Real Combined Living/Dining Projects By Decorilla

Feminine Rustic Living and Dining Room Design

“Thanks Decorilla. Everything looks very nice! I appreciate your quick updates and you really nailed it! ” - Karen

GoVap House

Combined Living Dining interior design service

Classy Condo Apartment Design

“Thank you so much. We appreciate all your work. Everything turned out to be more than what I expected and we're looking forward to doing our next rooms with you. All the best, ” - Richard

Combined Living Dining interior design help

Cozy Cool Apartment Design

“This is Amazing!! I REALLY like the colors and the layout is just perfect. Thank you!” - Joshua

Living Room

Affordable Combined Living Dining interior design

White and Neutral Living Room Design

“We are complete. Thanks for all your help and capturing our style so well. This was great! ” - Thomas

Modern and Minimal Apartment

Combined Living Dining online interior designers

Neutral Transitional Living/Dining Room Design With Blue Accents

“The design looks great! This is it! I'll be sending my parents over soon. Thank you.” - Connie

Playful Eclectic Studio Design

Combined Living Dining interior design samples