Decorilla Project Holder Guidelines

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1. Be Respectful

Politeness goes a long way. We want to nurture a community of respectful professionalism. Please communicate with designers and Decorilla staff in a courteous manner.

2. Clarity Is Key

Please be clear in the description of your project. The more specific you are, the more on target the design concept.

3. Offer Feedback Often

By commenting regularly on designs, you connect more with designers and get better results from the process.

4. Keep It Clean

Please do not post a project that contains objectionable subject matter — nothing obscene or offensive.

5. Respect Copyright

Asking one designer to copy the work of another designer is unacceptable. Keep in mind, you only own the designs that you pay for.

6. Act Honestly

Be fair and honest when launching a project. Do not misrepresent yourself, create multiple accounts, or attempt to defraud Decorilla or the design community.