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Vintage-inspired design can deliver serious eye candy. However, there’s a fine line between a swoon-worthy space and something that feels dated. One recent client wanted a modern vintage kitchen that suited their love for retro and eclectic aesthetics. Luckily, they turned to Decorilla. And soon they had a contemporary interior with touches of old-world wonder. See the makeover below!

The Challenge: Vintage Kitchen Remodel 

Tackling project challenges first often makes for a smooth design process later on. Similarly, Decorilla’s online interior kitchen design services had to solve unique problems at the start of the project. It paved the way for a successful interior. More specifically, the designer needed to:

  • Ensure the modern vintage kitchen design is true to the 1903’s architecture of the family home
  • Create a layout that is practical and easy to use
  • Reuse some of the elements, like the counter stools, where possible
  • Opt for masculine vintage kitchen makeover ideas without them being overpowering
  • Find a way to maximize natural light during the day

Pro Tip: Knowing your style preference can help guide your kitchen transformation. Not sure if modern vintage is your style? Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your unique decorating style today!

Modern Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration 

modern vintage kitchen makeover ideas

Since this project was not the clients’ first, they had a fairly good idea of what they wanted. A blend of modern and aged accents reign in their inspirational images. Brass pulls and knobs complement blue Shaker-style cabinetry in most of the interiors they liked. Additionally, their vintage kitchen remodel ideas include beautiful tilework, white walls, and lighting. Now, with inspiration fixed, it only took one more step before online kitchen design could work its magic.

Moodboard & Modern Vintage Kitchen Design 

Vintage kitchen makeover ideas - Liana S
Decorilla modern vintage kitchen design

For the next step of the interior design process, the clients completed a style questionnaire. Next was setting their project scope during a consultation with Decorilla. From here, the team could refine the brief and pinpoint which two designers suited the project most. Thereafter, the designers compiled their modern vintage kitchen ideas. Then they were ready to present a proposal each. And so the only thing that remained was picking the concept they liked most.

Vintage kitchen remodel ideas in a moodboard - Liana S
Decorilla moodboard featuring vintage kitchen makeover ideas

The clients picked Liana S. soon after seeing her initial concept. They loved her ideas. Plus, they worked with her before on their parlor and living room designs. For the kitchen, Liana chose a deep blue cabinet color and a matching floor tile. White walls, a glossy backsplash, and a marble countertop would complement the tranquil hue. And finally, brass finishes add a lovely vintage touch.

Vintage Kitchen Makeover Ideas Result

Modern vintage kitchen ideas - Liana S
Blue and white vintage kitchen remodel – Decorilla 3D rendering

Modern but with an antique twist. The new interior boasts the best of both worlds. It feels fresh and current owing to its rich indigo cabinetry, globe pendant trio, and sleek bar stools. And giving the modern vintage kitchen design a little bit of edge is an unforgettable pattern floor. Other details also refine the interior to create the ultimate blend of cozy and contemporary.

Vintage Kitchen Remodel Décor

Modern vintage kitchen options - Liana S
Two modern vintage kitchen design options – Decorilla 3D rendering

Though not excessively ornate, the kitchen interior has a maximalist feel. Yet it’s spacious and uncluttered too. Instead of décor, decorative elements refine the interior. Here, a deep-set farmhouse sink, valance curtains, and tiles flood the space with old-world charm. Sconces and brass hardware also add to the vintage look.

In addition to white walls, a glossy white metro tile makes up the backsplash. Their subtle shimmer not only adds an elegant touch but also doubles light thanks to their reflective surface.

Before & After: How did the designer update the room?

Before the modern vintage kitchen makeover
Before the online interior design

Prior to the change, the kitchen was a mashup of makeshift structures, excessive cupboards, and too many appliances. It needed an organized modern vintage kitchen design that’s practical and harmonious. Moreover, the existing designer features visually cut the space into odd proportions. As a result, it felt much smaller than its true size.  

Before and after vintage kitchen remodel ideas
Before (left) and after the vintage kitchen remodel ideas (Decorilla right)

First, the base needed to go. Under the designer’s guidance, mustard and patterned wallpaper gave way to a calming blue and white palette. Clean walls replace an awkward picture shelf to make the room feel tall and airy. Painted and sleeker cabinets also streamline the interior for a more modern feel.

Modernizing Layout & Appliances

Before and after the modern vintage makeover ideas
Before (left) and after the modern vintage makeover ideas (Decorilla right)

Next, vintage kitchen makeover ideas swooped in to define the interior. More built-in cabinets meant the clients could stow away their appliances to free counter space. Plus, the new cabinetry and island structure the design to designate clear functional zones. Namely the food prep, wash-up, and cooking areas.   

Modern vintage kitchen makeover ideas - options
Two designs with modern vintage kitchen makeover ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

This vintage kitchen design comes with two layout options. Both move the fridge closer to the kitchen island. However, the difference comes in the oven’s position. This lets the client choose their favorite as well as opens two budget options. That said, the client receives an exceptional retro kitchen design whichever they pick.  

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list for a vintage kitchen remodel
Decorilla online shopping list

Similar to other Decorilla projects, the vintage kitchen design comes with a helpful online shopping list. Clients can use the handy product links to secure what they need for the design as well as take advantage of trade-exclusive discounts. Moreover, the final package also comes with a helpful implementation guide.

Top Picks for a Modern Vintage Kitchen Design 

A few key elements can wholly change the look and feel of an interior. If you liked this vintage-inspired space and want a similar style, use our top picks below to start your own modern kitchen makeover.

Modern vintage kitchen ideas top picks
  1. Modern Stool
  2. Globe Pendant
  3. Metro Tiles
  4. Floor Tile
  5. Bronze Faucet
  6. Marble Bowl

Ready for your modern vintage kitchen remodel? 

You can transform your home with online interior design too! Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional design services. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more and get started today!


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