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When done right, covered patio design provides the perfect space for outdoor relaxation. And recently, our design team helped a family achieve just that for their home. The result is a swoon-worthy minimal take for enjoying meals and socializing among nature. Read on to see the design come to life!

The Challenge: Outdoor Living Space

With covered patios becoming increasingly popular for entertaining at home, more homeowners are opting to include them in their properties. From selecting comfortable furniture to outdoor kitchen appliances, there are many ways to make your backyard look great—whether rustic or minimalist. The biggest challenge, however, is coordinating all the elements to ensure a cohesive covered patio design. That was the reason why a recent client approached Decorilla, looking for the best patio design to include:

  • Simple and minimal design with a touch of transitional style
  • An overall warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Natural elements like wood to convey an organic look
  • Ample seating, a dining area, and fire feature

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Outdoor Living Space Inspiration

Covered patio design inspiration board

The client’s inspirational gallery helped translate their sense of style and vision. Focusing on a modern, sleek appeal, the featured outdoor covered patio ideas looked beautiful without compromising functionality. They oozed thoughtfulness, creativity, and sustenance. In addition, most layouts featured popular elements such as outdoor kitchens and dining areas, as well as comfy outdoor furniture ideas and cozy fire pits for chilly evenings. 

Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas & Moodboard

Stylish covered patio design by Decorilla
Stylish covered patio design by Decorilla

With both an initial brief as well as a helpful online questionnaire, the Decorilla team was able to help match the client with two suitable designers.  Each designer offered their own take on the patio design in unique initial proposals. Both moodboards aligned with the client’s wishes, featuring natural accents, neutral palettes, and fuss-free furniture. Consequently, selecting between them was quite tricky! After communicating the details, the client finally opted to continue with Picharat A. 

Outdoor covered patio ideas and moodboard by Decorilla
Outdoor covered patio ideas and moodboard by Decorilla

Picharat’s concept for revamping the client’s outdoor living space focused on bringing both style and utility to the patio. Her patio ideas were simple yet sophisticated, thriving on clean lines, neutral color palettes, and eco-friendly materials. Moreover, the creative combination of elements fitted a functional kitchen and dining area, as well as abundant, comfortable seating space. The blend worked harmoniously with the overall design plan, turning the outdoor patio into an attractive and welcoming refuge for family and friends.

Styled Covered Patio Design

Outdoor covered patio design by Decorilla
Outdoor covered patio design by Decorilla

A successful blend of natural elements and contemporary lines makes this chic assemble genuinely stand out. In an effort to create a warm, inviting, and cozy outdoor living space, the designer selected pieces and colors that work together effortlessly. Combining different outdoor seating options also allows for multiple activities with easily maintained materials. Meanwhile, a touch of streamlined black accents enhances visual dynamics while also giving more interest to the arrangement.   

Outdoor covered patio ideas by Decorilla
Outdoor covered patio ideas by Decorilla

In the main seating area, a combination of an ample outdoor sectional and two cozy armchairs elevates the comfort around the firepit. Working within the boundaries of minimalism required curated, stylish decorations to achieve a sophisticated look without compromising the streamlined aesthetic. Therefore, all patio details follow the main neutral scheme of white, gray, and beige. An array of plush outdoor pillows provide decorative accents in coordinating colors. In addition, most elements boast rich yet subdued textures, offering just enough visual interest to make this covered patio design elegant and inviting.

Outdoor living space and dining ideas by Decorilla
Outdoor living space and dining ideas by Decorilla

The meticulously created layout comprises clear, well-defined spaces. With the addition of a kitchen & dining section, the outdoor living area became an welcoming centerpiece for any outdoor event. It’s also ready for entertaining, with an expandable table able to accommodate up to 8 people comfortably.  

Lighting also plays an important role in creating ambiance, depth, and texture. Low-voltage LED lighting is used as a primary illumination source throughout the covered patio. At the same time, a few decorative fixtures create an attractive atmosphere by tactically accentuating the environment. 

Outdoor Living Space Shopping List

Outdoor living space shopping list
Outdoor living space shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla’s comprehensive interior design service takes the hassle out of home design. Along with creating stylish, functional layouts, an array of benefits makes the process effortless and enjoyable. A curated shopping list, for example, features exclusive trade discounts to make furnishing your house simple and affordable. In addition, each client receives detailed instructions for guaranteed implementation success.   

Top Picks for Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas

Designing an outdoor living space requires careful planning. When creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement, it is important to consider every element. So take a look at some of our favorites—they might become your own top picks as well. 

Outdoor living space top picks by Decorilla
  1. Outdoor Rug
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Outdoor Sectional
  4. Fire Pit
  5. Potted Tree
  6. Dining Chair
  7. Dining Table

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