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All white interior design gives homes some serious sophistication. However, nailing the look can be harder than it may seem. Which is exactly why new homeowners turned to Decorilla for help with a colossal renovation looming and even bigger expectations. They wanted to avoid costly mistakes while achieving a stunning, cohesive design. And the result wows with a remarkable all white interior. Read on to see the transformation for yourself! 

The Challenge: All-White Interior

The clients planned a grand renovation for their 1990’s build home, but were still conscious of their interior designer cost. They wanted to remove a fireplace and construct another, add a wall of double-volume windows, and open the kitchen. This project certainly had a sizable to-do list. For such a considerable design to succeed, the designer had to:

  • Create a wall of windows
  • Design an all-white house interior with gold accents
  • Ensure the online interior design includes new stair railing, steps, and finishes
  • Select kitchen cabinets, countertops, and a cohesive palette
  • Create a practical and spacious layout for the luxury interior open-concept 

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All-White Interior Design with Gold Accents Inspiration 

all white interior inspiration

The clients envisioned a complete remodel for their 90s style home. They dreamt about all-white interior design and classy monochromatic décor ideas. With this in mind, they picked contemporary and transitional spaces that are high-end and splendid.

Although luxurious, these interiors have a toned-down white color scheme with earthy touches. Light wood floors gently juxtapose off-white, cream, or light gray furniture. As a result, these spaces feel warm too.

Chic All-White Interior Mood Board & Design 

All white glam interior design
Decorilla all-white house interior design

Starting their project was straightforward. First, the clients completed a questionnaire and a quick consultation. Then Decorilla matched two designers to their preferences and requirements. This meant the clients could choose between two different concepts for their home. And it was Sonia’s comprehensive proposal that ticked all the boxes. The all-white house interior would be balanced and defined. 

mood board for an online interior design
Decorilla online interior design mood board

Sonia C. presented a luxury modern kitchen concept. She proposed wood floors, quartz countertops (in the kitchen), a dropped ceiling, and layered lighting. Sonia also suggested integrated appliances for a sleek, clean look. Additionally, two islands promised to provide functional work and dining spaces. 

Unforgettable All-White House Interior Result

Results of an all white interior
All white interior design result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final photorealistic renderings depict timeless elegance and memorable details. The grand space is carefully furnished to highlight the room’s size while creating an intimate setting. In addition to the all-white color palette, gold accents punctuate and define the interior. 

Great Room with Gold Accents

All white glam interior design
Glamorous great room with gold accents – Decorilla 3D rendering

The updated all-white interior design boasts a wall of tall arched windows and skylights. Natural light floods the room, visually increasing the size of the interior as a result. It also gives a great view of the lush garden.

Before, the wall had a fireplace and only two flanking French doors. The update certainly makes the most of the architecture. Plus, it creates an ideal spot for a grand piano and mid-century modern accent chair. 

All white house interior with gold accents
All-white interior with a contemporary fireplace – Decorilla 3D rendering

A new marble-clad fireplace is another stunning focal point. The structure stretches to the ceiling, showing off the magnificent space. This, together with a chandelier with gold accents, makes the interior feel even taller and roomier.

Two large artworks flank the feature fireplace while adding a subtle blue tinge. Optional velvet pillows also incorporate color into the all-white interior. Additionally, a pair of champagne swivel chairs round off the striking look. 

All white contemporary house interior with luxury gold accents
Open-concept all-white house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

A generous white modular sofa continues the opulent air while also providing comfort. For its base, the online interior design features light maple hardwood floors and wood accent tables. The natural tone complements white and gray elements as well as enhances the look of gold accents. As a result, the design is undeniably luxe, yet it feels highly livable. 

Classy Two-Tone Kitchen 

All white kitchen interior
Online kitchen interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living room opens to an impressive two-island kitchen. As a continuation of the all-white house interior, the kitchen is bright and spacious. It also feels perfectly layered, detailed, and interesting. The visual intrigue comes from a diverse selection of materials and finishes.

For one, the waterfall counter of the dining bar has gray veining, adding aesthetic fluidity to the space. And for another, darker accent cabinets provide contrast and visual structure. 

Gold accents in a kitchen interior design
Grand all-white kitchen interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two stunning light features frame each island. The first is a contemporary rectangular chandelier, highlighting the sophisticated seating area. While the second, a paneled ceiling design with recessed lighting illuminates the workspace. 

All white kitchen with gold accents
Gold accents in the kitchen design – Decorilla 3D rendering

State-of-the-art appliances offer complete integration with modern cabinets. Gold pulls and handles give the cabinetry a transitional look and touch of glamor. The kitchen is certainly a chic space perfect for entertaining and exquisite cooking. 

Stunning All-White Entryway Interior Design 

Entryway of an all white interior
All-white entryway interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

New steps and wrought iron railing give the entryway a sophisticated look while keeping true to classic luxury. The online interior design also gave an option of more railing between pillars, dividing the entrance from the great room. In addition, coves above the front door also had the choice of white or amber sculptures. 

In the end, the client chose the open look without railing diving the entry from the living room. Similarly, white sculptures paired with mirrors made the final design. And, complete, the space is a classy all-white, layered design. 

Online Interior Design Shopping List

online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

A convenient virtual shopping list accompanies each online interior design. On Decorilla’s platform, the client has access to furniture and décor necessary for the finalized design as well as exclusive discounts at some of the best online furniture stores. These savings can amount to the total cost of the online interior design service. So, in the end, Decorilla’s online interior design can pay for itself! 

Moreover, the shopping list goes with realistic 3D renderings and a helpful implementation guide. Together, the package gave the clients exactly what they needed to complete the all-white design at home

Top Picks for an All-White Interior with Gold Accents

You can create your luxury interior with high-quality white furniture and supporting gold accents. Use our top picks from this project as inspiration for your home design. 

All white house interior with gold accents decor ideas
  1. Oval Chandelier 
  2. Wall Art 
  3. Modular Sofa 
  4. Decorative Pillows 
  5. Cocktail Table 
  6. Potted Tree 

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