Tina G.

Tina studied Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Florida. She's worked on various projects from Retail Boutiques, Restaurants, Residential, to Multi Million Dollar Spec Homes. She currently owns and operates Tina Gaines Studios based in Orlando, Florida. Tina's projects have been in various locations in Florida, New York, and Los Angeles. She has been fortunate enough to have made Magazine Covers in the Design Field which is always a proud achievement for Designers. Tina believes her education in Architecture set a strong foundation for her Interior Design Career in understanding form and space. Whether you are a one room design or a multi-million dollar project; she approaches all of her designs with the same enthusiasm for all clients.

Describe your go-to style:

I'm the type of Designer who doesn't like to fit my esthetic in one basket or category. I tend to lean towards earthy elements with lots of texture. I love clean and modern rooms with an organic vibe. People would probably describe my design style with the words; Modern, Coastal, Clean, and Organic and Functional. Lighting is very important to me. Without great lighting you will find the the most well thought out design will seem lacking and unfinished. Lighting to me is like jewelry to a great outfit.

What drives you to design?

I feel an innate pull towards anything to do with design, whether its furniture, art, fashion, music, or movies. Peoples homes reflect who they are, I always try to maintain a sense of who my client is and how they live their day to day lives and incorporate this into the design process. I love to see people feel comfortable in their natural element and making them happy with their surroundings. As a Designer we have the skills to change people and effect their moods and lifestyle based on designs we offer them.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I find my inspiration for projects in nature going outside and taking in the elements. I grew up in Florida; a Peninsula surrounded by water, so I believe it has influence on my design process. I also find inspiration by exploring; going somewhere I've never been before. I love travel and taking in the rhythm of places around the globe. Some of my best design projects have been inspired by music, a favorite song and concepting a design around it. Sometimes it may be the slightest subtle thing in a room that can make the biggest statement.
Breakfast Nook
Girls Bedroom
Living Area
Dining Area
Living Area
Sitting Area
Entry with Two Story Wall Detail
Mud Room with Doggy Bath
Wall Detail