Dramatic black ceiling bedroom

A black ceiling bedroom is certainly outside the box design, but the sumptuously moody results can be worth the risk. And a recent Decorilla client was in dire need of a dramatic overhaul after years of having her master suite overrun with all things babies and children. In our client’s vision, that meant a full update immersed in elegance and style. Read on to discover the path to the brand new, stylish and functional glam master bedroom with a show stopping black ceiling!

The Challenge: Black Ceiling Bedroom Design

The client wanted to remodel their master bedroom. After years of being overrun with baby/kid necessities, the time has come to transform it back into a sanctuary for the parents. Their request for the designers included:

  • Replacing existing bedroom furniture
  • Finding a design solution to tastefully incorporate a large painting and some family photos
  • Preserving some decorative items cherished by the client
  • Remodeling and designing a glam master bathroom to accompany the bedroom

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Glam Master Bedroom Inspiration

Glam master bedroom inspiration board

Before approaching Decorilla in search of a solution, the client had already picked out the floors and some glam master bathroom features. The areas needing help included wall paint, lighting fixtures, window treatments, decorations, and the way to put it together cohesively and stylishly.

The client had pretty clear ideas on her likes/dislikes, expressed in both her descriptions, and provided inspirational images. She highlighted pretty shapes and glitzy surfaces such as mirrors, mercury glass, or crystal. The photos represented the love for a mix of modern, antique, and glam styles leaning towards orderly symmetry. Similarly, the feel the designer should convey was dominantly neutral.

Glam Master Bedroom Ideas & Concepts

Glam master bedroom render by Decoriila
Glam master bedroom render by Decorilla

The client had the opportunity to work with two different designers in the beginning and decide which one would make the best match for the project. This was possible due to Decorilla’s unique approach: each client gets an initial concepts from multiple designers. Moreover, such an insight into different perspectives certainly helps the clients broaden their vision and build more profound expectations. So, while both mood boards satisfied the requirements, the clients favored the black ceiling bedroom concept from Casey H.

Glam master bedroom mood board by Decorilla
Glam master bedroom mood board by Decorilla

Casey’s concept of the new glam master bedroom was rooted in the calm, black and white design. A few possible options for the new layout included moving the bed away from the windows for more convenient access. The layout choice also affected the ideal placement of wall art, especially the existing large painting on top of the chest or dresser. In addition, the client wanted the setting that would comply with her favorite ritual: sitting in a favorite chair and putting on makeup while watching TV.

Dramatic Black Ceiling Bedroom Results

Black ceiling bedroom render by Decorilla
Black ceiling bedroom render by Decorilla

High contrast aesthetic defined the room’s character, starting with the color scheme. For the primary hue, Casey picked Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. Its elegant and classy touch of shine, combined with wood tones and bright neutrals, made a perfect canvas for various glam master bedroom ideas. A subtly patterned area rug with a metallic sheen grounded this space, while a sheepskin throw rug added tactile dimension with its sumptuous texture. Juxtaposing the black ceiling to the neutral base provided a striking yet elaborately stylish surprise factor.

Glam master bedroom ideas render by Decorilla
Glam master bedroom ideas render by Decorilla

The choice of a new bed went to a contemporary canopy model with a headboard, layered with cushions for a more elevated look. A flip-top storage bench at the foot of the bed provided a convenient yet classy multifunctional addition. Moreover, a variety of small storage solutions were dispersed throughout the space, including a jewelry depository behind the wall mirror, two additional dressers, nightstands with three drawers, and a black shoe cabinet. At the same time, the new corner chair placed by the small window fulfilled the client’s wish for a customized seating area in her new glam master bedroom.

However, the star of the show was undoubtedly the new statement crystal chandelier set against the black ceiling. Boosted with retractable blades, it easily transforms into a fan that the client’s husband prefers as a cooling option.

Glam Master Bathroom

Glam master bathroom render by Decorilla
Glam master bathroom render by Decorilla

The glam master bathroom followed the bedroom with the style and color scheme. Although monochrome, it’s full of movement, achieved through layering different patterns. Natural marble veining was tactically contrasted by gradient zig-zag tiles encasing the bathtub. The geometric story continues with the natural wood frame of the chandelier. Its distressed metal finish also pairs with art frames, making a discrete metal accent.

Before Online Interior Design

Glam master bedroom before online interior design by Decorilla

Although the original room received plenty of mid-day light, it was not feeling as bright as it could. The reasons were, above all, the inefficient layout and muted color palette. Dated furniture, lack of storage organization, and overall uninspiring aesthetics were also among the things the client disliked. Even with a bold design solution, the new black ceiling bedroom feels much more spacious and airier.

Glam Master Bedroom Shopping List

Online shopping list Black ceiling master bedroom
Decorilla online shopping list for black ceiling master bedroom

Engaging Decorilla’s online interior design service means getting much more than amazing designs. We’ve already mentioned a standard interior design package with two designers at one price. Other benefits often add so high that their value exceeds the initial cost of the purchase. For instance, you get access to an online shopping list filled with significant discounts, accompanied by detailed instructions to make your design come alive. Furthermore, there is also a personal concierge service dedicated entirely to helping you with sourcing your items and getting them delivered to your door.

Top Picks for Glam Master Bedroom

Do you feel inspired to compose your own glam master bedroom? If you’re looking to try something new in your home, we’ve got a list of our favorite items that will help make it happen!

Glam master bedroom ideas by Decorilla
  1. Geometric Rug
  2. Bedside Table
  3. Velvet Curtain
  4. Canopy Bed
  5. Storage Bench
  6. Wall Art

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