Patrizio V.

Patrizio is a creative Interior designer, who offers solutions for his clients design needs- whether it is a small remodeling project or complete design of a new home or office. Patrizio has worked and lived in Europe, Asia, Caribbean’s and is currently in New York where he has been delivering unique interiors for the past 8 years. Patrizio obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art’s and a second Bachelor’s degree in Architectural design and studied Civil Engineering at the Universita' D’Ancona in Italy. Patrizio is adept at space planning, custom furnishings and his renowned at kitchen & bathroom designs meet the requirements of the most demanding metropolitan clients. When he isn't working Patrizio enjoys traveling, and a glass of good red wine that put everything back to prospective.

Describe your ideal project:

I enjoy creative projects, where I can put to good use my skills and abilities and reach a sense of accomplishment.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

Passion! This would be a the best ingredient you should have for this profession.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

Making the world a better looking place and the ability to represent yourself and your client through your work is truly the best feeling ever! Designing is about getting in touch with your inner and sharing throw a piece of paper an idea, a “inspiration”, that ultimately becomes reality for the joy of your client.