Best Gift Card Ideas

Gift cards have become a popular present due to their versatility, variety, and they serve as an overall easy approach to gift-giving. However, growing trends point to unique gift cards that won’t be forgotten in the back of your loved one’s wallet. Gift cards from chain coffee shops and big-box stores are a thing of the past while the best gift cards are a gateway to must-have items and unforgettable experiences!

Looking to get your family and friends gift cards that truly hit the mark? We’re here to help take the guesswork out of gift-giving with something for every occasion. So, read on for the best gift card ideas that are as thoughtful as they are practical.

Gift Cards for Mother’s Day

1. Give the Gift of Greenery

Gift cards for Mother's Day and pot plants on a table from Bloomscape

Happy and healthy plants brighten a room like nothing else. But most importantly, greenery lasts longer and often gives even more over time than any other gift. Seeing a plant thrive because of your dedication and care is rewarding after all. Fortunately for us, boutique nurseries connect people to plants through their delightful online stores. Bloomscape is one of our favorites for its wide selection of unique plants, easy-to-maintain greens, and botanical-inspired merchandise. They also add pretty touches to their gift cards for Mother’s Day, namely adorable packaging and a pretty tea towel.

WHAT WE LOVE: Bloomscape’s plant categories that make it easy to shop for your garden, even if you don’t know a succulent from a shrub. Their categories include Edible Garden, Easy Indoor, Pet Friendly, and Outdoor Porch & Patio.

2. Decorilla Interior Design Gift Cards

best gift certificate ideas - interior design gift card
Decorilla interior design makes for one of the best gift certificate ideas.

Interior design gift card ideas are ingenious. They’re thoughtful, unique, and convenient! With a little virtual help, you can give your mom a way to make her home dreams come true. Besides, the gift of design will top even the best gift cards for Mother’s Day. To get a Decorilla e-design gift card, customize your design package by selecting a room and the online interior designer’s experience level, ranging from experienced to industry-leading. Every e-design package includes two initial concepts, 3D renderings of the new room, a floor plan, a shopping list with links and exclusive discounts, a color palette, and a comprehensive implementation guide.

WHAT WE LOVE: As a comprehensive service, your mom will receive the gift of great design without having to lift a finger. Not to mention it will be a gift she can enjoy for years to come!

Still wondering which interior design gift card is right for you? Click here to Schedule a Free Consultation to have one of our experts customize a gift card for you today! 

Best gift card ideas for mother's day - Decorilla gift card
One of the best gift cards for Mother’s Day – Decorilla interior design gift card.
Moodboard for an e-gift card
Each Decorilla project begins with moodboard concepts.
Floorplan included in every interior design gift card idea
A detailed floor plan by Decorilla is included in every gift card package.
Shopping list from Decorilla as part of an e-gift card package
Decorilla shopping list complete with exclusive discounts.
Final results from one of the best gift card ideas, a Decorilla interior design gift card
Final results shown in a Decorilla 3D rendering.
Interior design makes for one of the best gift card ideas
Give the gift of beautiful design with a Decorilla gift card!

3. Spa Day Pamper Session

Spa packages as gift cards for mother's day

Few things trump a refreshing spa day. So, why not treat your mother to relaxation and renewal with gift cards for Mother’s Day from Spa Finder? One of the major perks is that these gifts don’t expire, which means your mom can pamper herself whenever she wants. Think pedicures, facials, massages, and even hair color and cuts. And if your mother is more interested in spa products, she can shop to her heart’s content.

WHAT WE LOVE: Spa Finder’s versatility. It’s not limited to in-person spa packages, which means if your mom wants to buy beauty products instead, she can.

4. Vino for Wine-Lover Moms

Wine selected by Winc on a front porch - good gift card ideas

Good wine can be hard to find. Fortunately, intuitive platforms, like Winc, takes care of the selection and delivery process. This monthly wine-subscription service certainly is one of the most convenient gift card ideas on this list. Winc assembles a box of exclusive wines tailored to their client’s unique taste palates. All your mom needs to do is complete a quick, yet comprehensive quiz, and Winc will make sure she receives wine she’ll love. You can purchase a one, two, or three-month subscription.

WHAT WE LOVE: Winc’s initial questionnaire that determines your flavor likes and dislikes to create your unique wine palate.

5. Meals for a Week

Dinner ideas by Freshbox that also offer gift cards for Mother's Day

There is something about a delicious meal that makes people happy. You can share the joy by replacing the stress of meal prep with delivered goodness. In fact, HelloFresh, one of the tastiest gift card ideas on this list, can provide recipes and ingredients in a neat package directly to your mom’s door. Increasing HelloFresh’s convenience even more is the HelloFresh app, available on Apple and Android devices.

WHAT WE LOVE: That HelloFresh’s menu changes every week, and includes vegetarian, low calorie, carb clever, quick and easy, and indulgent options.

Gift Card Ideas for Father’s Day

6. Thirst-Quenching Craft Drinks

Craft beer as gift card ideas for Father's Day by CraftShack

Nowadays, craft beer and small-batch liquors are more sought-after than ever before. With an ocean of brands to choose from, where does one start? Well, you can solve this mind-bender with a thirst-quenching gift certificate from CraftShack. Beer geeks and drink enthusiasts will agree that receiving a nifty pack of carefully selected craft beers or rare spirits is among the best gift card ideas for Father’s Day.

WHAT WE LOVE: CraftShack’s vast variety of unique drinks. The lucky recipient of a CraftShack gift card can choose from cider, mead, beer, seltzer, and liquors – from Japanese whisky to Absinth.

7. Grooming Gift Certificate Ideas

An extensive grooming kit for men by the Dollarshaveclub as gift cards for Father's Day

The best gift card ideas from Dollar Shave Club will take care of even the fussiest (and fluffiest) dads, from head to toe. Thanks to awesome products made from quality botanicals, your dad will feel, look, and smell amazing. After completing a quick questionnaire, Dollar Shave Club will recommend goodies best suited to his unique needs. Pretty great, right? We reckon Dad will think so too.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Dollar Shave Club provides just what their client needs, no more, no less. This way the recipient can look forward to a grooming session, rather than overwhelmed by the prospect of trying something unfamiliar.

8. Quality Leather Wallets

Leather tablet cover by Hentley available through gift cards

Wallets are durable and hardworking, but they wear without proper care. There is a good chance that your dad’s wallet isn’t in the best condition either. But finding the Dad wallet is tricky. It has to fit his very particular material, size, and aesthetic criteria. Fortunately, with a Hentley‘s gift card, your dad can find a beautifully handcrafted wallet that ticks all his boxes. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Hentley’s 5-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Moreover, you can rest assured that your father will have an exceptional and durable wallet.

9. Leisurely Golf Days

Golf essentials gift bag part of a gift certificate idea by Goplaygolf

Is your dad a golf fanatic? Then he’ll love Go Play Golf‘s gift certificate ideas. He can pick anything from golf days, merchandise, lessons, and even golf vacations. Go Play Golf can also deliver the gift card alongside a box of golf essentials containing a bag of tees, a golf towel, a par bar, a sharpie, and a snack, among much more. 

WHAT WE LOVE: That you can select a golf course anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. In fact, Go Play Golf offers over 5,000 courses nationwide.

10. The Best Brew

Curated coffee boxes by DrinksTrade gift cards for birthdays, Father's Day and Mother's Day

Coffee connoisseurs can agree: few things can compete with a good cuppa. No one knows that better than Drink Trade, the one-stop happy place for the perfect coffee roast. With over 400 different coffees, your loved one can select their favorite brew or let Drink Trade take care of it on their behalf. Drink Trade’s top gift card ideas come in three variants: a coffee subscription of 2 to 24 coffee bags, a subscription and custom drinkware, or solely custom drinkware by YETI or MiiR. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Drink Trade’s “Get Matched” questionnaire that helps the platform select coffees perfect for your palate.

Gift Card Ideas for Christmas

11. Unforgettable Adventures

Outdoor activities, ziplining and yachting as part of gift certificate ideas for experiences by Cloud9

Unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences your loved ones won’t forget with gift cards for Christmas from Cloud 9 Living. Someone special could be going on a wine tasting on a sailboat, hot balloon ride, or learn the art of glass blowing all thanks to you. With over 1,900 unique adventures, Cloud 9 Living is the key to making memorable moments. Their experiences range from extreme outdoor activities to informative cooking classes.

WHAT WE LOVE: The variety of experiences on offer. The lucky recipient can choose to spend the gift card on a weekend getaway, spa treatments, outdoor adventures, dining out, golf, tours, or even a show.

12. Interior Design Gift Card

Elegant contemporary living and dining room - a recent makeover by Decorilla - interior design available as gift cards for Mother's Day
Contemporary interior design by Decorilla is among the top gift certificate ideas.

Interior design can be lifechanging. In fact, interior design gift card ideas for Christmas go beyond momentary satisfaction. Why? Your loved one can finally create the home they want, and if this is your significant other, you benefit too! Decorilla’s e-gift card consists of a free initial consultation, spatial planning, a color scheme, a shopping list with discounts from brands like Crate & Barrel and Wayfair, realistic 3D renderings, detailed implementation guidelines, and a satisfaction guarantee. It’s an exceptional gift for interior lovers, without a doubt.

WHAT WE LOVE: That a Decorilla gift card opens the way to more than exclusive interior design, it also provides substantial discounts from popular furniture brands, like Wayfair, West Elm, and CB2.

Know just the person who’d love an interior design gift card, but not sure which package is right? Then Schedule a Free Consultation to have one of our experts customize a gift card for you today! 

Best gift cards for mother's day - interior design
A stunning bedroom makeover by Decorilla makes for one of the best gift card ideas.
Best gift card idea - An interior design gift card
Decorilla interior design gift card – everyone deserves to live in beauty and comfort!

13. Exhilarating Events 

Man spins fire as part of a show by Ticketmaster - among the best gift card ideas

Gift cards for mom, dad, besties, or your significant other could be a ticket to the event of a lifetime. Ticketmaster is perfect for the active ones, who cheer when they hear about a festival or band playing nearby. If you want to add a special touch, you can personalize the look of your gift cards for Christmas to your heart’s content. 

WHAT WE LOVE: That photos, text, and even an audio message can accompany your gift certificate.

14. Rare & Unusual Goodies

Unique candle holder and cheese board from an Unusual Goods gift certificate ideas

We all have that one friend or family member who loves to do things differently. Let them stand from the crowd with Uncommon Goods. From long-distance friendship lamps to a personalized picnic table, to a letter blanket, to jewelry and beyond – they will have whatever tickles their fancy. These gift cards for Christmas have a broad value range, so you can really inspect that naughty and nice list.

WHAT WE LOVE: That products from Uncommon Goods truly are out of the ordinary. Loved ones can customize their home or personal style to their heart’s content.

15. Personal Trainer Credit

Personal trainer and trainee jogging after using FYT's gift card ideas

Tie your Christmas gift card ideas with inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Give the gift of health! Who said gift cards for Christmas are limited to indulgence? If you have a fitness fanatic in your circle, they’ll be thrilled to get credit from Find Your Trainer. They can select from thousands of trainers in every US state.

WHAT WE LOVE: That your can select a training plan when and where you want it, as the gift card is redeemable in 50 states and doesn’t expire.

Best Gift Card Ideas for Birthdays

16. Unforgettable Day Trip

small group exploring Washington on a tour by Urban Adventure - available as gift cards for Mother's Day, birthdays and more

One of our absolute favorite gift certificate ideas is the gift of experiences. Extraordinary and fascinating, Urban Adventure day trips are a must for a birthday. Once the lucky recipient gets their gift card, they can pick the tour that catches their eye. If you can think it, chances are, they have it – from food to city tours, to New York Times Journeys, and even Lonely Planet Experiences. What’s more, these trips are available in over 60 countries.

WHAT WE LOVE: Urban Adventure’s New York Times Journeys inspired by the Time’s “36 hours” column, which gives tips on how to get to know a city if you only have 36 hours.

17. Curated Books

Book recommendations can make exceptional gift certificate ideas

Looking for a gift card for a book lover? TBR might just have the one. After all, your bibliophile friends will receive tailored book recommendations and hardcover books as per your instructions. But don’t worry about selecting the best literature for them, TBR will do that for you. All you need to do is pick either a once-off gift certificate or a year subscription, which sends recommendations (and optional hardcover books) to your loved one every three months.

WHAT WE LOVE: That TBR has a dedicated team, affectionately referred to as bibliologists who have “read a floppity jillion books”, that hand-selects books for every client.

18. A Gift of Giving

Young girl looking at stationary in a school that could benefit from Donors Choose's gift certificate ideas

Supporting a worthy cause is not only profoundly gratifying, but it can also make you feel more connected to the community. Accordingly, some of the best gift card ideas are surprising because they do more than put a smile on the receiver’s face. They can be lifechanging. With Donors Choose, you can help a loved one donate to a classroom project of their choice. In return, they’ll see the school’s progress and receive thank you cards. 

WHAT WE LOVE: That you can empower someone to help a classroom in need. This initial act of charity might even spur more philanthropy in the future.

19. Foodie Nibbles

A box neatly packed with tasty and nurishing products as a gift box from Mouth's gift cards for Christmas

Young or old, everyone deserves deliciousness on their birthday. Even more so when the birthday boy or girl is a foodie. Mouth‘s gift certificate ideas can redeem various boxes filled with delicious products made locally. The lucky recipient can create their own box or select from the many preselected treat boxes. These can contain anything from jerky to cocktails to pickles to hot sauce, and much more.

WHAT WE LOVE: Mouth’s swoon-worthy boxes that are as pretty as their contents are delectable. Plus, their seasonal box descriptions have tongue-in-cheek witticism that guarantees a chuckle or two mid-shop.

20. Personal Stylist Gift Card

Selection of tops, dresses, shoots and bottoms from Stitchfix - online stylist gift card ideas

What if the best gift card ideas could get your loved one personalized fashion they’ll love? Stitch Fix can make it happen. When the recipient redeems their gift card, a stylist first assesses the recipient’s style, thanks to a comprehensive style questionnaire, after which they’ll send selected pieces for them to try on. After trying everything, they can keep only what they like and send the rest back.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Stitch Fix includes free returns and exchanges on all their packages – eliminating the worry of online shopping.

Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate Ideas

21. A Breakaway for Two

Swimming pool overlooking Maldive's tranquil waters, by - romantic gift card ideas for Valentine's Day

Getting the perfect Valentine’s gift can be easy. Besides, nowadays being romantic goes beyond buying romantic things. You can create special memories instead. With, your significant other can pick and choose between thousands of places to stay worldwide. What’s more, you can also open a gift registry on

WHAT WE LOVE: That your loved one can use a gift card for flights as well as car rental.

22. Chocolate Sweets for My Sweet

Chocolate monthly subscription - great gift cards for birthdays, Valentine's and Mother's Day

Valentine’s gift card ideas wouldn’t be complete without chocolate. Give your favorite person deliciousness, unlike anything they’ve ever tasted. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club provides creative, beautiful, and, above all, tasty chocolate bites to chocoholics countrywide. A gift card comes in the form of a subscription, available in 2 to 12 shipments, or as an ongoing subscription.

WHAT WE LOVE: That each box contains artisan chocolates, made from innovative ingredients by a world-renowned chocolatier, and comes with detailed taste notes. Every box of chocolates comes from a different chocolatier and features different flavors.

23. Diamonds are Forever  

Diamond jewelry by Tiffany - great as a gift certificate idea for Valentine's day

Diamonds are forever, so it’s crucial to get it right. Luckily, the best gift card ideas give you the chance to do just that. With Tiffany credits, your significant other can get precisely what they want, without compromising. Each gift certificate is delivered in a Tiffany Blue Box and can be redeemed at any Tiffany store and online shop.

WHAT WE LOVE: That a Tiffany’s gift card is not limited to redeeming jewelry. The brand also features homeware, accessories, and fragrances.

24. Fresh Flowers

Beautiful bouquets for Valentine's card gift ideas

You can’t go wrong with flowers for Valentine’s Day. There is just something about fresh flowers that can brighten any day. So, let your loved one pick their favorite blooms from 1-800 Flowers. Roses, sunflowers, tulips, orchids, peonies, lilies – you name it! Bouquets by Jason Wu, hot off of the runway, also form part of their collection.

WHAT WE LOVE: The fresh flowers- beautiful, bountiful blooms always speak for themselves! But their international delivery service is also quite impressive.

25. Private Chef Dinner

Private chef cooking and interacting with guests - one of the top gift certificate ideas

Date night couldn’t get any more impressive than with a private chef preparing exquisite meals at a home. Take a Chef provides exactly that, a fine dining experience in the comfort of your loved one’s home. Choose the cuisine they can’t get enough of, for instance, Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican, or select a Chef’s surprise instead. You can also set the fine dining level, from an Experience Pack to an Exclusive Pack, “truly a gastronomic experience.” 

WHAT WE LOVE: That loved ones with a love for exquisitely prepared meals can sit back at home and experience the dinner of a lifetime.

Easter Gift Cards & Gift Certificate Ideas

26. Candy and Confections

Sweets and popcorn neatly packed by Sugarwish - sweet gift card ideas

Easter isn’t complete without a sugary treat or two. Keep those bunny ears standing happily upright with a gift certificate from Sugarwish. Your loved one will receive either a candy, popcorn, or cookie box that’ll surely make their day. After selecting the number of treats, you can also set the theme as a thoughtful extra.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sugarwish’s cheery packaging that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

27. Music for the Best Ambiance

Example of iTune's interface - among the best gift card ideas

Music is the spice of life. So, why not give your favorite people music subscriptions that keep the best tunes coming. The holidays are perfect for setting the mood that’ll impress family and friends. Now it’s made simple with intuitive platforms like Spotify and iTunes that are among the top music streaming apps available.

WHAT WE LOVE: That you can have any and every song at your fingertips within a second. Streaming music online lets you create the mood you want.

28. Movie Nights

The minions seen on a movie night after redeeming gift cards for Christmas

Cinephiles will appreciate a night or two of free movies. Treat one of your favorite families to a fun night out this Easter with Fandango. Not only can your gift card provide a movie night or two, but it can also treat your family and friends to a lovely meal. What’s more, if you spend more than $50 on a gift card, you also get to rent a movie for free.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Fandango includes movies at the theatre as well as movies at home. So, your loved one can either have a night out or a cozy night in, whichever suits them.

29. Dinner Dates

Delicious restaurant dishes from the best gift card ideas by Open Table

Gift card ideas that involve dinner are perfect for any occasion, or even just as a thank-you. OpenTable lets you pick a restaurant and the amount you want your friends or family to enjoy. Their gift cards also include a discount, which means you can get more credit than you expected. The motivation behind the initiative is to help restaurants during uncertainty due to the pandemic of 2020. 

WHAT WE LOVE: That you can give your loved ones a dinner date of their choosing.

30. Spring Cleaning Gift Card Ideas

Spring cleaning - one of the best gift card ideas by MaidPro

The most interesting gift card on this list is the gift of cleanliness. If someone special goes weak at the knees at the sight of a clean house, this is for them. Give them a break from cleaning with MaidPro. All you need to do is input your amount, then it to your neat-freak friends. Their gift cards are versatile as you can input any amount you see fit. 

WHAT WE LOVE: That MaidPro not only cleans the recipient’s home but stays green while providing their services. Their green practices stretch from transport to cleaning products, equipment, and water and electricity usage.

Need more information about interior design gift cards? Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more today!

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[Feature image: Wallet Hub]