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Basement studio apartments hold tons of potential from added living space, to increased home value, and the possibility of being an income producer. However, depending on the scope of the project, creating a cozy feel in a home’s lower level can become a challenge. This is exactly why a recent client reached out to Decorilla for a helping hand and the results will have you swooning. Read on to see the stunning basement studio apartment transformation for yourself!

The Challenge: Basement Studio Apartment

Like any other project, this studio apartment came with some challenges that the team was ready to face. Some of the issues that the designer had to address were:

  • Come up with a design for a multifunctional space that includes a living area, bedroom, kitchen, and study. 
  • The basement studio apartment layout needed to accommodate some existing furniture items and a piano.
  • The flooring and walls of the existing space were completely worn out; hence a complete structural treatment was required. 
  • Since the room received only afternoon sunlight, a proper lighting plan was mandatory. 
  • The client wanted a fully functioning kitchen with storage spaces. 

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The Inspiration: Basement Studio Apartment Ideas

Basement studio apartment inspiration board

The client was looking for modern basement studio apartment ideas to add livable space to her home. Her inspiration gallery had bright, light-toned, contemporary pieces that felt very fresh. In addition, she wanted a clean and fuss-free look. However, she requested the designers to incorporate her existing bed, grey sofa, shelving units, and a desk. Moreover, the most important task was to make the space more functional and livable. 

Basement Studio Apartment Layout and Moodboard

Modern basement studio apartment ideas
Basement studio apartment – Decorilla 3D rendering

After being provided a thorough brief and design questionnaire, two Decorilla online interior designers were well equipped to get to work on their initial concepts for the client to choose between. Both the designers presented their creative versions of the space while addressing all the points the client requested. However, one particular moodboard really impressed the client. She loved Farzaneh K’s design board so much that she wanted to execute it without any major changes. The modern studio apartment ideas with neutral walls and sleek furniture pieces perfectly fit her style and vision. The designer created a modern, little studio apartment haven for the client! 

Modern basement studio apartment moodboard
Decorilla basement studio apartment moodboard

The Result: Basement Studio Apartment Design

Modern living area in basement studio apartment design
Basement studio apartment design – Decorilla 3D rendering

With an online interior design project from Decorilla, the basement apartment transformed completely! Firstly, the designer suggested a very subtle grey color for the walls which made the space look bright and cheerful. Secondly, for the flooring, she used oak vinyl planks that helped in giving a modern farmhouse feel to the studio. In the end, the chic furniture items and stylish accessories enhanced the studio apartment design even more.

Bedroom area for basement studio apartment design
Basement studio apartment – Decorilla 3D rendering

The neutral palette features mostly white and beige tones with hints of tan and burnt orange. Similarly, the two tan leather armchairs complement the existing grey sofa beautifully. To create a focal point in the living area, the designer centered the piano on the wall with a mirror above it. In addition, the two bookcases on the sides of the piano provide symmetry and a formal feel to the area. The client wanted to use her existing bed and desk; therefore, all the other furniture pieces were selected to complement them. Two oversized vases in the bedroom act as statement pieces and make the room look elegant.

The Result: Basement Studio Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen decor for basement studio apartment
Basement studio apartment layout – Decorilla 3D rendering

For the kitchen wall, the designer suggested patterned tiles from the floor to the ceiling, creating a stunning focal point. In addition, the floating shelves on this wall showcase the tile, rather than cover it up. Since the client wanted space for a microwave, there is a small platform space provided under the shelves. On the kitchen island, a butcher block countertop ties in with the vinyl plank flooring. Moreover, the circular tan bar stools with black metal detailing are totally in sync with the rest of the décor and provide ample seating for such a small space. In the end, the designer used several plants and framed artworks to make the studio apartment warm and homey.

Before the Change 

Studio apartment design before

Originally, the basement was dark and outdated. Dark wood paneling and two types of flooring attributed to the room feeling smaller than it actually is. And with no consistent plan to the layout and décor, there wasn’t any definition to the different functions of the space. In addition, a lack of proper storage created clutter. However, by utilizing online interior design from Decorilla, the studio apartment got a new life that solved each of the issues. 

The Online Basement Studio Apartment Shopping List

Basement studio apartment shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for basement studio apartment design

Every project with Decorilla comes with an entire interior design package that makes the interior design process extremely easy for the clients. The package includes floorplans, photorealistic 3D renderings, shopping list, and implementation guides. In addition, this detailed shopping list has everything that the clients need to furnish their space as well as exclusive Decorilla discounts!

Shop the Look

Curating a modern studio apartment involves a myriad of steps and elements. However, by using some key décor elements you can easily achieve this look. Therefore, the team of Decorilla designers has created this list of top finds which can help you in your basement studio apartment design. So, have a look!

Basement studio apartment top picks list
  1. Tan Armchair
  2. Jute Pouf
  3. Round Mirror
  4. Pedestal Table
  5. Rustic Cocktail Table
  6. Leather Bar Stool

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