Measure Your Room

1 Draw the walls:
Draw each wall and label them alphabetically. You can do this by hand or on your computer.
Note: There’s no need to make the drawings to scale as long as the measurements in step 3 are accurate.
2 Draw doors, windows, closets, etc:
Draw any doors, windows, electrical outlets, closets and any other openings on each wall. Draw them as you see them from inside your room. Label them to indicate the name of the opening.
3 Measure the Rooms:
Measure the height and width in inches for each wall and the spaces between each opening. We’ll need to know the measurements of the walls on each side of the doors and windows, as well as above and below the windows too. For windoes and doors, measure the width and height of the opening not including the trim. Please include the trim in the wall measurements.
Note: You may need to round to the nearest half inch to keep thing simple.
4 Draw the room from above:
Draw a view of the room from above, be sure to include the windows and doors. For the doors, please indicate which side they open to. Again, add alphabetical labels for each wall corresponding to Step 1.
5 Draw the items you want to keep:
Now draw any items that you want to keep in the room, label them and give us their height, width and length.
6 Send us your drawings:
Scan or save your drawings from steps 3, 4 and 5 as a picture or document file on your computer and submit the file(s) to us as your floor plan attachments.