Instagram is an endless source of inspiration for anything, from design to food to travel and beyond. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of accounts. So, to simplify, we’ve put together a list of some of the best interior design Instagram pages you’ll want to follow. These supremely talented designers have so many insights and eye-candy to share, they’re must-sees! Read on for the top interior design Instagram accounts and show them a little love with a like or a follow!

Nate Berkus Instagram

nate berkus instagram living room

There is no way around Nate Berkus‘ Instagram feed, it has such a vibrant life of its own. It’s no wonder as this celebrity interior designer has a gorgeous design style. Nate started his design firm in 1995 and has been providing breathtaking interiors ever since. He also often curates countless luxury homes for top celebrities worldwide. 

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best interior design instagram nate nerkus bedroom design

Nate has an effervescent sense of design. He believes in designing spaces that tell the client’s story, above all else. Nate Berkus’s Instagram is truly an endless source of inspiration. What’s more, the everyday snippets of his design projects are very educational. This all combined makes Nate one of our favorite interior designers to follow on Instagram, without a doubt.

Decorilla Interior Design Instagram

best home decor instagram decorilla illaria c
Glam transitional living room by top interior designers to follow on Instagram –  Decorilla

Full of vibrant designs and interior inspiration, Decorilla’s Instagram feed is a pleasurable adventure. There is a huge range of design projects for aesthetes to indulge in, from luxury villas to budget-friendly apartment décor ideas. Being an online interior design website, Decorilla has a myriad of projects to showcase thanks to their extensive online interior design team. The perfection comes from not just residential, but very imaginative and creative commercial and hospitality projects too!

best interior design instagram decorilla
Contemporary bedroom home decor Instagram post by Decorilla

While many of the best interior design Instagram accounts showcase high end interiors for celebrity or wealthy clients, Decorilla posts real-life results from everyday homes. Their interior design services are some of the most affordable and accessible without skimping on quality and style. Be sure to keep an eye out for frequent promos featured on Decorilla’s interior design Instagram account!

Contemporary bathroom interior design instagram post by decorilla
Contemporary bathroom interior design Instagram post by Decorilla

Decorilla also posts amazing styling tips and tricks, from quick fixes to renovation advice. Interior decoration should be about having fun and falling in love with your home even more, and Decorilla celebrates this process. So, if you’re looking for fresh ideas to update your home or simply stunning interiors, scroll on Decorilla’s Instagram, you’re bound to love it! 

Erin Gates Instagram 

best interior design instagram accounts erin gates

Thousands of interior designers know, love, and follow the Elements of Style blog. Erin Gates, the brain behind this amazing blog, is an acclaimed interior designer, and for good reason. Her home transformations wow unlike few others could. Moreover, her knack for creating beautiful spaces and engaging content makes it easy to adore everything she posts. Erin’s design is modern, liveable and spacious. She makes sure to create interiors that are both warm and welcoming. 

erin-gates-instagram-living room home decor

In 2007 Erin started her blog as a platform to showcase her designs. Soon after, Erin Gate’s Instagram became a source of very useful home décor and styling tips. She effortlessly breaks up complex interior concepts to inspire her followers while educating them. 

Amber Interiors Instagram

best interior design instagram account amber lewis

Simply put, Amber Lewis’s Instagram feed is more than inspiration, it’s a mood. White walls, a laid-back California aesthetic, and contemporary furniture make up Amber‘s master style. In addition, she loves including eclectic elements in all her designs to add a sense of excitement. All of her swoon-worthy images certainly make Amber Lewis one of the best interior designers to follow on Instagram. 

interior designers to follow on instagram amber interiors

Amber started her blog, All Sorts Of, and Social Media pages as a way to share her style and, today, they’ve grown into one of the best interior design Instagram accounts and blogs. Her designs are the epitome of modern design, with light-filled rooms, earthy hues, natural textiles, and cozy furniture taking centerstage. 

Emily Henderson Instagram


Emily Henderson‘s interiors are classy yet playful. She likes to fill the spaces with bright colors,  statement furniture, and one to two unexpected elements. That’s why her projects feel so lively and cheerful. She also knows how to juxtapose accessories in just the right environment. She can transform even the most mundane spaces with her chic décor selections. 

best interior design instagram emily henderson

Not only does Emily have the best home décor Instagram feed, but she is also a New York best-selling author. Her book, STYLED is a must for interior decoration enthusiasts. She dishes on a few of her major décor secrets in the book, and sometimes on her feed! So, if you haven’t been following Emily Henderson on Instagram till now, you’re in for a treat. 

Kelly Wearstler Instagram

kelly wearstler instagram funky dining room

There is no doubt that Kelly Wearstler is one of the most popular design gurus of our time. She designs spaces both bold and pragmatic; they burst with personality. The reason behind her impressive creations is her dedication to crafting something that’s beyond memorable. Owing to her avant-garde style that’s inspired by Art Deco, her interiors truly are unforgettable.

best interior design instagram account

As a result, Kelly Wearstler’s Instagram is filled with high-end luxury projects and striking furniture. She also has her own line of furniture and lifestyle products, which are nothing less than perfect. In addition, Kelly is a top-selling author of five interior styling books. So, if you’re not following this designer already, it’s time to make a change!

Corey Damen Jenkins Instagrambest home decor instagram corey damen jenkins

Corey, the author of Design Remix, loves adding a little extra to his designs. In today’s world, where interiors are dominated by modern spaces, this extremely talented designer takes inspiration from the past. As a result, Corey’s interiors are eclectic and exuberant. 

best interior design instagram corey damen jenkins

Corey loves reimagining classic interiors while giving them a modern twist. His website and social pages are filled with extravagant spaces – a true display of maximalism. One-of-a-kind, he is certainly one of our favorite interior designers to follow on Instagram. 

The Spruce Home Decor Instagram

home decor instagram the spruce

Who doesn’t like some easy tips and tricks to update a home? The Spruce thrives on providing hacks and ideas to transform rooms effortlessly. Their Instagram is filled with easy-to-follow advice that anyone can anyone implement. Through the years they have developed amazing content for every home décor enthusiast.

interior design instagram accounts - the spruce cozy cabin bedroom (1)

Their content covers everything from home transformations to garden tips and ideas for celebrations. As a one-stop for inspiration of all kinds, The Spruce does wonders with their stunning Instagram page. It’s also great for keeping up with interior trends. 

Ariel Ashe & Reinaldo Leandro 

top interior design instagram account asheleandro

The dynamic designer duo, Ariel and Reinaldo, has an Instagram page that sets the bar extra high. Filled with furniture that doubles as art and absolutely amazing interiors, it is nothing less than perfect. Their signature style is synonymous with simplicity, which means you’ll see a lot of tranquil interiors – ideal for soothing the mind. Every design has a sense of calm and composure. 

best interior design instagram asheleandro

Ashe and Leandro have worked on hundreds of projects and have been unstoppable. Rush on to their Instagram now to see some moody interior spaces!

Jonathan Adler Instagram

best home decor instagram jonathan adler

Jonathan Adler is an out-of-the-box thinker, undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. He takes eclectic interior design and creates homes that feel like play, yet are very grown-up. They are certainly funky, quirky, bizarre, imaginative and bold. He embraces experimenting with colors, shapes, forms, and materials. 

best interior designer instagram account jonathan adler

Jonathan’s Instagram showcases just that, an intriguing and captivating play between opposites, textures that beg to be felt and finishes to round it off with glitter. He also includes his favorite products, specifically playful accessories that can spruce up just about any space. 

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[Feature image: Architectural Digest]

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