Luca M.

Luca's love for design comes from his childhood love for painting and constructing with Lego pieces. He is now a designer who has extensive 3D rendering and design experience in the areas of architecture, interior design, and modeling. His projects extend across both commercial and residential design and he has worked with private clients as well as companies in real estate and developmental contracting. Luca studied resides and works in Vancouver, BC.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from my previous design projects and by looking at new ideas on design websites and magazines.

What drives you to design?

It's important for me to show my creativity. Designing as my work gives me the biggest satisfaction, the results are amazing.

Describe your favorite project:

My favorite projects are those where i've spent extensive time to work on. One in particular is the making of the Federic II Castle in Italy, where I created the modeling, texturing, lighting, camera animations, etc. Doing everything by myself is a priceless experience.