT WE LOVE: Patrick’s attention to detail, which adds a lot of dynamics to both traditional and modern designs.

Lisa Backus

Top Detroit interior designers Lisa Backus

Detroit interior designer Lisa Backus achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Michigan State University’s accredited program. Lisa describes herself as fiercely dedicated to interior design in Detroit, with a constant hunger for growth, love for spreading design knowledge, and a general obsession with all things interiors. After ten years of experience as an interior decorator in Detroit, Lisa fulfilled a dream of starting her own studio, Design Bar Detroit. Her scope of work focuses on the commercial and residential domains.

Top interior design firms Detroit Lisa Backus

WHAT WE LOVE: Purity, clean lines, as well as sophisticated accentuating.

Bob Kraemer

Top Detroit interior designers Bob Kraemer

Bob Kraemer is one of the top Detroit interior designers near you, but also an architect, historic expert, and avid listener. He is known for his award-winning design, accompanied by outside-the-box thinking, valuable insights, and fresh approaches to clients’ needs. Bob is also the principal and co-founder of Kraemer Design Group, one of the most innovative architecture and interior design firms in Detroit. Having it proclaimed “the best place for work” multiple times in various categories is something he considers the proudest achievement.


WHAT WE LOVE: Playful and colorful designs, that are stylish and functional.

Cheryl Nestro

Top Detroit interior designers Cheryl Nestro

Cheryl Nestro takes a holistic approach to design. She begins the process at the conceptual stage, giving careful consideration to every decision to develop the best solutions. Combining functionality with exquisite style, creativity, and unsurpassed attention to detail, she then creates fluid and livable spaces. Cheryl is also the principal and creative director at Tutto Interiors, a multifaceted, full-service interior design firm in Detroit with 48 design awards and high standards for luxury interiors.


WHAT WE LOVE: Poise, refinement, and symmetry that characterize true luxury.

Amy Pariser

Top Detroit interior designers Amy Pariser

Amy Pariser attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and a minor in English. Inspired by her late grandmother’s travels, style, and sensibility, she turned to design, earning a Master of Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. Amy pours herself into researching and producing thoughtful creative concepts which has landed her among the top of interior design in Detroit.

Top interior design Detroit Amy Pariser

WHAT WE LOVE: Amy’s skills to incorporate eclectic details into a harmonious unity.

Charles Dunlap

Top Detroit interior designers Charles Dunlap

Charles Dunlap holds a BFA from Wayne State University. He is also a passionate traveler, whose exposure to various cultures, styles, and materials returns in a fresh perspective to the spaces he creates. As a result, these sophisticated designs seamlessly blend function, aesthetics, and character, tailored for modern busy professionals. Charles creates intuitive and organic environments, utilizing technology to remove the stress and time demands from the design process. As a result, he is now one of the top interior decorators in Detroit, MI.

Top interior design firms Detroit Charles Dunlap

WHAT WE LOVE: Charles’s skill to put together apparently unmatchable units and turn them to a cohesive whole.

Leighanne LaMarre

Top Detroit interior designers Leighanne LaMarre

Leighanne LaMarre received her interior design degree from Eastern Michigan University. Soon after, she got an opportunity to work for a prestigious design company in Ann Arbor, MI, and gained 4 years of valuable practical experience. As a result, this experience has helped her become one of the top interior decorators in Detroit, MI. In 2010, Leighanne launched her own design firm, with a goal to provide every client with an experience that is as customized and rewarding for both sides.

Top interior design Detroit Leighanne LaMarre

WHAT WE LOVE: Leighanne’s passionate approach that certainly energizes her designs.

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