Jamie M.

My name is Jamie Ann Maldonado and I am a Graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Interior design. I have completed numerous residential and retail design projects and have experience in all areas of the design process. Some of my strengths include creative problem solving and pushing design norms. I find great satisfaction in being presented with a problem and subsequently developing a creative solution. Design communication is just as important as the design itself and I love finding new ways to help clients see their vision manifest in my work.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is that how you feel in a room is more important than how it looks. The goal of design is to evoke an emotional response such as calm or energy, and the design focused on the intended emotion will always be a success.

What drives you to design?

What drives me to design is knowledge that our spaces are a reflection of our inner selfs and sometimes we may need a little help getting the inner us truly represented in our space. When I achieve this goal for someone I know it will be life changing.

Describe your ideal project:

One of my favorite projects was one where I was able to use a clients personal treasures and seamlessly blend them with the modern style she wanted. The result was the client in tears of joy and a beautiful space that was timeless.
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Cottage Kitchen
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Comfortable elegant living room
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Contemporary Bedroom
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Mood Board