Transitional breakfast room

The comfort and elegance of transitional design makes for some of the best breakfast room ideas around. This perfect fusion of form and function is the ideal setting for starting one’s day. And a recent Decorilla client sought this look for their casual dining area intended for relaxed meals. Read on to see how this breakfast room design took the space from bland to beautiful!

The Challenge: Transitional Breakfast Room Decor

The client had a new home with an open dining space attached to the kitchen. However, the blank slate was in need of a designer’s touch to give it a sense of style. Ultimately, the client requested help with:

  • Sourcing comfortable and functional seating for at least six people
  • Conveying an elegant yet practical space, suitable for daily use as well as occasional informal dinner parties
  • Selecting beautiful but also durable furniture pieces
  • Using the coziness of breakfast nook ideas to create a warm and welcoming space

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Breakfast Room Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Breakfast room ideas and inspiration board

While the client knew the room was in need of a defined style, she wasn’t quite sure what that would be. However, from her selection of inspiration images it became clear that she preferred light and airy spaces featuring transitional interior design. In addition, a client favorite among breakfast room decor was a statement chandelier above the the table. While light neutrals comprised the color palette, it was also important that any upholstery be completed in performance fabric to withstand the wear and tear of young children. In the end, the ideas presented were enough to envision the type of room she had in mind for her family. 

Breakfast Room Design & Moodboard

Breakfast room design render by Decorilla
Breakfast room design render by Decorilla

To start the online interior design process, the client was matched with not one but two interior designers whose skills aligned with her wishlist. Both designers composed their moodboards, presenting appealing ideas that weren’t too formal, with plenty of space for children to run around. The client was thrilled with the versatile presentations, which made selecting a winner a difficult decision. However, it was ultimately the concept presented by Berkeley H. that won by a close call.

Transitional breakfast room decor mood board by Decorilla
Transitional breakfast room decor moodboard by Decorilla

Berkeley’s transitional breakfast room design was genuinely spot-on. The dining space could easily accommodate six people, and its style was fit for both laid-back breakfasts as well as casual entertaining. Her stylish interior design ideas built the breakfast room decor around the key elements, opting for bright walls as an inviting background. An overall light and airy color scheme helped to create a feeling of openness, while darker wood elements added a homey feel of warmth. Each furniture piece was comfortable and stylish at the same time, perfectly complementing the rest of the house’s interior

Breakfast Room Ideas Put In Practice

Transitional breakfast room decorating ideas by Decorilla
Transitional breakfast room decorating ideas by Decorilla

The completed transitional breakfast rooms ideas work with each other to form a casual dining space the family will be able to join for years to come. A hefty, marble top table with turned legs forms the center of the room. While the shape didn’t concern the client much, the designer’s stand on the topic was firm, and for a good reason. The rectangle table now fits the breakfast room proportions much better, providing plenty of free space for traffic. Juxtaposed in shape with rounded elements, such as the oval crystal chandelier, circular wall decor pieces, and arched entryways, it also enhances visual dynamics.

Breakfast room decor by Decorilla
Breakfast room decor by Decorilla

The darker finish of the table base and the sideboard makes a refined match with the kitchen cabinets. The choice helps bring more cohesion into the area, divided yet connected with an open arch door. Meanwhile, opting for a lighter wood on the upholstered bench and chairs provided just enough contrast to elevate visual interest. By all means, the design succeeds in tying the beautiful yet functional dining room into the existing living space.

All upholstered items are nailhead, covered with performance fabric, and easy to clean. In addition, an abstract area rug follows the client’s desire to try and cover up the tile flooring as best as possible. Simultaneously, its color palette brings all the elements together, continuing the flow from the rest of the house. While undoubtedly elegant in appearance, the indoor-outdoor rug type is also extremely durable and very easy to clean when accidents occur.

Transitional breakfast room ideas by Decorilla
Transitional breakfast room ideas by Decorilla

The focal star of the room, however, is an oversized, oval crystal chandelier, providing both abundant light and style. A complementary table lamp sits atop the sideboard for an added touch of ambiance. Meanwhile, cheerful wall art adds a pop of color, while the elegant greenery arrangements liven up the room and bring the coziness factor to a whole new level.

Before the Change

breakfast room design transformation
Breakfast room design transformation by Decorilla

It is apparent that before the online interior design transformation, this breakfast room was in dire need of some attention. Most notably, the existing furniture was too small and didn’t fit the proportions of the room. The busy diagonal layout of the floor tile also stole all the attention. However, with some skilled furniture and decor selections in addition to a refreshed color palette the room is now a stylish space where the family can enjoy each others company.

Transitional Breakfast Room Design Shopping List

Breakfast room decor shopping list by Decorilla
Breakfast room decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla packages involve an abundance of additional benefits, extending far beyond the design alone. Along with photorealistic 3D renderings, professional guidance, and comprehensive support, the clients favor the personalized shopping list with significant trade discounts. Moreover, there is no need to worry about logistics and all the practical details that come with it. The white-glove shopping concierge takes care of all that for you.

Top Picks for Transitional Breakfast Room Decor 

Want to create your own transitional breakfast room at home? Our top picks allow you to transform your space into a stylish and inviting space with just a few simple changes.

Breakfast room decorating ideas top picks by Decorilla
  1. Power-Loomed Rug
  2. Wooden Sideboard
  3. Metal Discs Wall Decor
  4. Layered Glass Chandelier
  5. Extending Dining Table
  6. Upholstered Dining Chair

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