Modern rustic cabin

Modern rustic cabin design gives an updated look to the raw and unrefined feel of more traditional cabins while still retaining the cozy appeal. And a recent owner of a lakeside cabin wanted exactly that feel for the interior of his family’s new vacation home. However, the scope of the complete remodel had them reaching out to Decorilla for professional interior designer help. Read on to see the stunning transformation for yourself!

The Challenge: Modern Rustic Cabin Design

This half-century-old A-frame cabin was a keeper in need of a massive remodeling. Therefore, the designer had many challenges to address and was asked to give priority to the following:

  • Modernization demanded a floor extension for a loft to serve as a media/study space
  • Remodel the kitchen and add eat-in dining space
  • Update both bathrooms in the home
  • Ensure the stone fireplace becomes a focal point of the room
  • Balance new and old for a refreshed modern rustic cabin design

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Modern Rustic Cabin Interiors Inspiration

Modern rustic cabin interiors inspiration

To begin the design process, the client shared plenty of modern rustic cabin interior design ideas that caught his eye. Consistent throughout the inspiration selection were images of bright, airy interiors that still kept a few rustic touches such as wooden-clad ceilings and trim throughout. On the other hand, modern details like cable and iron railing, cozy furniture in neutral tones, and contemporary decor were sure to bring an updated look to the space. 

Modern Rustic Cabin Decor Concept

Modern rustic cabin open-plan interiors render by Decorilla
Modern rustic cabin open-plan interiors render by Decorilla

After reading the brief, two Decorilla designers got started on creating an initial moodboard concept for the client to review. With two concepts in the sought after modern rustic style, the client had a hard time choosing between the two. However, in the end, it was Berkeley H.‘s design that caught their attention the most.

Online interior design moodboard by Decorilla
Online interior design mood board by Decorilla

Berkeley’s moodboard featured the calming color palette of cream and beige with pops of slate gray and blue that the client was looking for. Moreover, natural elements such as stone table lamps, a hand knotted rug, and a candlestick chandelier brought just rustic touches to keep the interior cozy and casual.

The Cabin’s Online Interior Design Results

Online interior design render by Decorilla
Online interior design render by Decorilla

The newly refreshed modern rustic cabin design provides the perfect space for the family to gather in after days spent on the lake. The entire layout takes the most functional advantages, providing an intimate sitting area for many to be gathered around the fireplace. Meanwhile, the furniture and decor pieces seamlessly blur the lines between rustic and modern design. A clean lined sofa matches perfectly with metal framed side chairs and stools for plenty of seating. These details also incorporate the updated metal stair and loft railing. In addition, ceramic decor vases and a stone side table tie in perfectly with the fireplace.

modern rustic decor for a cozy living room
Modern Rustic Decor for a cozy living room by Decorilla

The fireplace was enhanced to become an accent feature of a modern rustic design, with an intense stone look. At the same time, simple lines and lightwood trim helped preserve the balance with no added weight. Meanwhile, strong contrasts in forms and materials are muted down with neutral fabrics and a discreet rug pattern.

Modern rustic cabin decor render by Decorilla
Modern rustic cabin decor render by Decorilla

Modern light pendants perfectly blend in the overall style of the space, defining the dining zone at the same time. A statement chandelier, suspended on leather belts, follows the narration, elaborates it, and simultaneously accentuates the cabin’s rustic character. In addition, two elegantly shaped floor lamps flank the sofa console table while providing task lighting for cozy nights in.

The Modern Rustic Kitchen

Modern rustic cabin kitchen render by Decorilla
Modern rustic cabin kitchen render by Decorilla

The kitchen boasts clean, simple lines with a neutral flair. New, brisk white cabinets made an excellent choice for a limited area full of mid-day light. Sleek black faucets provide some welcome, dynamic contrasts – yet, the true star of the show is the rustic wooden kitchen hood.

Online interior design results
Online interior design 3D rendering by Decorilla

The eat-in kitchen features a solid slab dining table for eight, with unobstructed views to the rest of the living space. Also, the unadorned windows and doors keep the space bright while letting in the most amount of lights as possible. Lastly, the wall art placed on the loft wall rounded out the story and brought all elements together.

The Bathroom Update

Rustic bathroom online interior design render by Decorilla
Rustic bathroom online interior design render by Decorilla

The bathroom needed a clever lighting design since the late afternoon light was not sufficient on its own. Two globe hanging pendants on either side of the mirror steal the show. The entire room was remodeled from scratch, including the floor and walls. Both color scheme and the choice of materials follow the rest of the cabin interior, with clean lines and sleek accents. The modern rustic character is further defined by an abundance of wood over a bright, simple, subway-tile background.

Online Shopping List for Modern Rustic Cabin Decor

Modern rustic cabin decor shopping list by Decorilla
Modern rustic cabin decor shopping list by Decorilla

Each Decorilla design package includes a tailor-made, elaborate shopping list. Exclusive trade discounts are also on the menu to spice up the deal even more. Yet, that’s not all. A white glove shopping concierge is included to provide peace of mind by dealing with the hassle of ordering, tracking, and delivery.

Modern Rustic Cabin Decor

Perhaps you now feel inspired to do a small makeover yourself? In that case, here is a list of our favorite picks to help you start.

Modern rustic cabin shopping suggestions
  1. Wall Art
  2. White Rustic Armchair
  3. Floor Lamp
  4. Leather-Suspended Chandelier
  5. Industrial-Style Coffee Table
  6. Neutral Sectional Sofa
  7. Rustic Rug

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