Isabel J.

Isabel has a BA in Industrial design with focus on lighting in the built environment and space design. She has worked as a designer for Italian furniture designer, architects and interior designers. Isabel understood design as a cross-cutting profession in which the creation of new proposals is evidenced through the knowledge interchange, this influenced her affinity toward international and eclectic design. She believes that the key to a successful spatial design is to understand the real need to create functional and communicative spaces. to make this possible it is very important to understand the client thoughts and to create a joint design experience.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

i love art installations and their relationship with the people as a performance, where we found the poetics of space and where the meaning of the spaces is not only determined by physical factors but also by cultural elements that makes art from the experience. i also love reading and learn as much as i can about many different subjects is the way that i use to expand my knowledge.

What drives you to design?

To think about help other people is that drives me to design, that connect me to the people and help me to understand their thought and what they want. To appreciate the diversity is also something that makes me want to design and something that i use to enrichm my design, i love to travel and to meet new things which then I can use improving the design experience that i can bring.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

The vary of colors and textures from the nature makes me feel inspired,i am a strong believer in to be part of the environment in our own and balanced way, in this sense i want to help people to be balanced on the spaces with unique ideas.
Agucatecón Restaurant
Velez Family. Dining room
Velez Family. Livingroom
Children's space