Sara Y

With a BFA in Interior Design and ten years of experience in New Jersey designing and managing projects, Sara loves pouring all her creativity into each project she encounters. Sara has been called fearless in her approach to color and is hoping inspire the masses with her mantra " color is the new neutral". With an unrequited love of furniture, especially chairs, Sara seeks to create environments that transcend design labels and allow for a melding of styles to give each client a completely unique space. Sara's love for interior design is inspired to create beauty where others see none. Its easy to dismiss an object or environment while not seeing the value in the details.Sara's creative ability to see through the actual and imagine what's possible is an advantage which she provides to all of her clients.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Every part of a design serves as an inspiration, beginning with the energy of the space. The space itself appeals to your five senses and the inspiration is derived from a sense of the inhabitants energy and personality and infusing it back into the space visually; to create whimsy and beauty in these environments that reflect the life energy that fills it everyday.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

What intrigues me about interior design is the layers. Each design has to be well thought out, planned to the smallest details everywhere you look. Ingenuity is the main factor, and the items used are secondary, designers are able to make the ordinary into the extraordinary. From the pieces chosen for display, to the placement of furniture, to the visual accents and vignettes, there is a sense of care and thought, magic, beauty and whimsy brought to normal, every day items and classic pieces.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is color :) knowing how to use color in each environment is SO important and can make or break the design. The energy of the space is a huge influence on what colors should be used, so being able to read the energy of a space is also important :)
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Urban Burger
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Color and Design Consultation, Residential
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"Florida Room" Makeover
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Kitchen Showroom
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Private Residence
Online design Glamorous Bathroom by Sara Y thumbnail
Private Bathroom
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18th Century Livingroom
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Hi-rise Livingroom