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A toddler room combines the practicality of an adult style with a child’s imagination. One client wanted to transform her home office into a beautiful haven for her child. So, she turned to Decorilla for assistance. Thankfully, the task was simple with the right designer. Read on to see the whimsical interior design!

The Challenge: A Whimsical Interior Design

Transforming the purpose of a space to another is often a mammoth task. Fortunately, this project was made simple by clear direction from the client, and the vast skillset of the designer. In addition, the interior had built-in furniture the client wished to incorporate into their kid’s room design. For the toddler room to be a success, the designer needed to:

  • Incorporate existing furniture and items the client wishes to keep
  • Choose a soft and serene color palette
  • Provide a comfortable surface to play on
  • Make sure there is ample storage to pack away the toys
  • Create an overall whimsical interior design

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Inspiration for a Little Girl’s Room

Whimsical decorating style and toddler room design ideas inspiration

The client’s inspiration gallery overflowed with toddler room design ideas. With feminine tones, muted color palettes showed how lively soft pastels can be. The clients certainly wanted a whimsical decorating style for their nursery design. While it’s clear the little girls’ rooms have elements of whimsy, it also looks practical and functional. These whimsical interiors undoubtedly make exceptional spaces for young minds to learn and grow.

Moodboard & the Toddler Room Design

Whimsical toddler room interior design
Decorilla toddler room design

The online interior design process ran smoothly. Given that Decorilla had the client’s style preferences and brief, they could connect them to suitable designers. Plus, each designer offered to revise their work until the client was happy. In the end, Casey H. won over the client with her stylish vision. The client couldn’t wait for the concept to become a reality!

Whimsical toddler decorating ideas for a toddler room - Casey H
Decorilla moodboard with toddler room design ideas

Casey’s moodboard incorporated boho and playful elements to bring the toddler room ideas to life. She included a pastel pink in the rug, pillows, and curtains, while gentle whites promise an airy look. Casey also thought of additional storage, like baskets and shelves. Moreover, she suggests sheer curtain panels with hidden fairy lights to add a twinkle effect. These would be layered in blackout curtains to ensure privacy. Perfect for a growing child’s rest! 

The Toddler Room Design Result

Toddler room design ideas - Casey H
Whimsical decorating style for a youthful room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every inch of the little girl’s room reflects its whimsical interior design. The layout makes the best use of the tight space to ensure an open and airy feeling. The room is thoughtfully decorated, with both a playground and a private retreat for the toddler in mind. What was once an office, is now a little one’s paradise!

Whimsical Furnishings 

Whimsical interior decorating style -
A little girl’s room with whimsical interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A playful and inspirational furniture style is integral to toddler room ideas. It certainly sets a youthful and whimsical mood. In this case, the items are all quaint in nature. Yet many make a striking designer statement.

The mural wall, for instance, sets a memorable backdrop for the feature bed. In addition, the botanical leaves on the wallpaper complement the soft color scheme. A hanging plant fills the vertical space while adding another playful tactile element.

Each décor item is texture-rich. This brings depth to the toddler room and provides visual interest. The netting above the bed creates a haven while adding a charming touch to the sleeping corner. In addition, embroidered pillows, a baby quilt, and sheer linen curtains bring layers of softness and balance. And lastly, a tassel pendant ties the room together.

Stylish Storage

Toddler room design with storage - Casey H
Toddler room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Finding sufficient storage solutions for a toddler’s room can often be challenging. Fortunately, this room has the best of both worlds when it comes to toys – a space to play, and a space to stay!

A custom shelving unit boasts a fun doll house shape, ready to hold anything from books to teddies. Moreover, existing built-in shelving features the same color as the walls to create a uniform, tone-on-tone visual. Additional baskets dot the room to double as décor and storage space.

The Finishing Touches

Whimsical toddler room interior design
Whimsical toddler room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every aspect of this little girl’s room sees attention to detail – it’s a crucial ingredient for even the most memorable whimsical interiors. Finishing touches include bedding that matches the gently feminine color scheme of the room. What’s more, a wool rug provides comfort during playtime. Finally, the pampas grass and wall art enliven the room.

Before & After: How did the designer change the room? 

Before and after of a whimsical toddler room interior design
Before (left) and Decorilla’s toddler bedroom makeover (right)

At first, the room was a home office space. Fortunately, with the client’s vision in mind and the designer’s skill set, the toddler room design ideas became a reality.  

A Structured Makeover

Before and after of a whimsical toddler room
Before (left) and Decorilla’s toddler bedroom makeover (right)

Choosing an overall structure for the bedroom was the first step. The designer chose a blush pink color palette. From here, she added depth through texture and scale. In doing so, she has created a visually appealing space with a quaint feel. The room has interest from floor to ceiling as a result. These and the addition of varying heights are sure to inspire a young imagination to grow.


Toddler room design with whimsical decorating style - Before and After
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s toddler bedroom makeover

After setting the base, the designer could create a whimsical space with furnishings, finishes, and décor. One of the most prominent features is a mural wall that flows over onto the ceiling, forming a cohesive and safe atmosphere.

Little girl's room with a whimsical decorating style - Casey H
Little girl’s room with a whimsical decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Overall, the toddler bedroom is a serene yet playful place of safety – perfect for any little girl! Its whimsical decorating style is the thread of dreams.

Toddler Room’s Online Shopping List

Online shopping list with products for toddler room design ideas
Decorilla online shopping list

As with all Decorilla projects, the toddler room design comes with an online shopping list. Clients receive useful product links to secure what they require for their designs. In addition, these come with trade-exclusive discounts. Lastly, each client receives realistic 3D renderings too. These assist the client in envisioning their space before committing to purchases.

Our Top Picks for a Whimsical Decorating Style

If you liked this project’s toddler room ideas, use our top picks to select key items for your makeover!

Whimsical interior design top picks
  1. Clouds Wallpaper 
  2. Throw Pillow 
  3. Crossweave Curtain 
  4. Wooden Dollhouse
  5. Pampas Grass
  6. Woven Basket

Want your own whimsical interior design for your child?

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