Thanos M.

Thanos started his studies and career as an architect where he gained unique skills on mood developing, conceptual art and 3d design. During this period, he was working as a part-time junior architect, mainly focusing on residential projects and 3D modeling and rendering. He was working as an architect, mainly focusing on 3D visualizations, representations and animations. After this and having worked as an architect for a couple of years, he decided to continue further his studies, in order to expand his digital design skills in a masters level. He combined these skills with his source passion and enthusiasm for virtual spaces and worked harder to perfect these skills and his effectiveness. Now he is producing unique spatial results that contain their own story.

What drives you to design?

The main thing that drives me to design is the necessity of manipulating habitable space, in order to fulfill effectively your needs, while simultaneously trying for the best visual result, in terms of aesthetics and style.

Describe your go-to style:

My favorite style is the transitional style because I think that the ideal space should be set mainly in a contemporary background, but with a few well-presented traditional/ heavy elements, such as dining tables, bookcases, lamps, even a traditional wallpaper. This kind of design is for me the most accurate, trendy and I would be glad working on projects like these.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

When designing an area, I imagine myself living in it. My main tool in this procedure is digital design. So, through my architectural imagination, but also unique skills in digital design, I am trying to achieve the best efficiency/ relaxing ratio for every space, in order to satisfy any client.
Online design Transitional Combined Living/Dining by Thanos M. thumbnail
Contemporary house in Boniswil/ Switzerland
Online design Transitional Bedroom by Thanos M. thumbnail
Hotel room in Kos island/ Greece
Online design Contemporary Bedroom by Thanos M. thumbnail
Bedroom in Athens/ Greece
Online design Contemporary Bathroom by Thanos M. thumbnail
Bathroom/ Edinburgh
Online design Contemporary Patio by Thanos M. thumbnail
hotel in Kos island/ Greece