Renata B.

Renata has a Professional Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami with a Minor in Fine Art Photography. She has worked as a designer for a few of South Florida’s great design and architecture firms for over 10 years and today has her own residential interior design & décor practice, Trace Design Studio. Born in Rio de Janeiro with a Japanese-Brazilian heritage and many opportunities to travel from a young age, Renata’s design aesthetic is highly influenced by world cultures and the natural environment. Her formal education in architecture set a strong foundation in both Classical and Modern design, as well as an understanding of form and space that now informs her interiors. Renata designs with a modern sensibility to create unique and welcoming spaces that complement and narrate her clients’ lifestyles and personalities. She has designed & managed projects for multiple apartments, condos, primary and vacation homes throughout South Florida.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I love the satisfaction of transforming dull spaces into beautiful and welcoming ones that can then serve as great backdrops for my clients’ lives. I like the opportunity to frame and influence their experiences through design, bring beauty and comfort into their homes and enhance their quality of life in doing so.

Describe your ideal project:

Every project is different and with that diversity comes excitement and opportunity for innovation and growth. I have some dream projects that I would love to work on at some point in my career (like a boutique hotel/spa in Costa Rica) but I am genuinely excited by every new project that comes my way no matter how big or small. It’s that same excitement of the blank canvas – it’s the opportunity to create something new that is always fresh.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

From reading and traveling. Traveling and immersing myself in new cultures and environments is the absolute best source of inspiration and exhilaration for me. When I can’t hop on a plane, I try exploring my surroundings or I turn to reading. I have an extreme case of curiosity so I like to read and learn as much as I can about many different subjects and these always end up informing and guiding my work with interiors.