When it comes to home selling, first impressions go a long way. With a growing online market, potential homebuyers rely on quality photos to spark their interest. It is no surprise that beautifully staged properties leave a lasting impact that results in a higher selling price and shorter time on the market. The difficult part usually lies in convincing your client that staging will more than pay for itself.

Luckily, recent advances in technology have created new opportunities that are more effective than traditional staging and cost 95% less. You may have already heard of virtual staging, but in case you haven’t we’ll discuss some of the benefits and introduce you to the next big thing in real estate selling that’s been creating a buzz in New York City.

Computerized 3D rendering by Decorilla Designer Mladen Labarh
Computerized 3D rendering by Decorilla Designer Mladen Labarh

1.    Virtual Staging

More than 90 percent of buyers start their home search online. Matthew Leone, Director of Web Marketing for Halstead Property and Brown Harris Stevens asserted in the New York Times, “If you’re searching online and that first thumbnail image doesn’t draw you in, you’re going to pass it off and move on”, and according to the Examiner, as little as, 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a vacant space.

Virtual staging can help those listings with empty rooms that are at a distinct disadvantage because it can show the potential of the space. Diane M. Ramirez, the president of Halstead Property asserts, “empty spaces often seem small because there’s no scale in the room”. But with virtual staging, a photo can show whether a room is large enough for a king-size bed or can hold only a twin bed and a bedside table.

Many real estate agents have already started to use virtual staging services as a low cost and accessible alternative to traditional staging. A recent survey suggests property showings increase an average of 70% after virtual staging. To avoid confusion, agencies label their online photos as “virtually staged” or “virtually staged for your inspiration” and pair them with photos of the unfurnished rooms. “There’s full transparency,” said Ms. Ramirez, “because this is not meant to be a trick, but a tool to help buyers see the potential of an apartment.”

So what’s next in property selling? Looking for a way to increase referrals?

2.    The Next Big Thing in Property Selling

Imagine walking into an empty space, showing your client the true potential of the place you’re trying to sell with beautiful photo-realistic images (virtually staged) AND then offering them a free decorator of their choosing to help them realize their vision if they decide to buy.

Now you can with Decorilla. Decorilla is an innovative online interior design company dedicated to helping regular people live in the beauty and comfort that they deserve. They have an accessible streamlined online platform that costs 80% less than traditional interior design and gets clients exclusive discounts on their favorite decor brands. Not only do they help people visualize their ideal interior spaces through 3D modelling, but they help achieve them at a fraction of the retail price.

Before and After Virtual Staging from Gotham Photo
Before and After Virtual Staging from Gotham Photo

Decorilla is now forming exciting partnerships with real estate agents. Their professional designers offer gorgeous virtually staged images in any chosen style to agents along with customized design package for the buyer after a sale is made starting at only $395 for the package. They also have the option of professional virtual staging on its own for only $150.

Decorilla helps new home owners put together their perfect space with a video consultation, customized 3D model (including the buyer’s existing pieces), floor plan, shopping list, and exclusive furniture discounts from their favorite brands. By sprucing up properties in a variety of possibilities, Decorilla’s virtual staging and decorating package is the perfect platform in which people envision and buy the home of their dreams!

Decorilla is passionate about helping realtors create unique experiences for their clients, be innovative, and increase referral traffic. They are now looking for real estate agents to form partnerships with and get advice from and offering exclusive deals to those who participate!

Contact Partnerships@Decorilla.com if you are interested in more information.

beautiful office interior
Computerized 3D rendering by Decorilla designer Roberto Di Stefano