On August 27th, 2013, Decorilla, a new start-up that delivers an innovative approach to online interior design is launching in beta.

New online tools and websites are making it easier than ever to plan decorating projects, get inspired, and even find contractors.  Websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Project Décor are quickly growing in popularity and helping millions of users to fashion their dream designer rooms.

Dwellers with busy schedules and less design experience may have noticed that decorating is very time consuming and usually involves many costly trial-and-error mistakes. Nevertheless, hiring an interior designer seems inaccessible to most because of the high fees and a concern around ending up with a space that does not suit one’s style preferences.  Decorilla, an online interior design start-up, has made it their mission to solve these problems by making an accessible, innovative, and streamlined online platform that costs 80% less than traditional interior design.   They use a contest format for their professional Decorilla-vetted interior decorators to produce the best design concepts on a specified budget, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s how it works: A dweller goes to Decorilla.com to set up their project.  Using the interactive guide, dwellers supply information about what they want to keep and don’t like, describe their requirements and budget, and attach photos.  After a project is posted, Decorilla’s professional community of decorators is invited to submit customized proposals based on the project requirements.  With several proposals to select from, clients can choose the decorator that best matches their needs and work with them online to get the perfect space. Each package includes 3D computerized renderings, floor plan with furniture placement, a shopping list with links, paint color palettes, an implementation guide, and juicy tips.

To maximize value, decorators use their skills and knowledge to find the best online deals. The designer’s earnings are not based off commission, so their décor suggestions aren’t biased.  Additionally, customers are invited to preview their new space and request modifications before the payment is released.

Co-founder, Joshua Van Aalst asserts, “Online interior design can offer variety, inspiration, convenience, and competitive pricing in ways that traditional interior design cannot.  The growth of online sales and interior designers trained in 3D computer rendering will create new opportunities in the field and very happy online customers.”

This e-design approach has created a buzz with both customers and decorators. For dwellers, the advantages are clear: they get an opportunity to work with expert decorators to create their dream space from the comfort of their home. But the perks aren’t all on one side — decorators have a chance to expand their client reach, enrich their portfolios, and concentrate on creating beautiful designs rather than marketing. Agnieszka shares, “We shared the concept with the interior design community on LinkedIn and received over 200 replies within days.  Designers and decorators were eager to give advice and become involved.  That was a solid indication that our platform can really solve a problem for interior designers.  By working with designers to develop the concept we made their goals a priority.”

Launching in August 2013, and currently available only by invite, Decorilla anticipates a new population of people enjoying beautiful interior design. Through Decorilla’s online decorating services, dwellers can have their customized spaces at affordable prices, just as they deserve.

About Decorilla

Decorilla is the creation of three women and three men, Agnieszka Wilk, Christine Martin, Joyce Tranchida, Joshua Shammay, Joshua van Aalst, John Gist, a team with diverse skills and experience.  Spread across the world – in New York, Sydney, Toronto & Luang Prabang – they work effectively using the latest technology, united by the goal of helping people live in the beauty and comfort they deserve, at the price they desire.