Sarah K

Sarah is a 3D multidisciplinary designer. Her ethos is collaborative, working closely with clients, to meet their needs and develop innovative yet cost effective design solutions. Her ten years of professional experience have resulted in a diverse portfolio ranging from high end retailers and 5 star hotels to hospitals, schools and, of course, residential. Sarah enjoys the opportunity to turn her hand to a variety of projects and discover more about the potential of interior design to enrich and enhance all sectors of our lives.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love design for the opportunity to bring something to life. To personalize, to reflect a clients hopes and aspirations and to give character and ambiance to an otherwise unexplored environment.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I like to take inspiration from 2d art and graphics and explore the possibilities of exploding the shapes and color hues across spaces. This can lead to really exciting forms and palettes which are both visually striking and truly unique.

Describe your favorite project:

The project I am most passionate about is a dementia care hospital I worked on in 2011. The facility, in Norfolk, is a Dementia Intensive Care Unit and Centre of Excellence for pioneering new treatments. Patients referred to the live in facility are often suffering the distressing symptoms of severe dementia, which leave those afflicted feeling disorientated, scared and alone. My love for this project was the opportunity to learn and use the power of interior design, space planning and colour theory to genuinely impact people’s wellbeing.