Jasmine J.

Jasmine had a knack for design at an earlier age as she watched both of her parents in design and engineering fields. In 2010 Jasmine completed her BA at Hamilton College, where she focused on Intaglio printmaking. After graduation she attended Drexel University, where she received her master's in Interior Architecture & Design. At Drexel she discovered that the essence of her designs encompasses the mergence of architecture and fashion, while using bold colors and furniture choices to create a space that is one of a kind. Her motto has always been that “I design to create something new, not something everyone has on repeat.”

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

As an interior architect I have the duty to understand spatial regulations and how that will affect the beings inhabiting that space. So, for me my love for design is knowing that what I am doing is impacting someone's everyday life. I love that my designs are around for others to see and even if I only lay eyes upon what I have created once, I know it made someone smile. Design leaves a lasting impression and being able to create spaces that can evoke some sort of emotion from a client is what makes me thrive.

What drives you to design?

The interweaving's of architecture, fashion and branding drive the character behind my designs.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is research! In order to have a successful design you have to understand your client and what they want. You cannot design for yourself, but design for them! Egos do not create a successful design, but understanding your client does.
Lakewood On the Trail Clubhouse
Lakewood On the Trail Clubhouse
Presidio Apartments CLubhouse
Presidio Apartments Clubhouse
Southpoint Glen Clubhouse
Southpoint Glen Clubhouse
The Gable of Mckinney Clubhouse