Music room wall design ideas

“Music is life itself.” This is certainly true for many musicians. But to follow their dreams, virtuosos need a space to perfect their craft. A music room at home could be just the thing they need. Getting it right, however, poses quite the challenge. That’s why a recent client turned to Decorilla for his Nashville-inspired recording studio. And the result instantly gives this space good vibes – see the transformation below! 

The Challenge: Creating a Music Room at Home

The music room design had to cater to the many needs of a professional musician. It had to become more than a mere recreational room. First, the space had to double as an instrumental museum, hangout lounge, and recording studio. Fortunately, with one of the best online interior services, the client could achieve it all. But to get there, the designer had to:

  • Select a vibrant yet moody color scheme to fit the room’s theme
  • Choose the music room layout with an understanding of how each part had to complement the others
  • Make the most of the large room’s quirks (dormer windows, indoor balcony, and low slanted ceiling) with music room décor ideas

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Music Room Ideas & Inspiration

music room decor ideas and inspiration

The client was inspired by the look of a music museum. Guitar walls and art relating to popular bands topped his list of must-haves. His favorite interiors feature music room decor ideas that put instruments in the spotlight. He also liked bold colors, textures, and statement walls. His inspiration features leather, wood, as well as hide that creates a casual but masculine air.

Music Room Mood Board & Décor Ideas

Music room layout
Decorilla music room design

After working with Decorilla in the past, the client knew exactly who he wanted to work with. In fact, he was so happy with the living room and entryway design by Casey H. that she was his first choice for the music lounge. Also a musician herself, Casey could combine practical considerations with music room ideas. 

Music room decor ideas
Decorilla music room decor ideas

For her mood board, Casey chose deep and moody colors, with a rust-red as the main hue. This would surely set the tone for an intimate ambiance and vibe. The online interior design promises to include rich patterns, accents of natural hide, and raw and rugged wood furnishing. Casey also suggests a layering of rugs and seating for a warm eclectic look and feel. 

Music Room Design Result

Music room wall design
A music room at home result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final room oozes musical charm. What’s more, it’s layered and lush, filled with luxurious details and visual depth. For starters, a trio of rugs provides underfoot comfort and a sophisticated boho touch. The combo is warm yet trendy. It also doubles as a creative base for music room decor ideas to flourish. Set against the bold walls, instruments and accessories pop even more, resembling a jazz lounge.

Further, the spacious music room layout includes a drum kit, versatile lounge, recording setup, and an extensive guitar wall. Moreover, there is plenty of space and storage for instruments, accessories, and amps. As for décor, necessary equipment is aesthetically pleasing and doubles as ornamentation. For instance, colorful panels soundproof the interior but also bring an abstract artsy quality into the space.

Music room layout
Music room layout – Decorilla 3D rendering

This spacious room has quirky architectural elements. More specifically, dormer windows, an indoor balcony, and a slanted ceiling. At first, these seem challenging, but for such a creative space they become amazing features.

Here, velvet curtains frame the balcony and mic, perfect for a vocalist to serenade guests in the lounge below. Record covers decorate the slanted ceiling above a wood-paneled wall. This wall also features floating shelves and a beautiful space for the line of amplifiers.

Eclectic Music Room at Home Details

Music room design
Eclectic music room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Owing to the combination of music room ideas, the room is full of intriguing vignettes. Not only does it cater to the musicians, but it is also very livable and cozy. Instruments encircle the main living space, bringing everything together. The mix of luxury and easy-going creates a truly eclectic space, perfect for exploring creativity.

The music room layout also makes the best use of the large room by spacing instruments quite a distance apart. As such, making music and lounging are intertwined as the central part consists of eclectic seating.

Music room at home
Music room wall design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The main attraction is the guitar display. Recessed framed cases with a black backdrop and accent lighting make the guitars stand out, creating a beautiful focal point. Between the two display cases, a rustic mirror bounces more light into the music studio. Together, the color selection, lighting, and décor make the music room wall design truly pop.

A variety of poufs provides extra seating, footrests as well as another visual layer. It’s practical for many reasons, one being their low profiles. As they’re placed in the middle of the room, they mustn’t distract from or hinder any activity. What’s more, because of their small size, they can be moved to wherever they’re needed.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Shopping list for music room at home
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

An online shopping list and implementation guide accompany all finalized projects. With these, clients can buy all the items in one purchase directly from the Decorilla design platform. Not only is this way of online shopping convenient, but it also comes with exclusive trade discounts. In the end, online interior design can come with great savings, sometimes amounting to the design cost itself!

Top Picks for a Music Room at Home

You can update your interior with a few exceptional music room decor ideas. For this reason, we’ve put together our favorite pieces from this project you can use to spruce up your studio. 

Top picks of music room decor ideas
  1. Brass Pendant
  2. Cowhide Rug
  3. Faux Houseplant
  4. Swivel Chair
  5. Accent Pillow
  6. Chest Table

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