Marne C.

Originally from Los Angeles, Marné has an eye for the style of the West Coast. Traveling across the country broadened her exposure to different design styles and their purposes. From that experience, she knew she wanted to study design. After relocating to the Boston area, Marné attended school at The New England Institute of Art. She obtained a BS in Interior Design, graduating with high honors. Her expertise in space planning was fostered through her time as an organization and storage designer. She enjoys being able to assist her clients in determining their needs and visualizing their spaces, then making them a reality.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is to find one element and base the rest of the design around that. The element can be as small as a photo or as large as a sectional. It can also be a color or texture. Typically, the element is a bold piece that makes a statement.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

What I love most about designing is how a space can make you feel. I love how using color and texture can make a space feel different. Lines and scale can also affect the mood of the space. There are so many different techniques to use that will change the overall effect of the space and the combinations are endless! Being able to help a client visualize what type of space they want and achieving that goal is very rewarding.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the space I am designing. It is as if it speaks to me. The physical constraints dictate the scale and layout of the room. My inspiration for decor and function comes from those who inhabit the space and how they intend to use it.
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Rustic Modern Living Room
Online design Transitional Dining Room by Marne C. thumbnail
Rustic Modern Dining Room
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Rustic Modern Entryway