Marianna S

Mary graduated with a degree where she learned that dialogues between history and avant-garde are as interesting as new projects. Her research on relations between existing and new architectural elements continued the next two years, when she obtained a Master's Degree with honors in Restoration of Architecture. Marianna has worked on many projects, ranging from large-scale urban planning to landscape architecture, from buildings renovation to interior design.

What drives you to design?

Even as a child I was a daydreamer. Designing makes of this defect a way to help other people!

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

Designing is like acting. A good actor is one who identifies himself with the character. In the same way the designer, before starting a new project, must understand who is he designing those spaces for. Getting as much information as possible, he must identify in the client to understand his needs. Each project is a different life the designer must learn to live. If the process works, at its end he will be enriched with a new vision of the world.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

The key for every good project is to listen to the "genius loci".
M's tiny living room
Coatrack concept
Office + conference room
Turkish bath's frigidarium
Z's living room
Earing tree
G+M's new fireplace
Living room #1 Decorilla
Living room #1 Decorilla