Modern Office

By: Jeremy
Designer: Mladen C.
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Project Title
Modern Office
Project Description
We have an office in downtown SF. It was previously an art gallery: has lots of great light, 16FT+ ceilings, but it is very loud (hard surfaces) and a bit cold (lots of white walls). Looking to bring some warmth and sound dampening to the space. Need work space dividers but do not want typical office system dividers - definitely don't need powered panels.. an opportunity to be creative?

Scope - main area - For the open office area -

- sound dampening flooring options (e.g. floor rug tiles or area rugs)
- accent paint or wall covering
- artwork
- creative room divider solutions to define the support staff bays
- open to sound dampening solution for the walls if the designer feels they are necessary
San Francisco, CA , United States
What's your favorite decor style?
What are some of the interior design brands or stores that you like to shop at?
ikea, room and board, crate and barrel
40'x40' 15'+ high
Floor plan

Photos of your room

Room Label
49 Geary
I want this room to feel more masculine/feminine/neutral
What type of sunlight does this room receive?
Morning light
What do you currently dislike about the room?
too cold, stark, loud
What pieces of existing furniture, lighting, art or accessories do you want to keep in the design?
pretty much everything but the prints on the walls..
from pictures you will see desks, sofa, etc. gotta keep it.
Are you open to changing your wall colors?
Do you have a preference for either paint or wall covering, or are you open to both?
Open to both
Are you open to changing your floor covering?
Yes, Carpet, Area Rugs
Additional comments to designers
i'd like to clarify #3. we can't change the wood flooring in our building. we can, however, add floor tiles, etc. under the work desk bays..

also, several of my photos uploaded upside down.. i flipped them, saved them and re-uploaded.. still up side down.. sorry..

I included the photo of the surface mounted electrical conduit that runs centered under each bay of desks. this is important as any divider will need to sit up off the floor.

also, you might notice a bunch of wide format photo quality printers in our office.. we can have large prints made very inexpensively.. some of the stuff on our walls now was really experimental and it began to bubble etc.. however, we can make/have made much thicker adhesive prints which would alleviate this issue. we can also print on a variety of materials at a reduced cost.. just something to keep in mind.
Modern Office Mladen C. Moodboard 1 thumb
Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model Online Designer Business/Office 3D Model
1 Rug

2 Drapes

3 Pillow

4 Pendant Light

Online Designer Business/Office Floorplan
Online Designer Business/Office Interior Design Ideas


Since your room is large your color options with this room are quite broad. Refer to layout drawing and color codes.

For your main color, we chose to use white/off-white as it offers a fresh, clean, feel to the space. White and off-white colors are often a favorite for walls because they are light, neutral, and match most color schemes. They are known to make rooms feel more airy and spacious.

Use a matte finish paint because it does not reflect light. Just be careful because matte finish is more difficult to clean. You may also need to touch up scratches or marks by adding more of the same paint in the future.

Business/Office Colors:

ColorNameCompany / CodeLinkArea
Silver StreakBenjamin Moore / 2119-40Marketing Area
Sea Reflections Benjamin Moore / 1664Engineering Area
Full MoonBenjamin Moore / 2119-70Throughout
Land of LibertyBenjamin Moore / 440Customer Support Area
Smart Wall Paint - ClearSmarter Surfaces / ClearWhiteboard Walls / Clear Coat

Shopping List:

Decorilla DiscountPhotoNameDescriptionLinkDimensionsDecorilla Discount

25% Off

Online Designer Business/Office RugSurya Collection
Quantity: 3
This area rug features 42 squares that consist of Made You Look in Grey, Seafoam and Dark Brown. W 10' x L 12'

25% Off

28% Off

Online Designer Business/Office DrapesUttermost Collection
Featuring hand-pressed grommets available in 5 designer finishes. Perfect for stylish, modern interiors.Custom Size

28% Off

25% Off

Online Designer Business/Office PillowSurya Collection
Quantity: 3
Woven as a traditional dhurrie, Groove zigzags earthy greys and neutrals with a bolt of gold on an overscaled square. In a play of contrasting textures, raw, organic front flips to a smooth luxe velvety grey back.W 23" x H 23"

25% Off

16% Off

Online Designer Business/Office Pendant LightCrate and Barrel
Pendant Light
Quantity: 3
Knob accent adds a hint of industrial to this streamlined aluminum pendant finished in gleaming polished nickel.Height: 15.5" Diameter: 11.5"

16% Off

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