Creating useful and comfortable room design is key for family friendly interiors. A family home is specialized; it needs to accommodate high traffic,  multi-functionality, and stylistic differences. With such layered criteria, we could all use some interior design help! That’s why Decorilla designer, Jessica S., is sharing her top 5 tips for family friendly room design in this week’s post.

1. Don’t wait to decorate your space

kid friendly room design kitchen
Many families stick with hand-me down furniture until their children have grown as they are convinced that kids will ultimately destroy everything in their home!
Just like adults, even young children grow and learn better in beautiful environments and can learn to respect furnishings in time. For parents re-designing their interiors- try involving your children in the design to endow them with a sense of ownership. Have your children weigh-in on a few chosen fabrics and paint samples. When all members of the family are involved in the room design from function to form, it will be a space that everyone will love!

2. Choose an easy to maintain design style

eclectic family style living room design
Once you have children, primping pillows and dusting accessories on your glass coffee table are a thing of the past.
However, that does not mean you have to sacrifice in the style department! Clean lines and comfortable furnishings with exposed legs are the way to go! A softly-layered eclectic room design style works well with bustle of a busy family (and the occasional out of place item). Select vintage and weathered pieces that will withstand a bit of chaos over the years.

3. Choose indestructible materials and fabrics

family friendly living room design
Forget the white linen and matte finish walls! It is important to make smart, durable choices in materials when raising a family.
  • Fabrics: It is inevitable that a spill or two will occur in the lifespan of your upholstery. It is important to select durable heavy-weight and easy to clean upholstery fabrics for your upholstered furnishings. Fabrics like velvet, wool, felt, twill and denim are great choices for heavy use upholstery. Another smart option is a get started as they are durable and easy to clean and now come in a variety of patterns and color that mimic traditional fabrics. Leather is one of the best fabrics for family friendly homes as it wipes clean, is tough and often looks best once broken in. Finally, consider scotch guarding your fabrics to provide a little extra protection- this will save your dining chairs from grape juice stains!
  •  Flooring: Materials that are easy to clean are your best friend in a busy household! Think rustic wood, tile or vinyl! If you have to have wall to wall carpeting in some areas select nylon or a wool-nylon blend in a dark tone with a stain-protective finish
  • Walls: Eggshell, satin and gloss paint finishes are wipeable and are great options for wall paint. In high traffic areas, you can also use wipeable wall covering, tile, wood planks, and even beadboard for a texture option. If you are raising the next Picasso, you can even consider painting a chalkboard on a wall or under a chair rail.
  • Windows: For safety reasons, it is best to avoid corded blinds or shades as well as drapery panels that pool on the floor. Many styles of window treatments are available in a cordless option such as Roman Shades, Roller Shades, and Grass Shades. If you like the look of a soft window covering, opt for an upholstered cornice or valence to add softness, pattern and/or color to your space.

4. Make space for the kids!

Create nooks in the common spaces of your home for your kids to study, work on crafts and ultimately do the things they love! If you have an active, athletic child, keep open areas in your home open for them to move freely. If you have a child who loves games, set up a table for family game night in your living area with age-appropriate games within reach. Include seating for the kids in the dining spaces and living spaces such as small chairs and tables, floor poufs, child-size armchairs, etc.

5. Integrate storage into your design

toy-storage-for-family friendly living-room-by-natasha-barrault-design-688x445
Clutter is unavoidable in the hustle of a busy family, but it doesn’t have to consume your home and life! Plan for the clutter by designing storage into your room design. Woven baskets in corners can be used for items to put away later. Storage ottomans make great places to store games, movies and blankets. A coffee table with a shelf is good location for board games and a low console is fantastic location to keep toys accessible for your little ones.
Read more on family room designs and decorating or get started on your own design today.

Jessica S.
Decorilla designer, Jessica S. is mother of an 8 month old daughter. When she is not designing she enjoys anything involving fitness, spending time outdoors, gardening, renovating her home with her husband, and the occasional art project.

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