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A child’s room is for more than sleep. It’s a space for exploration, adventures, stories, and playtime. A recent client wanted a space for her 6-year old daughter to rest and grow in. Fortunately, she turned to Decorilla and the result couldn’t be dreamier. See the girly pink bedroom reveal below!

The Challenge: Girly yet Stylish Pink Bedroom 

Moving into a bigger home with young children poses the challenge of allowing transition in their rooms. For their new interior, the client wanted a creative, dual-purpose space for her six-year-old daughter. Girly pink was on the wishlist, but so was practicality and a neutral vibe. So, to make it successful, the designer needed to heed kids’ room interior tips and do the following:  

  • Replace the parquet flooring with a durable carpet
  • Use cute pink room ideas that feel modern and neutral
  • Include plenty of storage options 
  • Create a multifunctional space for reading, relaxing, and building on imagination 

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Cute Feminine Pink Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration 

Cute pink room inspiration

Although various shades of girly pink inspired her, the client was looking for a neutral atmosphere for her daughter’s bedroom. Fortunately, her favorite images shared more than rosy hues. Her top interiors feature two-tone walls, interesting decals, and modern furniture. Plus, they make use of unique décor and plush seating. 

All in all, the client’s cute pink room ideas encourage versatility and creative imagination to take flight. Similar to a nursery design checklist, a kid’s room design can also benefit from a strategic approach to ensuring everything is in place. 

Moodboard & Cute Pink Room Design 

Girly pink bedroom with a chill nook and study area - Ryley
Decorilla cute pink bedroom design 

Before getting into the thick of the design process, the client completed a questionnaire and brief. From here, Decorilla matched two interior designers to her requirements. These vetted designers each translated the client’s style and needs into girly pink bedroom proposals. Both featured layers of fascination and soft colors. But in the end, the client fell in love with Rachel’s richly textured and neat concept.

Moodboard for a cute pink room - Ryley
Decorilla mood board with cute pink room ideas

Rachel’s moodboard shows an array of patterns, gentle hues, and modern furniture perfect for a girly pink bedroom. The soft pinks are more neutral than overtly feminine. Additional pops of blues, grays, and creams will certainly balance the color palette, while modern accents round off the look. Overall, the proposal is equally practical, fun, and comfy – perfect for a growing mind. 

Girly Pink Bedroom Result

Cute pink room with fun wallpaper - Ryley
Layered girly pink bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

At first glance, the final design is a dreamy mingling of strawberries and cream, reminiscent of an ice cream swirl or cotton candy. And just like these sweet treats, the girly pink bedroom gives out happy vibes. In fact, it’s perfectly spellbinding. 

The walls enhance this effect even more with their dual finish. Two opposing walls are dusty pink, while the others feature sprinkle decals on white paint. The result is whimsical and dreamlike. Moreover, the two-tone look is aesthetically pleasing and visually elongates the space.  

Magnificent Modern Takes Centerstage 

Girly pink bedroom with a chill nook and study area - Ryley
Dreamy bed in a cute pink room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The interior design consists of multiple functional zones, but at the heart of it is the tufted wingback bed. Its bold structure not only provides a comfy base but also balances the look of the room. The gray upholstery neutralizes the warm pinks, while its striking lines define this dreamscape. 

Asymmetry adds character throughout the interior. A sconce on the one side and a pair of ballerina artwork and an oversized mirror on the other make a pretty picture. The mirror reflects the seating nook while making the room feel spacious and bright.  

Study Space & Storage

Cute pink bedroom with a study nook - Ryley
Girl’s interior with cute pink bedroom ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

The girly pink bedroom caters to the growing needs of a child. A study nook-come-craft corner is fully equipped to inspire creativity and development. This space is neatly decorated and features bright accents too. Plenty of storage also dots the interior, some hidden, some obvious. The built-in storage, ottoman, and bed’s base storage can stow anything from toys to art supplies. 

Cozy Sitting Nook

Cute pink room ideas - Ryley
Practical comfort in a girly pink bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A sweet lounge area sits on the opposite side of the room. The L-shaped sofa is spacious enough for friends and comfy enough to lounge and read or doodle. Adorable scatters also line the seats, making the setup playful and inviting. It’s certainly a great addition to a bedroom – whatever your age! In the end, the cute pink room is full of life sure to inspire the little girl and her guests.  

Shopping List

Shopping list for a cute pink room
Decorilla online shopping list

After finalizing the designs, the client could put the interior together at home. One of the many ways Decorilla helps clients do this is with an online shopping list. Every project comes with a curated listing of each item necessary for making it a reality. These lists also have guidelines and specifications to make the process easier. What’s more, products also feature trade exclusive discounts!  

Top Picks for a Cute Pink Room 

You can create a similar look at home with our favorite picks from this project. Be sure to combine the ones you love with your girly, cute pink bedroom ideas. With a little help, you’re set to have a dreamy space in no time. 

Cute pink bedroom top picks
  1. Brass Sconce 
  2. Pompom Pillow 
  3. Floral Rug 
  4. Line Art 
  5. Upholstered Bed 
  6. Storage Ottoman 

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